Can I Dye My Hair Dark Chocolate Brown If It Was Dyed Black 8-9 Months Ago

I bleached my hair too white, what can I do to get it back to blonde?

It depends on the first# on the toner/color which determines how dark the color will be.The higher the#, the lighter the color.If your white, you are a lv.10 so choosing a toner in a lv.8–9 would be good, use with 10vol developer only for no more lift to occur.

I used Loreal preference #3 on my dark brown hair & it turned completely orange .Can you recommend a Loreal hair color to fix that into a blonde tone?

I am so sorry to hear that this happened to you. However, it's sort of one of those cautionary tales about boxed color and dark hair.If you have dark hair, and you attempted to lighten it on your own, and it turned orange… The best thing to do is stop what you're doing, slowly back away from the boxed dye aisle, and run to the phone to make an appointment with a colorist.Now that you're orange, the only way to remove that is by having a professional actually lift the pigment out for you using (probably) bleach and Olaplex. Boxed dye is ~awful~ for your hair, so please take note of that as well. Unfortunately, there isn't a single thing you can put on your hair to magically make it blonde once it's orange. It needs to be lightened once more, BY A PROFESSIONAL, and then toned out to the proper shade of blonde/honey/caramel. Your hair will only lighten so much, we aren't wizards, and getting dark hair blonde is a process for most individuals, even with the use of Olaplex. (Translation: this is time-consuming, even for the best of the best!)Please don't attempt this at home, at best you'll end up with more orange hair, at worst, you'll fry it all off. Make this a learning experience… go visit a professional (seriously, Instagram is a great way to find a colorist who does color corrections), and get this taken care of ASAP! But please don't use boxed dye again! If anything, just don't do that. And please don't just color over it with *dark* boxed dye either. See a legit colorist who can help get you to the color you want to be.

I’ve heard 40 volume creme developer can help lighten hair even without bleach. I have thick, dark brown hair with orangeish-brown tips and I want to safely achieve a lighter ash blonde. How can I instantly lighten my hair color without bleach?

You will not be able to achieve a ash blond (level 7/8/9) without bleach. Anything you can get available to the general public will not be strong enough for your desired outcome so unless you can get pro product do not attempt it. 40 vol (12%) mixed with color or hi-lift color always pulls warmth meaning it exposes the natural red & yellow pigment in the hair. My guess is you are about a lv.3-4 see chart:The column on the right is the corresponding level of hairs underlying raw pigment. You must bypass all the red stages first. So a level 7 is the first yellow/gold stage. At a lv.7 raw, you can use a lv7 color to neutralize the yellow. A lighter color:8+ will not be strong enough to neutralize the warmth of a lv.7 raw. lv.7A/7.1=ash will give you a lv.7N (see left side #7) ideally a level 8–9 = yellow-pale yellow base/raw is best to get an ash blond like:The first is a lv.7 then 8 then 9. having 1 process with a good quality bleach + 30 volume is better than 40 volume X2+ hi-lift color & will pass the red-gold stages. I would recommend seeing a good colorist with experience & chemical knowledge. I would also recommend getting a full head of hi-lites over doing the whole head as the dark roots come in fast & if your hair is naturally dark, your completion will get washed out with the whole head in an ash blond, You can also do peek-a-boo foils in the interior of the hair in panels which are away from the part & hair line so you do not see roots for a long time.

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