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Can Anyone Tell Me How A Good Live Chat Software Affect My Online Business

What are pros and cons of live online chat on your business website?

Pros easily outweigh cons when it comes to using live chat software on business websitePros:You provide a real-time customer service to website visitors.Chatting increases website visitors’ engagement (How can live chat increase engagement?)If used correctly, chat boosts conversion rates (see Szymon’s answer here: How much does live chat increase conversion?)It’s free for the end user to contact your website and chat & cost-efficient for business owner (one support agent can hold multiple cases simultaneously which means obvious decreases of customer support costs)Chat provides valuable business insight on website visitors and their activity on your website. You can analyze it using advanced reporting features.Live chat acts as a sales catalyst for websites, as following success stories from various industries confirm:[real estate] Luxury Estates International: 30% conversion increase after switching customer care to LiveChat.[telecommunications] Orange: 10% increase of sales.[travel] TripShock: double-digit growth in sales with LiveChat on board.…and more here.Cons:In some accidental cases using live chat for a website might be a bad thing to do:free or low quality chat provider may negatively affect your SEO. Your page may load longer or behave unexpectedly.with chat script implemented improperly your website may behave improperly as wellIf you have live chat installed but don’t use it in real time or don’t answer your customers inquiries, expect them to get angry.Feel free to check our website for more informations about how using LiveChat can positively influence your online business.I hope you’ll find my answer helpful ;)

What is Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence? (according to the wikipedi)

Business intelligence (BI) refers to computer-based techniques used in spotting, digging-out, and analyzing business data, such as sales revenue by products and/or departments, or by associated costs and incomes.
BI technologies provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. Common functions of business intelligence technologies are reporting, online analytical processing, analytics, data mining, business performance management, benchmarking, text mining, and predictive analytics.

And how are KPI related to BI?
"A Performance Indicator or Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is an industry jargon term for a type of Measure of Performance"

One of the mistakes of management is to worry about the wrong thing and spending resources on something which will have only a small effect on your business . KPI help you focus on what is important and when you make changes you want to know how they effect these KPIs.

Are they metrics used in Business Intelligence?

Yes they are Measurements of Performance[3]

How can we find a small business in the UK interested in 24/7 live chat services monitoring in leads generation?

EE LiveChat or LivePerson may meet your requirements. There are also virtual companies in India who may fulfill your needs (I have a contact if you wish). The important thing to keep in mind is to choose a company that will be willing to learn your product well enough that they do not seem like they are answering questions from a script. End-users get frustrated if they feel the customer service department hasn't heard their complaint, addressed their exact challenge and undersood their concern. Another thing to consider is that it's important to empower the customer service person(s) with multiple ways to correct the issue, such as giving them the power to make refunds or account credit or coupons up to a certain dollar amount without having to ask for permission from the boss. And lastly, be sure to include a social media strategy into your plan because people often go to twitter to start complaining real-time if they aren't unsatisfied with a company's customer service.

Why does watching porn online always affect a computer with viruses? ?

Many sites are infested,but some are not.I would get a good virus protection software like Kaspersky or other rated good,with good reviews.Computer freezing could be your hardware going bad or it could be that the websites try to load alot of extra stuff like scripts or ads in the page you visit to watch the material or whatever you search. Porn sites are really popular so that is one of the best ways to spread the viruses to other people on the net.I would download FireFox and then get the extension No-Script and you can select what you want to load.It takes some time to get use to it,but it will dramatically reduce unneeded stuff from popping up like links in the website which usually lead to unknown sites that may or may not contain viruses.Scan anything you download on the web,regardless of what it is.Make nothing is starting up when the computer is booting or if any computers are connected to your computer via some unauthorized method to establish a connection with your pc or home network.