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Can Anyone Tell Me What These Are

What are these and how are they used? Can anyone tell me?

Thanks for a2a Ayan !Well these are beads of silica gel!!Silica is considered to be moisture absorber and dessicant.  It won't allow water molecules (moisture content) to be present in the machines or where ever required. Especially to prevent deterioration or to maintain some sophisticated instrument where moisture could play bad role. Hope that helps :)How a Little Bead of Silica Gel Drove Me Absolutely Insane (And Screwed Up My Canon 5D Mk III) - The Phoblographer

Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

Okay...I remember seeing it on Lifetime or WE a looong time ago. There's really no popular actors in it but here's a quick summary. It's about this twisted guy whose obsessed with this lady. He ends up kidnapping her somehow and keeps her in a wheelchair. Eventually he chops off her legs (or arms...or both...I forgot). I tried looking it up on because I could've sworn Bill Paxton was in it but none of the titles seem to ring a bell. I almost want to say the movie has the word 'Belinda' in it. It's a weiiiiird movie. Anyone know what I'm talking about? lol

Can anyone tell me what these Kanji mean?

I just got these on a decal sheet for model kits. I want to know what these mean before I use them.

If anyone could make a list on what each of these mean, going from left to right, that would be great!! Thank you!!

Can anyone tell me what these two words mean in their own words?

Nullification means something that cancels out (what is already in existence)
Democratic means people have an equal voice or stake in the outcome when making a decision. The process ensures all have an equal right or equal opportunity to voice their opinion or vote.

Can anyone tell me what this symbol means (and what it does) on the light switch? (VW Passat CC)?

hi side lights additional to daytime running lights.

What can anyone tell me about the origin of a chessboard?

I cannot give an educated guess. But I've seen similar sets on sale for £25 in Chinatown / soho in London. Many real antique things have been mass produced in China. I would suggest you get it checked by an asian antique dealer or a chess set dealer.