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Can I Get My Daughter Taken Away From Me For This Reason

Can the DCF take my daughter away?

They came to see my neice who's under the care of my mom and they asked questions about my daughter. They have no reason to ask about my daughter but they said they had since we lived in the same house as my mom and my neice. Me and my wife whos in college fulltime do not have a job and i'm collecting the states money until i find a new one. Can they or will they even have any remote possibility to take away my child?

Reasons your child can be taken away?

Child Welfare is there to protect children from unfit parents. You sound like someone who has your act together unless you are not giving us all the details. The fact that you receive financial assistance is not a reason to even look at your family situation. You have to demonstrate unfitness such as drug addiction where you leave the baby alone to go get a fix or violence where you go berserk and dip the baby in scalding water. You not only are a concerned parent already, you have family support to help you.

Best of luck with your new baby. It's about love, not money when it comes to raising a child. The other day I saw a coffee mug with a saying that pretty much tells my philosophy of life:


I take away my daughter’s phone and laptop on a regular basis and scold her because of her choices of boys. I read her messages and question her virginity. I don’t do any of these things with my son. I want to protect her. Why does she hate me?

As a teenager and a daughter, I have to tell you something: what you are doing isn’t protecting her, and it’s hurting your relationship.As much as it hurts, your baby girl is now an adult. She regularly deals with massive amounts of homework, making decisions about her life, maybe has a job, deals with friends and boyfriends, and, trust me on this, knows enough about sex to do it if she wants to. All of this is difficult, and you’re making it more difficult, on yourself as well as her. You can try to help guide her, but her life is ultimately up to her alone.It is also frustrating to her, as a modern adult woman, to be treated like a naughty child. You are also an adult. How would you feel if someone who has more power in your relationship regularly took away things that you use to do work stuff, communicate with everyone, use to do everything from waking you up in the morning to doing homework late at night. In addition, this person reads any communication with people you trust (and may be trusting you with sensitive information), belittles your opinions, and does this exclusively to you, even though others are around. If you argue, this person comes up with new ways to punish you. You need to realize that this is what you’re doing to your daughter. You’re hurting her, and she’s angry at you for it.Worst of all, what you are doing is telling her that she’s too stupid to make any sort of decision on her own, but that her younger brother isn’t. I get that you want her to hold off on sex, until she married (or older, or mature enough, or she finds a parter you approve of, etc). The truth of the matter is, if she wants to have sex, she will have sex. I will repeat: if she wants to have sex, she will have sex. And you can’t stop her. Instead, she will do it in secret, probably not with someone you approve, probably not safely, probably just to rebel against you. That’s what usually happens.It’s her decision to make. It’s her body. She can, and will, decide what to do with it. And not just her, but her younger brother too.Treat your adult children like adults. They’ll thank you for it.

My friend got her phone taken away?

I NEVER take my daughters phone away what if there was an emergency and she needed to call me or the police? do I want her to worry about finding a payphone or depending on someone else to have a cell phone- my number one rule is don't leave the house without a cellphone. As long as she pays for her texting I don't care what she does.

Can your kids be taken away if you live in a hotel?

Me and my boys lived in hotels for years because we were homeless.No one could take them away because they had a roof over their heads, we weren't abusing them, and they were clean and safe. They didn't run around in dirty clothes or unsupervised. Also, if they had their vaccinations up to date.Once they became school age, however, life became a little more difficult as the school needed an address. We used the hotels addy, but people tried to make issues because we weren't living traditionally.The school tried to say they couldn't accept the kids without a permanent address: bull. They are protected by Homeless laws.Teachers questioned the children to see if they were abused, why they lived where they did, and we even had the police called because of where we lived.The police had to answer the call and we allowed them to examine the room, check to see if there was food in the refrigerator, whether or not each child had a bed off the floor, whether they had clean clothes, and if there were any signs of drug use.They went on their way and we later found a 20 dollar bill that mysteriously showed up in our bathroom.The only thing that may be called into question is mixed gender children. That I have no idea about, especially since in regards to at least Florida and New York state laws, boy and girl children need to be seperated at age five.

Can a person have their child taken away if they have epilepsy?

I had my son 1 year ago. I have had a rare case of epilepsy since I was 7 years old. Recently my doctor has been taking me off a very powerful drug because it too dangerous for pregnancy (which is the one reason I doubt the question is true). My dosage has been lowered down to now nothing. But without the least bit of that medicine (and I am on another medication for the seizures by the way) my body goes into withdrawals. It could be the fact that I fall sensitive during these times but once while I was pregnant, I became high risk and was also diabetic during the time as well and someone, after being told of this, said something to me that has not left my mind and that was, "Those are not a good combination, your baby could get taken away if the right person ever found out that you are epileptic." The thought scares me to death. I think sometimes, I overreact with thoughts such as this but I wonder if it could happen when I tell my doctor about this.

I am married. But I am a stay at home mom. I do know when they are coming on however. I have never had a seizure without being able to say, "There's a good possibility that I could have one sometime soon". Not once in 15 years. And I am responsible enough to ask for help from my mother, brother or even sometimes to ask my husband to stay home from work. (His job is completely understanding of this and we could not think of a better employer)

If you have any other questions about my seizures, I have a documentary, sort of, video of the way my seizures are because they are actually different from any others out there I think and the whole purpose of the video is to find out if anybody else has the same scenarios. It has been over a year and still no response besides people who are interested in the way it happens.

Why do kids get taken away from their parents?

There are numerous reasons children are removed. I fostered for 12 years and my experience is that most children are taken due to neglect and abuse. Most abuse is physical and emotional while neglect varies from meeting daily needs to leaving children alone or putting in an injurious environment. And last but not least some lose their children because other people in their lives cause them too.I will say this as well. Some children are taken bc their parents are a product of how they were raised or simply due to the politics of poverty. All parents who have their children tsken are not abusive or neglectful they simply can't provide stability. These cases are very sad.There are numerous reasons for a child being removed beyond the above…medical neglect, substance abuse, providing children and encouraging them to use tobacco, alcohol underage.Most agencies try their best to reunify the family. They give so much help to the biological family in order for them to be successful . It is up to them to make use of the help sadly many do not.