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Can I Buy A Lighter At The Kroger Self Checkout When I

Can you buy lighters at self checkout stations?

When there is a law in a country relating to age to buy something, then EVERY point of sale has to abide by the law.......... so of course self check outs which are on camera also are included

Kroger self checkout for condoms?

I'm a 17 year old female. I would like to go buy a box of condoms anonymously without getting dirty looks from people. I'm not ashamed to go pick them up and by them, but I prefer the self check out because there faster (in my opinion). Do the self checkout's ask you for id for buying condoms?
I don't have an id and I don't want to be asked if I'm 18 or not..

Can I buy a lighter underage at self checkout at Target?

I live in California and the law is you have to be 18 to buy a lighter. However, I'm only 14. So can I buy a lighter at self checkout or will it ask for an ID?? Would the machine say something? I'm kind of scared because it's just going to be me and my friend. The last thing I want to do is get in trouble for buying a lighter lol. I know I sound ridiculous but please, I need an answer. We were thinking about buying a candle as well so we would be less suspicious.

Buying lighters at self checkout?

Local law will apply. Around here there is no age limit on lighters. Just tobacco and medication and alcohol and stuff that can be used to make drugs and stuff that can be easily abused/huffed by kids. Maybe you have an issue. Try it and see. The worst that can happen if you don't make a fuss is that you won't be allowed to purchase it. If you need it, then you can get your parent/guardian to buy it for you.

Where can I buy lighters under 18?

Why do you need a lighter?

You do not seem stupid enough to smoke.

Activate Gift Cards Through Self Check-Out?

The check is the better way to go. It lets him easily understand how much money you gave him, and lets him keep it all together without the hassle of keeping track of all his different cards. Plus, the fees are just an annoyance. He can do what he wants with the check-cash it or put it in the bank or whatever else. If you're going to give it to him in person, you might want to suggest that he either save it and use it at college or spend it during the summer getting stuff for college. Just a thought. And no, the check and the cards aren't really interpreted differently; your friend will see either one as money, and as a very generous gift.

Can you buy alcohol at wal-mart at the self check out line without showing ID?

In my adventure, self-exams many times close down around 11:00. besides the undeniable fact that, I doubt that self-checkouts would be around plenty longer in Wal-Mart, because of the fact new shops and remodels don't get them, and that i've got seen various shops shrink their numbers. So i'm guessing that the self-checkouts will at last be bumped off as shops are transformed in choose of extra known registers that are in no way open.

What is the check policy at Kroger?

Maybe this story will be useful for you:“I just made a quick trip to one of the local Kroger stores, chicken was on sale this week and we wanted to get a couple of bags of boneless/skinless. When I got to the checkout isle, I use the self checkout whenever possible, I wrote my check for $25.00 over the purchase price.The clerk ran the check through the machine and then looked at me and said something like; "I am sorry, but there has already been a check for $25.00 over written on this account within the past week and you are limited to $25.00 a week which is the maximum allowed." (Mrs SLB had written a check at another store earlier in the week) She then showed me the register slip with my bank account number and the limits on my account. I am limited to spending $300.00 a week at Kroger. Click the if you need some help in writing.I asked her why and she said it was a new Kroger wide policy. I did not berate her, she is on the bottom of the food chain, but asked for a cusotmer comment form which she gladly gave me. I will fill it out and send it to Kroger.We do not do anywhere near all of our shopping at Kroger as we have the commissary at Ft Knox (average savings is in the 30% range), we also have Save-a-Lot, Aldi's, and of course the infamous Wally World. We usually only go to Kroger for sale items, but this tracking of my purchases and limiting me is going to send me even further from them. My only planned trips there now are for gasoline as they give a $0.03 a gallon discount with their card, but I am certain they track that, too bad the name, address and phone number on the card are all made up.”

Who is the best astrologer in Bangalore?

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What are 5 ways to improve your self-esteem?

Do the opposite of what feels right to you.Not in the moral sense, but the thing that makes you uncomfortable.Push the limits of your personality & shyness.Make it a game if you're the sporting type. Try these simple things:Strike up a conversation with that girl/guy you fancy. You never know.Banter with a stranger in the checkout line, compliment their watch, shoes or some bullshit to open up a conversation. Believe me, most people are susceptible to flattery, even more when its a compliment from a stranger.Smile at the girl/guy who looks at you & don't look away or down. This will indicate that you have confidence in yourself without even opening your mouth to speak.Make that joke or a witty remark you feel might not be appreciated.If you feel being taken advantage, call someone out on it. Punch that proverbial bully in the nose.Even if you bomb at all of these things, you will inevitably pick up wisdom & experience from each of these times on what NOT to do. This in it of itself will increase your self-esteem, because of your experience in these situations.Be Like Thomas Edison. 2000 attempts to make a lightbulb work. 2000 times it didn't work.When it worked on the 2001st time, when he was asked about the failure, he said “ I didn't fail. I just learned 2000 ways how not to make a lightbulb work. I just needed to learn the 1 way to make it right. I am now confident & experienced on how to make it work next time, even faster.”Do everything that feels wrong & uncomfortable, the world will change literally overnight for you.May The Force Be With You, my friend.