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Can I Drive With An 18 Year Old In The Car

Can an 18 year old drive a rental car?

The Insurance Companies that the Car Rental Agencies obtain policies from require that all drivers be at least 23 or 25 years old and will not cover the Rental Companies cars with anyone of a younger age.

Can a 16 year old drive a rental car?

A 16 year old can't drive a rental car, period. It has nothing to do with the state. It's the rental companies' policy. Many companies won't even authorize anyone under 25 to drive their rental cars.

I suppose your parents could rent you a car, and let you drive it without the rental company's knowledge, but if you crashed it, your parents would be personally liable for any damage and/or bodily injury you caused. If having a car to drive to school is a must, it would be better for your parents to rent a car, and let you use their car while yours is in the shop.

Can a 17 year old drive automatic car in India?

Depends on the type of automation, to be precise. If your automatic car's engine is bullock(s) then definitely you can drive. Age is not a big deal. In fact, a younger is driving in the attached photograph. System can understand that you are not instructing the right. They'll stop, then shout, do gesture to attract the adults. That is driver security system. Such cars can auto-pilot to home if geolocation sense of the driver is lost. Auto braking system, radar, front suspensor - all included.But, Light Motor Vehicle demands minimum age of 18 Years because there are legal responsibilities. That includes normal all types of cars with one engine or more.

How risky is it to drive a very old car?

There are lots of other factors at play here, and it all depends on how you define "risky".Older cars are typically not very well maintained. At some point in time, the value of mass produced cars (note: not specialty vehicles!) declines to the point beyond which correct repair is not economically feasible. Those cars often retire to salvage yards, but large numbers still roam the streets and used car lots.With a new car, you're reasonably sure that when you step on the brakes, they'll work. With a very old car (and to me, '96 isn't "very old", more like  '66 would be) there's a very real risk that when you step on the brakes, nothing will happen - unless you've taken steps to ensure otherwise.Same with every major system - lights, HVAC, cooling, steering, suspension, you name it.So that's one category of risk. You can completely eliminate that by stepping through the car, inspecting and testing everything, replacing/repairing as necessary. If you do enough of that, it winds up being called "restoration".Then there's "random shit happening around you." Like an unexpected logging truck (Stan Hanks' answer to What are some modifications to make a 1960s-era car more safe?)If you're in a car from before the advent of crumple zones (earlier for some marques than others), bad stuff happens if you get hit by someone, or hit something. Airbags are a mixed blessing, but do seem to save lives. ABS, feh, I don't need no stinkin' ABS - but you might, and if you do, it can be a lifesaver.So from that perspective, it's probably riskier to be in an older car.One other element: the risk that you won't be able to repair your car, due to unavailability of parts. I've owned cars that I actually had to have parts machined for in order to repair. Trust me, that's not a '96 Corolla. But at some point, you'll walk into the parts counter needing a water pump or belt that's unique to your year and model, and be told "Sorry, we don't have that".For specialty cars, there is always someone, somewhere, that has, can get, or can make the part. For mass produced cars, that's when you hang it up...

Can an 18 year old drive a rental car if it is rented by someone over 25?

No. Sorry sucks for me too. You're Dad will have to sign a contract saying no one under the age of 25 will drive it, for insurance reasons.

Can an 18 year old drive with beer in their trunk. The beer is closed and not open.?

in Ontario you can with ur G2 the bottle has to be unopened and in the trunk... just don't give the cops a reason to pull you over and no one has to know lol

Should an 18 year old who has never driven before, drive a 1.6L as a first car?

The car guys, click and clack, used to recommend that your first car be an old tank of a car so that you’d survive your first accidents.The remaining car guy has updated that recommendation. The new cars have tons of air bags and all sorts of electronics that alert the driver about unsafe conditions. He recommends newer with safety gear.My first car was a 1967 VW bug. My current daily driver is a 2009 Smart ForTwo with a 0.999L engine.But frankly, unless you are wealthy, you’re gonna drive the car you have access to.

Can an 18 year old rent a car in India?

All the answers here including @Preety who supposedly works a self drive car doesn't are wrong.Mychoice cars age limit is 21+Very few companies, by few i mean extremely few companies have minimum age of 18, one of them is zoomcar.Rest all have age limit of 21+

Can an 18 year old drive a rental car for prom if given permission by parents?

NO, your parents can not give you is not their vehicle, they are not the legal owners. The contract your parents signed only authorizes the people listed on the contract as drivers of the vehicle. The rental company gives the authorization, not the person who rented the vehicle.

My 18 year old daughter is jobless and cannot drive a car, should I kick her out?

No. You shouldn’t kick her out. She’s your daughter. Well before she was 18, you should have ensured that she had these life skills — unless there’s a reason she can’t learn them.I have two sons. One of them (age 20) has his own car and a job, and he’s in trade school learning to be a mechanic. The other (age 18) is in school getting his core courses done because he has no idea what career he wants to pursue. He’s had jobs in the past, but is currently unemployed. He’s been to driving school, but he has depth perception issues and does not like to drive.I’ve told him that I expect him to keep his grades high and to have a job by the end of the school year. Once he’s able to get his own car, I’ll expect him to drive himself places and run errands for me, just as his brother does. Meantime, he “pays his way” by doing chores around the house, including cleaning and cooking.I wouldn’t kick either of them out. I don’t want them homeless and destitute. I DO want to reinforce good life skills. And I can’t do that if they aren’t living with me.