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Can I Go Off Trail To Read Outside

When are military people allowed to wear uniforms outside of the military?

This answer is applicable to the ARMY. (Although the Air Force typically follows similar rules).The Physical Training (PT) uniform is to be worn to/during/from physical training (usually in the morning). We are not supposed to stop off at convenience stores or gas stations while wearing it, but this often gets overlooked. You are not supposed to wear it to the PX (on-post department store) or commissary (on-post grocery store), but this varies from base to base.The combat or duty uniform (camouflage fatigues) are worn on a daily basis as a utility uniform. Since we spend most of the duty day (0900–1700*) in it we are allowed to go to lunch or run errands during the lunch break while wearing it. Also, we can stop for gas, groceries, short shopping trips after work while wearing it. The uniform is not supposed to be worn past 1900* unless you are on an extended duty day past that time.The Service and Dress uniforms are mostly worn for special occasions. The same rules apply as for the camo uniforms in regards to stopping for gas and groceries, but you will also see Soldiers wearing them to weddings, funerals, parties, movies, etc. This is very much true if the base you are near is a training base and recent graduates are out with their parents.The combat uniform cannot be worn to recreational functions, like the bar/strip club, movies, etc. (There seems to be leeway for sporting events). The Service/Dress uniforms can, BUT the locale and the Soldier’s behavior must not be “unbecoming”. Uniforms can NEVER be worn to political rallies/events unless the event is specifically to honor the military, to any meeting of a domestic terror/hate group (i.e. KKK), in sponsorship or endorsement of a product, service, or political candidate, or when engaged in an act of sedition against America.(This last happened frequently during the Vietnam War protests.)Once you get out or retire you are not supposed to wear the PT/Camo uniforms, and only wear the Dress uniforms for Veteran functions/special occasions, but since you are out there isn’t much they can do to you. And there is absolutely nothing preventing civilians from wearing military uniforms, although please try to avoid stolen valor if you want to play dress up.*1700 is 5:00 PM, 1900 is 7:00PM

I found my cat dead about an hour ago, in front of my steps outside.. Read the additional details please.?

Theres alot of cats around my neighborhood, and my cat went outside every once in a while.. She was just inside my house with me an hour ago, and seeing her dead, devastated me. She wasnt squished, she wasnt old, she didnt get hit by a car or anything, because there is no trail of blood. She was laying on her side, with a puddle of blood coming from her mouth. Now to me, that seems like she got poisoned.. Because it couldnt have been someone killing her with a bat or anything, because she would run away from them. There was just a medium sized puddle of blood coming from her mouth, & that was the only injury. Internal bleeding is my guess, which means she would have been poisoned. But, I need to know for sure. Does it sound to you like she got poisoned?

How can I get rid of black ants in my house: Read on.?

You have carpenter ants and there is no way to kill them except with poisons. Carpenter Ants hollow out the wood used in constructing your house and are as destructive or worse than termites. Carpenter Ants live inside the wooden parts of your house and travel to the outside to get food which they carry back to the ant nest in the walls, floors, attic of your house.

If you try to kill them yourself, you must cut all vegetation away from your house so NOTHING touches the house. Leave one flower or bush touching the side of the house and you have provided the Carpenter ants with a path to come and go.

Once the house is free of anything touching it, Spray with an insecticide that will kill Carpenter Ants. Cover the outside of the house with spray, the foundation, inside the attic and under the floors. Repeat every two weeks until you no longer see the ants.

How can I encourage my children to play outside?

You know, my sister had a couple of sons before my children were born. It seemed to me they spent an inordinate amount of time playing video games. I think she used it as a baby sitter. They spent their summers eating, sleeping, and playing video games. When my daughters were born I vowed that my daughters would be active and play outside. And that’s exactly what they did. They had bikes and outside toys. In addition, they never owned a video game because I refused to buy a gaming system,They had a good childhood playing outside riding their bikes and a dozen games to play with their friends outdoors.I don’t care what proponents for video games claim such as the games claiming improving spatial vision, coordination, etc.. Playing o outside trained my children to run, to bike ride, to builds skills in sports in soccer, volleyball, and other games. As a result they became good enough at volleyball to get full ride scholarships in college which paid for their college. I don’t think playing Grand Theft Auto can do that for a child. I have to admit I have a real prejudice towards video games as a result of watching my overweight nephews waste their life with these games. Limit time on the video games, kick them out the door to go play, and it that’s not possible find a YMCA or a recreation area where they can play. Just don’t let them live on video games.

My toenail hurts also some clear fluid?

Hi Crystal! So I just had to answer this question too because it has happened to me! Kelly above is totally right on. You should soak in epsom salt. I wore tennis shoes that were a bit tight and my toe nails were a bit long during a kick ball game and from all the running and stopping and kicking I guess I had bruised my big toe nails on both feet! The next few days after that my toes were so sore and then they began to look purplish in color a couple weeks later. Then a few weeks after that to my horror they both fell off! I was so embarrassed I wore bandaids around my toes til they started to come back in (which wasn't too long) I even had a fake nail put on at the salon because I was in a wedding! But they grew back fine. Hopefully it won't happen to you, but if it does it's not so bad at least it's gonna be fall season. Just make sure to cut your toenails short and wear comfortable not too-tight shoes. :)

Stuck in Nancy Drew Trail of the Twister HELP!?

As with real pictures of actual cloud formations, you'll need to do a lot of driving and hope for the best.
Basically, what you do is drive to one of the five spots on the map marked with a cloud. When you get there, you'll switch back to Nancy's point of view. If the sky is interesting (that is, anything other than a solid white haze), pull out your phone, click on Menu and Camera, and start snapping the shots.
To see what kinds of clouds you're trying to capture, go into your inventory and pull out the brown book. There can be two or three of these formations in any one sky, so zoom in to get the exact one you're looking for.
After you get all the pictures you want, back out of the scene to get back in the car. You can go on to another of the cloud sites on the map, go back to the farm to download the photos you've taken, or just do a quick U-turn and go back to the same site to see if the clouds have changed.
Any cloud formations you've photographed and uploaded to the computer back at the farm will have a red check next to them in your little brown book. You can take as many photos of one cloud formation or anything else that you want, but you won't get credit for the formations until you upload them.
Also, you can only upload a limited number of pictures. If you've taken great pictures but you can't upload them, go through the website and delete any duplications. One of each cloud type is all you need or have room for.
One way to find out if a picture is good is to download one photo, then back away from the computer and check the book. If a new formation has been checked, you're in; if not, delete it.
The place Frosty tells you to go to, the Frasier Creek windmill, is one of the best sites for interesting cloud formations. Come back here every time you get in the car, and you'll get almost all of the formations right there.
And don't forget to check the sky everywhere else, like around the farm and the Springhouse.
You won't be able to get all the clouds right away, and in fact you don't need to get them all to finish the game, though it will get you an award.

My Dog Tore off a Part of His Paw Pad? Getting them Stronger?

I went on a 3 mile hike today, rocky/grassy/dirt trail, and my dog literally scraped off about a quarter size portion of his paw pads on both front feet. He is limping pretty badly, he is a German Shepherd, and when I take him outside I have to carry him to the grass and then back to the house because he is in obvious pain. I called my vet today and made an appointment for Tuesday. Is there anything I can do until then to alleviate his pain? Any advice is helpful. Also I am starting to condition myself to hike long distances and my dog as well. After his paws are completely healed is there a way I need to condition him to toughen his pads up? I was thinking about getting him some dog boots but I'm not sure they are completely necessary. Should I get them or just condition his paws to the terrain of the trail?

I am going to jail soon, I'm 18 yrs old, what should I do before and while I'm in jail?

This advice comes from my dad who was a Corrections Officer for 25 years. I have never been locked up and have never been in trouble with the law.Don’t accept any “gifts” when you arrive. Sometimes you won’t have everything you need such as shower shoes, soap, a toothbrush, snacks; whatever. Some inmates will try to leave you “gifts” to hold something over you. They’ll say that since they did something for you, it’s time for you to do ANYTHING for them.Continue your education. Give yourself a chance to learn something that can be used to help you when you get out. Go to college, learn a trade, get your GED. That will be a good chance to keep you from reoffending. It could also reduce your time in jail if they see you are doing your best to become a model citizen.Be ready to fight. My dad said that prison is a whole different ballgame. You have to fight to protect your food, because someone might not like your skin color, and more.Nobody is your friend behind bars. You will be in there with con artists, rapists, armed robbers, murderers, addicts, drug dealers, and worse. They will exploit you to get themselves ahead.Keep your mouth shut. Don’t tell anybody anything about what you did, don’t ask what they did, and don’t snitch. Rats don’t last long in prison and they get discovered really quickly.EDIT: STOP COMMENTING ON MY ANSWER AS IF I’M THE ONE GETTING LOCKED UP. I AM NOT GOING TO JAIL. I DID NOT ASK THIS QUESTION. IT’S VERY ANNOYING THAT PEOPLE ARE GIVING ME UNSOLICITED ADVICE THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY LIFE. I DID NOT THINK THAT SO MANY PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED THIS QUESTION. FFS.