Can Chewing Pills Be Effect Has Swallowing

Does swallowing pepto bismol pills have the same effects of chewing them?

no. swallowing them whole negates the purpose of the pill, which is to coat the throat and esophagus and and tract all the way to the stomach. if swallowed whole, not only do you NOT coat the throat and tract, but in effect, aggravate the indigestion by forcing the stomach to produce even more acid just to break down the whole pill lying useless in your stomach
this isn't a pill that works by entering your blood stream, it works by physically coating your throat, tract and stomach, as you swallow your saliva with the pepto bismol formula emulsified and now in liquid form

Can't swallow pills, is it okay to chew?

Most pills can be crushed or chewed, and those that can't be are ALWAYS clearly labeled on the box with the phrase "Do Not Crush; Pill Must Be Swallowed Whole" or something to that effect. Always double check with your doctor when he/she writes the prescription, and then again with your pharmacist when you get it filled (doctors make mistakes, and so do pharmacists, but it's not often that both will make the same mistake in the same instance). Always follow the directions provided by the pharmacist when taking medications and clear up any uncertainties before you begin to taking it (better yet, before you leave the pharmacy). The people who designed and manufactured the pill generally know a little more about its properties than random people on answers, and pharmacists are trained to convey those properties in a meaningful way to the public. So be smart and follow directions.

Whats the different in chewing a pill and swallowing it whole?

You chew or you swallow in ther

Is it bad to swallow a chewable pill?

If by ‘bad’ you mean ‘is it harmful’, the answer would be no, it’s not bad to swallow a chewable pill. Either chewable or swallowed whole, pills are made to be taken orally so they will do no harm to you.However, when pills are made to be chewed it’s usually so that they will take effect faster, or in the case of antacids and some other pills meant to suppress indigestion swallowing them whole may make them either less effective or slower to act.That’s because when you chew a tablet it create a bunch of small particles which have more surface area than the one big tablet so they can dissolve faster. If you swallow the tablet it may not dissolve completely before it passes through the stomach and completes dissolving in the intestines instead. Thus it may get absorbed in a different part of the digestive system which in turn means that it goes through a slightly different cycle in the circulatory system. That in turn means that either more or less gets removed by the liver so you get a higher or less dose than designed and you get the highest blood concentration either sooner or later than designed.It won’t harm you, but it may mean that it won’t be as effective as it would be if it was chewed the way it was designed.Some pills, especially the so-called ‘extended release’ type of tablets, only work as designed when swallowed whole because the delayed release is done by using enteric coating that slow down the dissolution in the stomach so chewing them exposes the inside of the pill before it should. Just the opposite, chewable pills would take longer to dissolve than designed.But they still work. Just not the way you’d expect.

What happens if you chew pills instead of swallowing them?

It depends on what you took as to if crushing it will make you sick. Some medications will make you sick if you crush them. They are meant to slowly dissolve in your stomach and a sudden strong dose of the drug may make you sick.

I used to have a really hard time swallowing pills too. It's been awhile but I think the way I learned to swallow pills was by trying to swallow m&ms with water or juice. M&M's are kind of big so you might want to try something smaller, but the candy coating makes them slide down easier.

Oh, and unless the pill is unusually large, I've found that cutting pills in half can make them more difficult to swallow.

Good luck, I know how awful crushed pills taste.

Does it make a difference if you chew or swallow a pill whole?

You can chew or crush any pill that is NOT an extended release.

Extended release (called ER or XR or what have you as part of the name) are formulated to dissolve over time. Crushing them would obviously defeat that. Releasing all the medicine at once into your system that was meant to be slowly released over 8 or 12 hrs is called dose dumping, which is *not* good.

So, before you chew or crush a pill, make sure it is NOT an extended release. As always, ask your local pharm.

Source: I am a pharmacist