Can Anyone Tell Me How To Contact Yahoo Other Than Calling The Customer Care

Can anyone tell me how to contact yahoo customer care in Australia?

Yahoo! AU/NZ contact info = . These are possibilities:
Yahoo! 7
Phone: (02) 8288 4600
(02) 8925 0100

Can anyone tell me how to get in touch with Yahoo billing. Have tried every email source found.?

Yahoo customer service should be able to help. good luck

Use the website first..has a live chat option..

Customer care for US.
When it on CONTACT US...then click on YAHOO MAIL CLASSIC....then click on CONTACT US chat box should come up at this time....
Yahoo customer service telephone no 866-562-7219 or 408-349-3300.
You can access it this way also...
...Click on this link...-
Once in click on the mail icon....then click on MAIL CLASSIC...once in click on CONTACT US...and the live option should come up...

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Can someone with contacts tell me why my vision has been getting blurry (details to follow)?

I just got a new contact perscription (I had contacts before) in August but the last couple days my vision has been kind of blurred. It's fine most of the day but I've noticed it has been kind of difficult to read my textbooks lately. Also, it's not blurred all day or anything, but when it happens it doesn't go away by shifting my contact as it usually does. I have been wearing them for 16+ hours per day because I have been studying for finals (university) and I have been reading/using the computer more than usual. Has this happened to anyone else? Or does anyone know what it is?
Please don't call me stupid and tell me to go to the optometrist. I am way busy with work and finals so I can't go to the dr. until this weekend. I also fully intend on calling the optometrist if this doesn't stop soon (like by tomorrow).
Thanks for your help.

Can anyone tell me why I have to type a string of characters every time I attempt to send or forward email?

I hate to show you emulate a rat deserting a sinking furnish, yet there are email centers the region you're no longer getting that have, because of actuality they are no longer being attacked via ability of that malignant form of computing device-generated spammers in uncomplicated terms yet. try gmail from Google. in any different case it incredibly is hytrftyhgf and drtygfdrfs till finally you do! Having diverse email money owed facilitates me shop stuff separated, and that i in uncomplicated terms can no longer see residing any different way via ability of now!

Yahoo customer care phone number has been busy for two days. doesn't work. what can i do?

Yahoo has no direct email address for tech support. The following articles may help.

Here's how to recover your password using a mobile phone number,
an alternate email address, or by answering your security questions

If you do not have a non-Yahoo! alternate email address, valid mobile number, or cannot verify your security questions you will need to contact Yahoo Customer Care, the following contact options are available:

In the US Call 1-800-318-0612
International users Call 509-797-6330

Twitter -
Facebook -

Here's how to use the automated web-based contact system.
Click one of the links above.
Click the "Contact Customer Care" link
under the Quick Links section to the right of your screen.
This should open the Yahoo Help form.

The Selected product should be "Yahoo Account"

"Under Topic" select "Password and sign in"
"Under Sub-topic" select "unable to sign in"
"Under Recommended options" Click on the Email link.

Complete the form as indicated. If you don't remember your Security Question or Security Answer enter "unknown". Yahoo will use the information you provide to verify you are the actual owner of the account. If they can't verify your information it's unlikely you will be able to recover your account.

If you're able to recover your account here's some guidelines for creating a secure, strong password -

Once you're able to change your password it would be a good idea to review your security questions and make changes if you don't remember your answers.

Changing your security questions -

I recommend using a password manager like Keepass or LastPass to create and store strong unique passwords for the sites you visit. You can also save notes like your secret questions and answers to the password entries. LastPass can automatically log you in to any web site you have stored in its database.

HELP!!! Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo Security?

My email account has been compromised. Hackers are in my yahoo email account. They have stolen all of my contacts and erased them so I could not warn them. They are soliciting funds to be sent via Western Union to an address in Birmingham, Eng. (the address is actually a "Barkley Bank"! Friends are replying to these emails and the hackers are intercepting them, emailing them back posing as me and trying to make them feel badly for not helping me out.
Does anyone know how I can report this fraudulent act to Yahoo??? I have spent hours looking for a contact # or "contact us" and have come up with nothing! If anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it.
Stressfully yours,

How do you tell someone who's interested that they CAN'T have your number?

Do not give your number.

If you want to give someone your number, do it in a situation where nobody else will see. If you can't manage that, just don't give out your number. If you miss an opportunity, you'll be able to take care of it the next day or whatever.

If a person asks for your number, just say, "I don't give my number out, except to my closest friends, sorry." If that offends him, tough. Part of becoming a responsible adult involves growing a backbone. If you do not wish to give information out and you do it anyway for ANY reason, you are setting yourself up for trouble. The truth is: You do not OWE anyone your number. It's private for a reason!!!!
Of course, if you are blissfully skipping around the lunch room, happily giving your number to any clown that asks, you are practically begging others to ask for it too. That's why you should never give out your number in public, only in private.

If someone is texting you too often, just send him this:

"You know, texting several times a day is considered stalking by some folks! I know that's not what you are doing, but please do not text me so much. It's creeping me out!"

If he continues to text you, talk with a counselor or your parents or the police. It is stalking when a person keeps on pushing after the other tells them to stop.

You don't owe people your availability! Stop acting as if people have a right to this information. You have a right to say now.

If you would rather, when a person asks for your number, just say, "I am sorry, but that is not something I do."

If they ask why, just say, "I am sorry, but I'd rather not discuss it." Then leave or go back to whatever you've been doing.

Can anyone tell me if there will be problems if someone also has the same e mail address as i do?

its called a phishing scam. two people cannot have the same exact email address. what they do is send a email looking like you requested the information, or you get one returned that you did not send saying its undeliverable. i advise just delete them some of them you open and you get adware or spyware added to your system or registry.

the biggest problem with 2 people agreeing to use one email address is what if they change the password and lock you out. like my silly siter did me. then she forgot what she changed the password to. yes she is yunger and yes she is a blonde