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Can I Exorcise A Ghost With

How can I get the ghost out of my house in Sims 3?

If you cant find the urn or grave "which is odd" it may be the location you built as you said.
Try hiring and Exorcist. To hire an exorcist on The Sims 3 simply have your Sim get on the phone. Go to "services" and then "call exorcist".
Where did you build it like too try it out XD
~Hope i helped~

How do i exorcise a person over discord?

hi someone on a discord server i like has been possessed by the ghost of vincent price and hes a dick. how can i attempt to exorcise the ghost out of him, i just want the cool fella back.

Romance/exorcist anime or manga?

I love the whole exorcist genre - whether it's ghost, demons, monsters, or whatever else you can exorcise, I love it! I also like some romance (not the main thing, but prominent enough) mainly because I like romance, but I feel like it develops the characters a little more too.

As for the whole creepy factor I'm not picky. What I mean by that would be something like Ghost Hunt (more horror/suspense/mystery) vs. D. Gray Man or Ao No Exorcist (lighter and more comedy/action-y).

So basically my question is what are some good exorcist/romance animes or manga?

I've only seen a couple which are;
Ao No Exorcist
D. Gray Man (on episode 38) *Not very romantic, but lots of exorcism good-ness
Ghost Hunt

These ones don't really apply, but to give an idea of what I like;
Darker than Black
Descendants of Darkness
Kaze no Stigma

I'm fine with yaoi and shounen-ai, but NO shoujo-ai or yuri, I beg of you!!

Sorry this is kinda long, but just mention anything that comes to mind please and thank you! :3

Do Jews exorcise evil spirits?

Yes. In 1999, a rabbi exorcised a demon on Israeli national television.In the Book of Tobit, which is part of the Apochrypha, or non-Biblical scripture, a young man burns the heart and liver of a magical fish to drive away a demon that had been killing the suitors of his bride to be. It was probably written in the 2nd century BCE, so it reflects beliefs of that time. The Jewish writer Josephus (1st cen. CE) wrote about exorcisms. Belief in demons and dybbuks (a kind of ghost) has waxed and waned through time. Modern Jews do not usually believe in the supernatural, although there are (obviously) exceptions.Dybbuks, demons and exorcism in Judaism — Jewish JournalWikipedia has a brief discussion of the process: Exorcism - WikipediaEXORCISM - JewishEncyclopedia.comPossession and Exorcism

How do Jews perform exorcisms?

We don't realy.

In Jewish medical materials, they speak about superstitious peasants who have taken up beliefs in demons from the foreign people who they live among.
Jewish medical professionals are then counseled to use such superstions in a Jewishly-directed manner as a placebo effect.
The rule is to discourage the peasant from specificaly foreign incantations or rituals and to give him some Jewish one to help him along while he takes the real medicine.

In Jewish folk stories, "demons" and "ghosts" are all obedient to God's will.
Therefore, the Jewish stories often have the rabinical court just hold trial and make a ruling -- and the "demon" or "ghost" obeys the ruling.

To the degree that there were pesant Jews who believed these things -- there have been some actual rabinical decrees made to order certain actions from "demons" or "ghosts".
(if you saw "Fiddler on the Roof" - the dream Tevye made up about the butcher's dead wife was at one point real Eastern European superstition -- and it was dealt with by a single judicial decree by one of the Hassidic courts)

The other type of "ghost" is the one who was missing something to complete her/his life --
like one who had no one to say "Kadish" on his behalf after he died
or one who had never experienced "Melhava Malka" (post sabbath "farewell" meal)
-- in which case, the hero of the story does those things with the ghost.

How do you exercise a demon if you're pagan?

You scream and throw salt while burning sage. If you want a more stable one, try replacing screaming with commanding the spirit out, calling upon deities as needed. Let's be real though, you should try screaming at a ghost at least once. It's fun. Salt water can be used if the salt doesn't work well enough. Makes it stick to them. Fire also works, but is obviously dangerous.Why? Salt is believed to be the first land, before being eaten by the sea and exposing less pure land. Sage is a spiritual cleanser via smoke, words have power, divine intervention, and lower spirits hate loud noise/sees a crazy person screaming bloody murder and decides it isn't worth it. Fire is said to release energy, sending it to the spirit realm (be it Yomi, Hell, Heaven, Hades, etc).

Do Buddhists perform exorcisms?

I am a recognised Buddhist Teacher who has studied for over forty years with over eighty teachers of all Buddhist traditions, including many of the world’s greatest, though I have been a poor student - please understand I am claiming no special qualities for myself. Although all beings have the quality of Anatta, that is non-self, they exist in a relative sense: ghosts are as real and as unreal as we are. The Buddha taught the existence of many realms and countless types of beings including for example demons and ghosts. The texts are full of such teachings, and the earlier the txt, the more there are. The Buddha is referred to as ‘The Teacher of Gods and Men’, and it is very often stated that spirits attended his sermons. The lives of great modern teachers such as Acharn Mun in Thailand are also filled with incidents where he met and taught non-human beings. Beliefs in spirits are not some kind of adaptation or local influence on Buddhism. On the contrary, historically, as soon as Buddhism became established in a country, belief in spirits boomed, and Buddhism actively disseminated and encouraged such beliefs. For example, as soon as Buddhism came to China, there was an enormous boom in supernatural literature, ghost stories and the like. You can see this very clearly happening in the West now. The great teachers sought out the local spirits of the land to placate or convert them. All Buddhist countries also encourage local shamans.The idea that Buddhism was distorted because it absorbed or picked up local beliefs in order to integrate as it expanded is a Victorian misunderstanding, due to an attempt at a false rationalism. If, for example, the local spirit beliefs in Japan are studied carefully, it is clear that most are based on Indian Buddhist originals, as Lafcadio Hearn discovered. The fact is that when Buddhism came to a new area, it did not only seek to teach and convert the human beings in that area. Buddhism has never restricted teachings thus. The local devas, asuras, ghosts and animals were also sought out to teach. If the local spirits are not placated they can cause huge obstacles.All religions teach the existence of a vast invisible spirit world. This is because that it truth. It exists.So yes, Buddhist do cleanse areas and people of harmful influences. And in Buddhism exorcism works both ways. Often it is the humans that are disturbing the spirits, and it is the humans that need to be educated on how not to be harmful.

Know any ghost jokes for kids?

How do ghosts keep fit?
By regular exorcise.

What did one ghost say to another?
Do you believe in people?

What do ghosts dance to?
Soul music.

What do you call a ghost's mother and father?

Is the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa enough to exorcise and drive away powerful ghosts and demons?

Hanuman Chalisa can help you achieve anything, by anything I mean ANYTHING literally!. But don’t just recite/listen Hanuman Chalisa for the sake of benefits like in this context is “to drive away powerful ghosts and demons”.It depends on the faith and devoutness of oneself in/for Lord Hanuman. Start by understanding the meaning of each verses of Hanuman Chalisa. If you are not aware of the meaning, I strongly advice you to understand it first. You will be just amused by the understanding the meanings of each verses as the way how beatiful every verses describe the power/strength/devoutness of our beloved lord Hanuman.You will feel some kind of positive vibe/power surrounding you whilst reciting Hanuman Chalisa which I can’t describe in words. It is just great to feel that, it feels like the almighty lord Hanuman is standing by your side and listening to you. And my friend, when you feel the same as I described above, you will feel the power and no ghost or any negative power can even touch you!In the beginning it will be hard to concentrate while reading Hanuman chalisa but try to recite/listen at least once everyday.Just have faith in lord Hanuman and he will be there for you in your bad times and you won’t even need to ask for that because our Lord Hanuman is so ‘dayalu’.P.S.I have created a small application for listening Hanuman Chalisa and other verses with great features, you can have a try.Hanuman Chalisa (Audio, Lyrics and HD Wallpapers) - Apps on Google PlayYou can also read and understand meaning of all the verses from this application(available in 3 languages: English, Hindi and Gujarti).Jai Shree Raam.Bajrangbali ki jai!