Can He Go To Jail If The Mother Of He

Are you serious, going to jail for hitting my mom?

A lot of good parents would file charges against their child for that. The reason is that kids need to learn that assault is not acceptable in society, but also that no parent needs to take being assault and just let it go.

Filing charges usually means the kid would end up in juvenile court, and from there someone would decide what to do. If a kid were being violent (not some little kid of five or so, but a good sized one), the police would be able to pick up that kid.

Caring about a grown child isn't about letting them get away with assault. It's about teaching them they can't act like hoodlums and that they cannot just hit people (especially people who DO love them).

Parents generally love their children through all kinds of things, but if a kid suddenly decides to hit a parent, particularly if that kid has been giving his parent all kinds of ridiculous trouble, there can be a point where a parent decides he has had enough. In fact, even when parents care about kids there are times when a kid can pull so much "baloney" they can actually wear away at their parent's love.

Encouraging a kid to express his thoughts and opinions is being a good parent. Overlooking the occasional grouchy day, or even a generally sullen attitude, is also being a good and understanding parent., Overlooking a kid's hitting a parent is being a stupid fool of a parent who is willing to get hit and do nothing. That doesn't teach a kid anything, and if that kid anyone other than a parent he would find himself charged with assault. Parents are people, just like everyone else.

How dare any kid think he could hit a parent and not be charged with assault? I suppose if you've been raised in a home where hitting goes on by one person or another, your family may not think of it as "assault". There are a lot of families, though, where nobody hits anybody, hitting is viewed as violence, and would be seen as "assault".

Loving someone isn't about letting them get away with bizarre and unacceptable behavior and showing no respect for their parents; and it isn't about letting one kid turn the house into a "psycho ward" with violence.

If I kill an intruder, will I go to jail?

What if he didn't try to kill me first, but he threatened to kill me?
What if he didn't threaten to kill me, but he did threaten to kill my mother, or my child?
What if he did kill a loved one, but didn't threaten me?
Basically, when are you allowed to kill an intruder, and when are you not? What is the deal with the whole self-defense thing?


Can my moms boyfriend go to jail if he hits me?


Would a man go to jail if he pushes a woman?

My mom and dad were fighting today and then my dad wanted to act tough when my mom started to get some courage to literally stand up to him. My dad pushed her with his hands. Like a chest push. I was shocked because you never lay a hand on a women. I yelled at him saying that he doesn't have no right to be laying a dirty finger on her

In the Gridiron Gang, why did Willie Weathers go to Jail?

Froot Loop gave a big explaination but failed to tell how Willie went to jail, which is... He shot his mothers boyfriend when he came home and saw her face all beaten up

I don't know what to tell you that is why he went to jail... watch the movie again. I thought the same thing as well. But he caught a murder charge. When Willie came home his mother was already beaten up there was no fight going on at the time. He confronted the boyfriend they started arguingm Willie pulled out the gun and shot him in the chest. The mother got mad and pressed charges on the son.

Would my mom go to jail if she was somewhat helping my dad break probation?

Would my mom go to jail if she was somewhat helping my dad break probation?Helping one to break the boundaries, or guidelines, of your Dad’s probation is against the law in all jurisdictions within the US and Canada. As a participant in helping one to break probation, your mother would or could be charged.I do not know American law, but it could fall into “aiding a known criminal or criminal activity”. To my mind, your mother would be charged for helping a person break probation.

What will happen to a 12-year-old boy who killed his mother deliberately? Will he go to jail?

He will most likely be sent to a juvenile detention center . If he's charged with manslaughter he will most likely turn 18 or 21 in the juvenile system then be released with parole. (That's what I would assume).If charged with murder he will go to the juvenile center until 18 THEN transferred to the adult prison to serve out his sentence.If your asking for “someone you know “ then PLEASE seek help for this person. Do everything that you possibly can to help them get that help. Tell your parents or a trusted teacher.

Should a father be put in jail/prison for unpaid child support?

At first, a non custodial parent(mother or father)'s driving license or food/vendor's license would be revoked.If the arrears are still unpaid, the custodial parent can take the non custodial parent back to court to enforce the court order; in which a judge may order that the income tax returns cover the arrears.Imprisonment is usually the last resort; the reason for the imprisonment is because the unpaid arrears would constitute as a violation since all child support orders are ordered by the judge. Any violation of a court order is considered criminal contempt.