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Can I Get A Buzz From Dipping Between My Toes

Can you get nictotine from putting snuff between your toes?

This is highly probably, though you would also be absorbing the more harmful ingredients as well. Ever heard of cancer of the mouth? Well, try on cancer of the toes and foot, for size. This is absolutely not an acceptable method for nicotine replacement therapy. If you're serious to quit smoking and willing to make a little investment ($120-$240) for a 1 to 2 month therapy. There is new medication that has a 40% to 60% success rate. It is really quite the breakthrough. Sure this is a bit pricey but some Rx insurances actually cover it, and it is a much better investment compared to the relatively low success of patches, gum and lozenges. I cannot specify the name of the medication because I do not have the authority to do so, but any physician will know exactly what I'm talking about. Good luck!

Does everyone throw up their first time dipping?

Did you swallow the chew? If so, then yeah, vomiting is pretty common. Many first time users can experience that regardless. Which stands to reason why it might not be a good idea to do it at all.

Will dipping relax me?

Actually nicotine is a stimulant and will tend to make you more excited. Yes, it will give you a buzz but you probably won't enjoy it. Many people get sick when they try dipping or chewing tobacco.

You asked why people do it. Well, most get started because they see adults doing it and think it is cool. Some get started by a friend talking them into giving it a try. Trust me on this.......Dipping, chewing or smoking will likely kill you. It is addictive and can be almost impossible to stop once you get hooked. It contains some very addictive chemicals as well as carcinogens. People who dip or chew are far more likely to develop serious dental problems, mouth cancer, cancer of the tongue, throat, jaw, etc. IT AIN'T WORTH IT!!! It is expensive and it makes you sick. What the hell is so good about that? Do your self a really BIG favor and never start.

How much of a buzz will I get from SKOAL pouches?

well im not sure about a "buzz" but im 16 and i started dippin bout 4 months favorite is def skoal strait but im tellin you rite now DO NOT get a can of mint..that was the first kind i tried and almost got sick the taste was so are probably gonna gag the first few times but thats bout it..try a fruity flavor like cherry or apple...the flavor will help u if u dont want to get sick

How to get rid of my hip dips ?!?

I suggest jumprope, biking, sprinting, and knee raises, in fact, doing this in an incorporated workout is going to hit those specific parts you're talking about and tone them up.

I suggest, biking to a destination with a track (Bike anywhere from 4-10 miles round trip) for a good warmup, depending on how often you bike, and how in shape you're

Start by doing your sprints, 100m sprints, and try to finish in a time from 10-15 seconds, for each sprint that is, do about 7-10 sprints total) and rest in between each one

After your sprints, do some basic jumprope, remember to jump high with your toes pointed down, do this in repetitions, being do it for as long as you can, then rest, then again, then rest, I would say to do this 3-5 times, try alternating between single jump, one foot, and skipping depending on how skilled you're {Jumprope is hands down one of my favorite workouts, you cut fat, improve coordination, your brain, and your reaction time, and you tone your legs and increase your vertical}

Finally, finish with knee raises, sit down on the ground while tucking your knees to your chest and pushing them back, this really works the abdominals, If you're really good at this, try doing it while handing on a pull-up bar.

And when your workout is all finished, bike back to your start point.

This whole workout would probably take about 2 hours if your have the time.

If all else fails above, try having fun through different sports, this will help cut your hip dips.

How to dip in school?

Only put in a little bit, and keep you chin down. Also, do in classes with oblivious teachers.

How do you treat toe nail fungus?

Looks like you may have athletes foot. Most treatments are expensive toxic, which require Doctors, all seem to be explained in the other answers, do not work long term and the fungus is everywhere in our environment so it will return again and again. Need to treat entire foot to get rid of this very infectious fungus. Do this for 10 days in a row then 2 X a week minimum for ever. Buy your own personal plastic bucket, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, paper towels, cotton buds, isopropol alcohol and find a large old bath towel. Place towel on carpet for protection from spillage. Tip the apple cider vinegar into bucket with equal amount of warm water. Soak feet for 10 minutes. Paper towel dry. Put 2 paper towels down and place feet on them. Sprinkle a generous amount of backing soda on and between toes. Wait 20 minutes then rinse off under shower and dry with more paper towels. Carefully dry between toes. Then dip cotton bud in alcohol, swab your toe nails, under the nails and surrounding skin. I would swab the nails twice a day until the nails are perfect and then cut down to whenever you soak in vinegar. Daily spray in all shoes with an anti athletes foot spray. Laundry rule wash everything that touches your feet, sheets etc..and dry in the sunshine, socks inside out in full sun, to kill fungus. Do not share any of your towels with anyone. Hope this routine helps, best done before sleeping reading a book :-) Tom Chandlers answer is also very good, yes have a good clean out of your shoes as well, I forgot to mention this :-)

What is toxcemia(sp?) Does it have to do with ankles and feet swelling?

There are several symptoms of toxemia. High blood pressure, excessive water retention and passing protein in your urine are some of the most common.

If you bp is fine and your feet are swelling, I wouldn't be overly concerned. Get them up as often as possible and drink *lots* of water.

However, if your bp is high, the doctor will want to check for protein in your urine with a simple "dip" test. If you do have protein present, you'll need to be closely monitored and possibly hospitalized. It is nothing to fool around with!

If you are in doubt, call your doctor.

If we connect a pipe, and dip one end into the ocean, and the other end into space, will the water be automatically drained from Earth into space?

For some one who has treacherously used siphoning to fill his house's  water tank from that of neighbor's , I am qualified to answer!Say the ocean is underneath h1 height of water and h2 of air  . Now just like for current to flow we require a voltage difference between two points , in this case we require height difference  at two ends of pipe . If h3 is pressure at other end then the pressure responsible for work done on water would be h1+h2-h3. Also the potential energy per unit volume as you may know is p*g*hNow remember how you siphon off water from a tank ...first you dip one end of pipe into water and ensure that the pipe  all the  way to the other end is completely filled with water . Now we stick our thumb into the other end and remove that end of pipe out leaving the other end immersed  so that the pipe is filled with water of same "potential". This pipe can be long , very long and as long as the potential  (h1 + h2)  is same at both the ends , no potential energy will be lost in current to flow . Unfortunately though gravitation constant g is not uniformSo that means after climbing up to only couple of kilometers up with the pipe on a space shuttle :) , one would notice that the pressure on the end has dropped as g has dropped and would continue to do so as the craft goes upwards .Also the density of water would reduce as pressure reduces due to reduction of g At the edge of space   the barometer on the pipe would show zero , so nothing would happen when you remove the thumb:))Another thing that Tim Farage has said is noteworthy but perhaps requires a little further insight, the water would not boil at the other end , it would have already boiled way before , but no vapor would come out as there is no energy  in the fluid to do any work up there. So how would you empty the ocean ?You require a billion dollar pipe for this, one that has capability to maintain constant P*g*h at all point within the pipe .