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Can I Clean My Industrial With Clair

Is it ok to clean industrial piercings with peroxide?

No, it's not ok. In fact, it is damaging and will make your healing time terrible. Sea salt soaks are the best thing- and it's only about 1/8 tsp to a cup of hot water. You don't want it too strong. And it has to be warm, as warm as you can handle. The heat and salt soothe the piercing and draw out infection. Always rinse gently after so the salt doesn't dry and then irritate because of its texture. H2Ocean type products don't really benefit you. You don't have the heat, you have extra additives, and the salt stays on the piercing. And it costs more than getting sea salt at the grocery store.
That's all you need. Wash gently while showing. Soak twice a day, either with a shot glass if you can maneuver it, or a cotton ball. Then a quick rinse and leave it alone. You don't want to move the jewelry around- that'll just pull crusties and other irritants into it. Your piercer should give you an aftercare sheet anyway.
Same thing for the lip, sea salt soaks, wash gently, and non-alcoholic mouth wash, watered down 1 part to 2 or 3 parts water. Take vitamins, too. Especially if you're healing both at once.

How can i clean my industrial piercing?

Both the previous answers are wrong. Do NOT use alcohol, peroxide, or soap- all of those are chemicals that can irritate the wound (yes- a piercing is a wound). You should just be rinsing the piercing with salt water solution: Dissolve 1/4 teaspoon sea salt* in 1 cup (8 oz.) warm water and use it to clean the area- you can use an eye dropper to squirt the solution on the piercing or soak a cotton swab in the solution and saturate the piercing with it. The soaked cotton swab (or a piece of clean paper towel, etc.) can also be used to very gently wipe away any dried blood or sebum deposits (i.e. "crusties"). Many people say that you have to twist the jewelry, but that is actually not true- it does not make it heal faster, in fact, doing so can actually irritate the piercing because if there is dried blood or "crusties" around the area, they can be dragged into the piercing and scrape the inside of it. Remember, the fastest and safest way to heal a piercing is simply let your body heal itself- you simply help it do so by keeping the wound clean, other than that just leave it alone.

Hope that helps. Good luck! :)

*In case you were going to ask, yes- you have to use sea salt, NOT regular table salt- it usually has iodine and/or other chemicals added to it which can irritate the piercing.

P.S. Remember to just be patient too- cartilage piercings (especially an industrial which is a double cartilage piercing) take a long time to heal, even with proper care- up to 6 months.

What should I really use to clean my industrial piercing, and how do I get rid of bumps?

Answer above me is correct. You are doing too much and probably drying out your ear which is irritating it. Also twisting the bar also is irritating it causing the bump to form. Never ever twist your bar, all that is doing is taking the crusties and scratching up your piercing which will irritate the crap out of it as you can see. Never twist unless cleaning and you have already got the gunk out.
The absolute BEST thing for piercings is hot sea salt soaks. Go and buy some non-iodine sea salt from a grocery store. Put about a teaspoon to one cup of hot water and soak your ear in this for 10 minutes.
The heat helps bring blood to your ear to promote healing, the salt water helps attract and pull out any gunk and bacteria in your ear. It will be annoying but trust me this is the #1 thing to help piercings.
Do this twice a day and cut out all other cleanings. Once the bump goes down maybe you can just do it once a day and then do another cleaning while showering with mild unscented soap (I used the Provon my piercer sells).

What is the most effective way to clean my industrial piercing?

When doing your sea salt soaks, you should switch to using cotton balls since they're disposable and won't collect bacteria like the washcloth would. Clean your hands with antibacterial soap whenever your clean your piercing (Satin is pretty good since it's not as harsh). Take Q-tip and run it under some hot water and clean the piercing with that first to try and break up the discharge and the dried blood. Then clean your piercing with the antibacterial soap and wash it again in warm/hot water.

You should clean your piercing twice a day with soap and once or twice a day with non-iodized sea salt. Clean it when you get out of the shower, not in the shower. There's so much bacteria and dead cells you're washing off your body, and there's also all the stuff you use to clean yourself, like shampoo, and those don't need to be getting in your piercing. Cleaning your piercing after you've gotten out of the shower will clear out all of that. Be sure to change your pillowcase and towels often as bacteria and dead cells really build up on those, and you don't want that getting into your piercing and infecting it.

Do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as those chemicals are extremely harsh on the piercing and will kill all the healthy cells trying to heal the piercing, prolonging the healing period. The chemicals can also ruin the jewelry.

I wouldn't worry about the blood, any redness, the soreness being signs of infection right now since your piercing is so new, but in the future, if your piercing is red, aching, itchy, bleeding and there's yellow or green discharge (should be white or cream), then you may have an infection.

How much does it cost to get your ears triple pierced at Claire's?

Make sure you go to a professional to get any piercing including your ears! They use piercing needles which hurt more and are a bit more expensive, but it's well worth it. The needles are very sanitary and the jewelry used is very high quality grade.

People will tell you that its ok to get piercings at Claire's, Icing, Piercing Pagoda. But DO NOT go to ANY of these places because they use piercing gun which is very unsanitary. Claire's and Piercing Pagoda have very poorly trained employees. The only training that they get prior to piercing people's ears is piercing a stuffed bear's ears. Yes, you read that correctly. The problem with the gun is that it forces a blunt object through the ear. With a needle, it easily passes through, allowing for a lower pain level, quicker and cleaner healing, and very much reduced rick of cartilage shattering.

Piercing guns CAN NOT be sterilized (alcohol swabs can't clean 100%) properly and harbors blood born pathogens, leftover tissue and transmitted diseases (like aids or hiv). This is even worse if you get your cartilage pierced with a gun because it can shatter the cartilage and severely damage it. Piercing guns don't give a clean piercing and infection is higher and it NEVER heals properly!

Here is information to back up why piercing guns are bad:……

Hydrogen peroxide for an in industrial piercing?

Hydrogen peroxide is cytotoxic (toxic to cells). Not only that but it kills all the bacteria, including the good bacteria that your piercing needs to heal. It is way too harsh, and should never be used on any healing piercing. And cleaning your piercing 3-4 times a day is not good either, it's way too much, especially since you're using peroxide. Twice daily is enough.

Ditch the peroxide. It is one of the worst things you can use on a healing piercing. You can buy non-iodized sea salt at any drug or grocery store, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, basically anywhere. If you can't find it ask one of the people who work there where it is. Take 1/4 tsp of non-iodized sea salt to 8 ounces of warm water. Put it in a cup. Soak your industrial in it for 5-10 minutes twice daily.

Also, soaking your piercing is much better than just cleaning it, and buying non-iodized sea salt is much cheaper than buying H2Ocean anyway. Some nasal sprays have extra additives in it as well that you don't want on your piercing. And Q-tips can leave behind cotton fibers that can irritate your piercing.

Can i use peroxide on my industrial piercing?

I agree. That part of the ear is prone to infection. Infections are carried away by blood to be cleaned out by the organs, and that area naturally has very low blood flow, meaning infection builds up much faster. When you use peroxide, it dries out the area, decreasing blood flow even more, which means infection builds up even faster. It dries out the skin and causes tiny cracks, which appear as redness, and let more bacteria in. Never use anything that harsh in that area, it's only really good for lobes. Also avoid alcohol, polysporin/neosporin and other ointments. Do simple sea salt water soaks. Mix 1/4 tsp tea salt with 8oz (1 cup) water and soak your ear in it for 10 mins a day or so. Again, stronger is not better with salt water either because drying will occur.
"Crusties" are normal on piercings, and normal on industrials for about a year. If you still have them after that time, it may be that you are allergic to the metal and you need to find a higher quality bar, but for now it's just do to healing.

I got my industrial piercings on Friday. It's red, swollen and kinda warm to the touch. Is this normal?

Any piercing will be sore, swollen and warm to the touch for a couple of days. And I agree that going surfing after getting an industrial piercing was not a good idea.Right now, it's probably irritated from being exposed to the ocean water.Wash the area with a fragrance-free antimicrobial soap two times a day, and do sea salt soaks afterwards.Keep an eye on it. Keep track of the secretions you get from both holes. If you start seeing a lot of weird colored pus and blood coming out of them, I highly suggest you go to your piercer or to a doctor and they will decide the best course of action to prevent an infection.

Is it safe to get your ears pierced at Claire's?

I had honestly thought so until recently. I just got my second piercings there, and I kind of regret going to Claire's instead of being patient and finding a better piercer for a number of reasons.It turns out, piercing guns are unsanitary and apply too much force to the ear. Every Claire's I've ever gone to uses one. You want to use a sterile needle which has been put through intense heat for cleaning purposes. If you were to put a piercing gun through such heat, it would melt. You don't know what kind of pathogens you could be getting from the use of one.You want a professional piercer to pierce your ears. The workers at Claire's are not considered professional because the training they receive is the equivalent of watching a few amateur videos on YouTube and then going right for the task. The girl who pierced my doubles was kind, but tugged down on my left ear with the piercing gun, making it more tender than it should be. Piercings are a big deal as far as your health goes, and there's always risk of infection. You want them done right by someone who knows what they're doing.Claire's came out with a new cleansing agent for piercings back in 2016, citing it as having “rapid 3 week healing” benefits. That is exactly what they gave me for my latest piercings. It's a tiny, $20 bottle of watered down bleach. The ingredients are: Water, Phosphoric acid, and Sodium Hypochlorite - which is a basic chemical compound found in household bleach. It smells like bleach, it aggravates my skin like bleach, and it's discolored one of my shirts like bleach. My friend freaked out when I told her and is rushing over with a better cleanser. Wound wash you can buy at the local drug store and a non-iodine sea salt water solution have been recommended to me. Bottom line is, they're marketing harmful chemicals as a beneficiary wash. If you don't want to take my word for it, check out the horrendously negative reviews for it on Amazon. About 64% of them are one star reviews.All in all, don't go to Claire's. Please. Learn from my mistake.

Should i get my nose pierced at claires...?

Both. Piercing guns are horrible and Clair's doesn't have a clue about sterility. Piercing guns create crush wounds rather than piercings, which are hard to heal. They also create high (to medium depending on the gun style), which is particularly bad on cartilage; you could shatter or fracture your cartilage, definitely not something you ever want to happen. Also, piercing guns can't be sterilized. Read more about why piercing guns are bad here:

Something else think about, you probably won't be able to find someone to pierce you with a piercing gun because it's completely illegal to use piercing guns on anything but ears (not that they should even be used on those).

Get pierced with a sterile, one time use piercing needle by a trained professional, the right way. It won't hurt any more, actually it'll probably hurt less, and healing will be so much easier.