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Can I Buy Individual Items From

Can you buy a person? (literally)?

Like an auction thing can you literally buy a persons life?
and if you can o_O" how much are they?
XD and i don't mean a hooker either
I mean kinda like a pet thing... if your wondering i just read some article about some guy selling his life or something

but back to the question, can you buy a person?

How do I buy a single product from the Alibaba website for my personal use?

I think it’s better if you go with Aliexpress because is for wholesale buying, they have minimum order quantity per product you wish to purchase. But if you really want to know how to buy from Alibaba, this article will help you, ALIBABA.COM – AN ONLINE SHOPPING GUIDE.

Can I use Alibaba (not Ali Express) in drop-shipping single items?

Yes you can use instead of to drop ship ,For that Alibaba has a separate channel called as Wholesaler Market - Alibaba.comYou can check it out and find suppliers with shipping and you can filter them with the desired MOQHope this helps!

Can a Gatling gun be held and operated by a single hand?

The Gatling weapon was composed by the American creator Dr. Richard J. Gatling in 1861 and licensed on November 4.1862. Gatling composed that he made it to diminish the span of armed forces thus lessen the quantity of passing by battle and illness, and to indicate how worthless war is.In spite of the fact that the primary Gatling firearm was equipped for shooting ceaselessly, it required a man to wrench it; thusly it was not a genuine programmed weapon. The Maxim firearm, designed and protected in 1883, was the main genuine completely programmed weapon, influencing utilization of the discharged shot's backlash to power to reload the weapon. In any case, the Gatling weapon spoke to a tremendous jump in gun innovation.Preceding the Gatling firearm, the main weapons accessible to military powers fit for discharging numerous shots in a short space of time were mass-shooting volley weapons, similar to the Belgian and French mitraille utilization of the 1870s, and field guns discharging canister shot, much like an upsized shotgun. The last were broadly utilized amid and after the Napoleonic Wars. In spite of the fact that the most extreme rate of shoot was expanded by discharging different shots all the while, these weapons still should have been reloaded after each release, which for multi-barrel frameworks like the mitraille utilize was bulky and tedious. This discredited a great part of the benefit of their high rate of flame per release, making them substantially less capable on the combat zone. In examination, the Gatling weapon offered a fast and ceaseless rate of discharge without being physically reloaded by opening the breech.The first Gatling firearm was a field weapon which utilized numerous pivoting barrels turned by a hand wrench, and shooting free (no connections or belt) metal cartridge ammo utilizing a gravity encourage framework from a container. The Gatling weapon's advancement lay in the utilization of numerous barrels to constrain overheating, a turning instrument, and a gravity-sustain reloading framework, which enabled incompetent administrators to accomplish a moderately high rate of shoot of 200 rounds for each minute.The US Army received Gatling firearms in a few gauges, including .42 bore, .45-70, .50 bore, 1 inch, and (M1893 and later) .30 Army, with changes of M1900 weapons to .30-03 and .30-06 The .45-70 weapon was additionally mounted on some US Navy boats of the 1890s.

I am earning 90,000 per month in india, and I want to buy my first car, how can I buy? Can a person who earns 90,000 afford a car worth 7-9 lakhs?

I would like to give you a different perspective. I would suggest buy a car that would cost you up-to  maximum of 50% of your yearly salary.You have mentioned (Your First Car) so can I safely assume this will be the car that you will be learning driving on, just after you get your driving license?Key Reasons for this:A low cost car (could be a new one or a second hand premium car) would hurt you less when you have scratches, dents on it.You could use this for 2 years till you gain expertise and have dented the car during your learning period.Cost of insurance is building up. For smaller cars it could be between 8-12k, and the premium goes up as the cars price goes up. No one really cares what car you drive, unless you have extreme social pressure of owning an expensive car. You will not mind lending your car to your friend, neighbour, colleague knowing its just a means of transport (lower investment on the car).After 2 years, given your salary goes up to 15 LPA, you will think of buying a larger car or decide to stick to the present car itself.And if you are in Delhi, you may think of buying another car after 2 years with a (Odd/Even) number that you may need to :-)P.S: I have only bought second hand cars throughout which cost me less than a half years pay always. I pay less when I buy, I loose less when I sell!

How does adding the next ingredient (e.g. onion) to the pan stop the cooking of the ingredient already in the pan (e.g. garlic)? Does it stop it from cooking altogether, or does it just slow the cooking?

Shelly has it basically correct. The same thing happens when deep frying, and a more extreme rate. I have had a 7-gallon deep fryer drop 50 degrees after dropping a basket of 32 pieces of chicken in it, but the recovery generally takes less than 2 minutes. When doing a pan saute of onions and you drop in garlic, you shouldn't see an appreciable drop in temperature. Adding liquid ingredients are a different matter, but the recovery time should be quick, unless you're cooking on a hot plate with low (less than 800) wattage. Keep in mind that the smaller the pan and the larger the ingredient, or when adding a large quantity of ingredient, the greater the initial cooling drop. If I use a 14″ skillet for a saute, and drop in 1/4 cup of minced onion, I don't expect to see a temperature drop. If, in the same skillet, I drop in a 3-quart mixing bowl of chopped vegetables, then sure, I expect a BRIEF drop, but recovery should not take longer than the time it takes to stir in the ingredients. That's also why in most recipes it says to bring to a boil before reducing heat to simmer. The only way to prevent this is to add pre-warmed ingredients, not something I recommend. If you are seeing a radical temperature drop when you add ingredients and slow recovery, check your cooking source (stove top, single burner, etc) for proper operation and temperature control. Try using cast iron vessels. They tend to be much less reactive to temperature change.

Can you purchase a single item for Alibaba?

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Has anyone purchased just one item (as retail) from wholesaler website before?

You should check out Ali-express, which is also a wholesaler website. The website is also owned by Jack Ma (Alibaba). I purchase single items (as retail) all the time. I also use Ali-express for drop-shipping jewelry.Just make sure when you purchase things, communicate with the supplier (they often speak english), and also make sure the manufacturer you are purchasing from has good reviews. There have been times where I purchased items from unreviewed manufacturers and the item never came.Hope this helps

Can you still buy people?

I dont know how to answer this question.We are not living in 18th century anymore. When you are asking to buy people, you are objectifying them. They are not objects and neither they are slaves. Every person should be given his liberty and freedom to live the way s/he wants to live. Why would anyone want to buy a person? Just imagine the trauma one will go through if s/he is subjected to this kind of inhuman condition. Also think of their parents and friends. The buyer would scar their emotions for lifetime.But yes you can win the heart of millions. That way they will be willing to work with you and for you. I will give you a laundry list.Think of something creative/ innovative which can change the world in a beautiful way and share your vision with others. Become the best of the best in your respective field and people will start following you.Try to help the poor and destitute people in your society. Share something...anything.Improve on your personality and smile.Develop the attitude of gratitude.Hope this helps you.