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Can I Get Banned From A Facebook Group For A Reason Other Than Profanity

Why do I keep being blocked from Facebook groups for no reason?

Facebook groups are often operated independently by the group owners. Facebook acts when an account is reported to post:SpamInappropriate contentProfane/abusive commentsProvocative contentIf you are being blocked often, probably contact the group admin and ask straightway. Ask them the reason for the blocking or check notifications here: this helps.

Why does China ban Google's search engine but not Yahoo's?

Having a quick look at Great Firewall of China which is a handy test resource, Yahoo!'s search domain is blocked. Yahoo! China's former domain redirects to the search domain of Yahoo! Singapore - this is also blocked. Generally media companies that fail to comply with Chinese law (including censorship of content thought to be harmful to the party or society) are blocked. Censorship is more common than you believe, a similar thing happens in the UK for instance, but is focused on copyright infringement (torrent sites, streaming sites, live streams, search engine results pages for copyright infringing content), the more extreme end of pornographic content, terrorism and criminality. The government has forced UK ISPs to make customers opt in to see 'unfiltered content' - a kind of censorship by the back door. Then we have super-injunctions where individuals go to court to prevent media and social media covering their peccadilloes. Presumably a UK government d-notice would work in a similar manner today if it covered online publishers and platforms as well as the traditional media. The EU has a 'right to be forgotten' that allows individuals to have information about them removed from search engine results. Generally the search engines don't request what has been asked of them.  China defines terrorism and criminality far wider than many western countries this includes:Pornography (including girls eating bananas in a suggestive manner or using profane language)Things that may disrupt the 'harmony' of society (big catch all, probably the category that non-Chinese get most hung up about)Rumours (this also includes stock pumpers and negative PR against organisations (like the famous Red Cross China case)State secrets (again the definition of state secrets is wider than it would be in the west, because the Chinese state is much more pervasive in industry, mining, banking etc)Google was able to provide services with China until it stopped complying with the law.

Why is "cunt" considered very offensive in the US but not in Australia?

Ok, ill trend away from the general consensus on opinion because i use the word. I am from the infamous shire, which is seen as quite racist and uneducated. However i am a bit more educated while still retaining my "bogan" roots. I will point the blame back to our convict/settler roots. Australia was not created by the intellectual. Convicts spoke in a way that reflected their status and the settlers did not usually come from the upper echelons of society, as the lower socio-economic groups look to make their fortunes in the new world. This deprived Australia of formal aspect to society.  Furthermore an orator must speak in the language of his audience which further reinforced a profanity laced way of speaking. Good evidence of this is former Prime Minister of Australia, Paul Keating. I feel tall poppy syndrome comes into it slightly. A trait common among all Australians is a dislike of snobs or anyone richer then you. Certainly when i was at high school and we went to a excursion with other schools, if their were any prestigious looking schools there me and my friends would be as bogan as possible and use c**t like a full stop. Now on to personal experience. It entered my vocabulary in the way you mention at the age of 13. I knew of it before but it came into my sentence structure like a full stop. While i still use it, it is only around close friends and alcohol that it rears it's apparently ugly head. To me it all depends on the the prefix. By itself or with a negative word in front of it, it is generally offensive "your a c**t","fat c**t", "s**t c**t", while if the prefix is positive "talented c**t", "mad c**t","smart c**t" and "hard c**t". Context is even more important. If your close friend Jake just downed or chugged copious amount of beer/got with a 10/10/fought off a shark he would be a called "mad c**t" or "sick c**t" accompanied in a light-hearted tone and laughing. However if he had just drank petrol, engaged in intercourse with a farm animal or something else that is considered a cultural taboo he would still be a "sick c**t", but the delivery would be done with a straight face to place emphasis the seriousness and lack of humor. YouTuber ShooterWilliamson provides the most comprehensive video explaining "c**t"