Can I Be A Lawyer With A Psychology Major

Can I Major in Psychology and minor in law?

If your University has both a Major in Psychology and a Minor available in Law/Legal Studies/Political Science - Law Track then absolutely! If you're looking to go to law school, Psychology is a great degree to have. I have personal friends of mine that have done the same major/minor combination. It's great that you're taking a lot of your education into your own hands as well. Best of luck to you!

Should i major in psychology or law?

I really want to be a social worker, and feel that psychology is a broad thing to major in because their is lot of jobs id like to do in those fields, mental health professional, counselor, social worker, child psychiatrist etc. and then for law i would really like to focus on either being a lawyer or a private investigator, or a probation officer. I love kids and i would like to work with them but law enforcement really interests me. I would really like to be a lawyer, but i feel i should major in psychology instead because if i change my mind about being a social worker ill have plenty of backups in that major, where as if i major in law and changed my mind about being a lawyer, i wouldnt really want to be anything else, i mean i wouldnt be upset about it but i wouldnt love being a probation officer, its a bit confusing what im trying to say. What should i major in?

If I plan to be a lawyer, Should I major in psychology and minor in philosphy?

I think you should switch the two around. Be a philosophy major and a psych minor if you truly want to be a lawyer. I go to BU and the prelaw advisors tell us that Pre-law is not a very good major to apply to law school because EVERYONE is a prelaw major. Instead, they said philosophy is a great major because you learn about ethics and logic, argument and reason, which are all very important for lawyers to know in the cortroom. Also, if you minor in psychology, you will need to take a bunch of psych classes, and if you decide in your junior year that you actually love psych and want to major in that instead, it won't be hard to declaire that as your major, as you will most likely have already taken the required courses.

Can i work with law enforcement with a psychology major?

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Can i major in psychology and still go to law school?

Yes, you can major in psychology, or anything you want, and still go to law school.

Many pre-law students will major in political science or philosophy, but specific majors are not required by law schools. Instead, law schools place a lot of emphasis on your GPA, so study whatever you are most interested in (so that you can work hard and get good grades). LSAT score is important also.

In addition, you should take a few classes that will sharpen your writing skills (could be an English class, or could be any class that requires essay writing). As well as classes that will improve your reasoning/argument skills (such as a philosophy class, or a history class on a controversial subject, or a mathematical logic class), because these will help you on the LSAT (Law School Admission Test). Again, you have flexibility here--no specific classes are required.

I read a good book in high school that helped me decide whether to go to law school, and also gives good advice on how to choose a major and make the most of college if you are thinking of going to law school. It's called "Going to Law School?" by Harry Castleman, and now that it's been out for several years you can get it for like $5 on the Marketplace (click the "used and new" link, then select "new"):

Degree in Law and Psychology?

That is alot to take on their, I am going to college for a doctoral degree in psychology and the work will be brutal. And a lawyer isnt easy either.

Here is a very good website for has all the different fields you can look at:

In my opinion getting into any medical fields right now is key for a permanent job, but both jobs can cause for concern, because people will pay for your services either way. Yea lawyers are needed more but i guess ot just depends on what u want to do most. I want to do psychology because i love helping people and working with people. But i guess its just up to you, but if i was you i wouldnt try to juggle both of those at the same time, those are big jobs and its really one or the other.

Heres a website on how to become a lawyer:

I hope these help you.....:)