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Can I Be A Professional Sprinter With Flat

Is 5 foot 10 to short to be a sprinter?

Yohan Blake is 5'11" - #3 all time. Nesta Carter is only 5'7" - #6 all time. Maurice Green is 5'9" - #7. Steve Mullings, 5'9" - #8. Trayvon Bromell, 5'9" - tied for #10. So in the 100m, half of the top 10 fastest men in history have been 5'11" or shorter, and of those only Yohan Blake is taller than 5'10". Look at most NFL running backs, elite speed and power - the majority of them are shorter than 6'.

The only disadvantage that I see is your inability to use the internet.

Does air force disqualify for having flat feet?

at meps everything looked clean and normal they didn't mention anything about my flat feet at all but now I'm in my 2nd week of boot camp and my heels hurt like crazy all over my heels in both feet it hurts mostly in the morning when I get out of bed.... the first 20 steps are unbearable. also I don't want to go on anymore how do I get out of the air force