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Can I Bring Xbox 360 With Me And Put It In My Backpack

Can I bring my Xbox One console to a Navy boot camp with me?

Of course! Training instructors are there to facilitate your comfortable transition to military life. They are not monsters!Be sure to pack it in an inconspicuous box until you finish reception. Other trainees units may try to steal it from you. A Costco economy size Fruit Loops or other large cereal box works. I recommend a sugary childrens cereal, as many of your fellow trainees will be voluntarily dieting to meet weight standards and so probably won’t steal Lucky Charms as readily as Raisin Bran.PerfectWhen you see the Quartermaster for your initial issue of uniforms, be sure to request a larger screen TV for your day room. The one normally installed is big enough to keep up on your favorite shows (after 5 PM of course) but too small to play a split screen multiplayer game as you’ll most likely want to do. You may need to ask a couple of times (they are forgetful), but remember that you are entitled to basic comforts.I think it is a 52 rather than 44 inch flat screen, but don’t quote me on that.Don’t draw attention to it at “Shakedown”. If the trainers see it they will politely ignore it. The purpose of shakedown is to keep weapons and drugs out of the barracks. Don’t interrupt their important work with questions about trivial things like XBox’s or your pet Guinea Pig.Stick to smaller animals. You may not have time to walk a dog in basic.Try to keep your game choices PG-13 or softer. Your fellow seamen may have religious concerns and be offended. You’ll be playing in a semi-public area. There are no personal televisions in basic unless you bring your own… this isn’t the Hilton!Don’t overdo it though. If you stay up too late and can’t wake up in the morning, you might miss first formation. They’ll only give you 3 missed formations before you will face consequences.

Bringing an Xbox 360 across the American Border?

I am going on a school trip to New York and I live in London, Ontario, Canada. I want to bring my Xbox 360 so me and my friends can play in the hotel room. While it be a problem at customs? I was told it would be a problem if they searched our bus then they would have to dismantle the xbox. What if i kept it with me in a backpack on the bus and not packed under the bus in a suitcase? Or would that be a problem too? Please help, thanks!!

Packing an Xbox One in checked baggage?

So I'm going home for 3 weeks of leave and intend to take my Xbox One with me. I know they say never to pack electronics in checked baggage, but I hate having bulky carry-ons and tend to just bring a small backpack and laptop bag on the plane with me.

So my plan is to put the Xbox back in its box with the cardboard holders and everything in place and surrounding the box with a jacket and some clothes. I would think that would keep it sufficiently protected, wouldn't it?

I guess technically I could just throw the system in my backpack and take it as a carry on, but I really don't feel like having to take an Xbox out and put it in a bin to go through the X-ray machine...It would just feel weird, and I'm not sure it would fare well being shoved into an overhead bin either.

Any suggestion for keeping everything intact?

Where can i find the backpack for xbox 360?

The only places i found were Gamestop, circuit city, walmart, and Best buy but there not really backpacks

What button is it to access all your weapons in Skyrim on Xbox one?

If you've seen somewhere someone pulling up the entire list of weapons in their arsenal at the push of one button, it's got to be the favorites menu.It houses not just weapons but also apparel, spells,shouts, abilities and potions. Just mark an item as your favorite from the inventory menu and u can equip it at the push of a button. Very easy to switch weapons and between different kinds of magic without going through the long routine of opening inventory then equipping what you want. Comes very handy if you want your combat to feel fluid.For some uses however, like unlocking shouts, learning spells from spellbooks and charging up a drained enchanted weapons… you need to go through the main menu.

Bringing a gaming console on flight.?

I've recently turned 18 and I'm taking my 12 yo sister to meet my older sister in Sacramento. And I was wondering if I could bring my ps4 and ps3 in my backpack as a carry on.

Oh, this is my first time traveling by air. So could anybody tell me the procedures, tips and guide to get through the security and be on time or even early for my flight?

What mini-ITX case would fit in an original Xbox travel bag (12"x12"x4" interior) and have enough space for a full size GPU?

The 12″x 12″ portion isn’t too hard to find, but I can’t think of any that meet the 4″ dimension and still fit a “full size graphics card”.I think you have two alternatives:1: Gut an original xbox and build your own custom PC inside of itOR2: Just buy a mini-itx case that is already portable and doesn’t require an additional outer case like the xbox travel bag.You can find mini-itx with built in carry handles, you just pick them up and go. The Corsair 380t is one such design:Graphite Series™ 380T Portable Mini ITX CaseIf you drop to the size you are asking for, you will need to be careful with your video card sizes.  The Hutzy XS would fit your size request:Hutzy XS — Ultra Compact Gaming Case (<4L)Dimensions: It’s 8″ x 8″ x 4″ but your video card will be limited to 7″ (which is compatible with the Gigabyte GTX 1070 Mini).It fit’s video cards of this size: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 Mini ITX OC GV-N1070IXOC-8GD Video CardOr you can look through this list here and see which ones fit your needs:List of Cases for Steam Machine/BOX

What things can I bring to Air Force tech school?

Yes, you can have all that at Tech School, but not on you in uniform. As far as the TV goes, usually you can buy a TV from someone that is leaving tech school. Depending on how long your school is you won't be able to have your vehicle with you, so packing and moving all that stuff after tech school can suck! Everything else you can have your family mail to you (if you trust the mail) after you get to tech school. Or, after a month they can come visit you and bring it.

I was at Keesler for tech school and it was set up with one single bed and one set of bunk beds, private closets, shower stall, and sinks in the room. Depending on where you go will depend on what you get.