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Can I Join The Marines-infantry Rifle Men With A Ged

Do infantry riflemen marines carry a side arm?

some of your 0331's will have side arms (usually your more senior 0331's) We usually have about 3 0331's carry a side arm. Us 0311's do not carry side arms. We carry our rifles no side arms, your squad leaders and sometimes team leaders will also have a 203 attachment on their M-4.


So what are the MOS's of Infantry? (Marines)?

03 Infantry

0300 Basic Infantryman - SGT-PVT
0311 Rifleman - SGT-PVT
0312 Riverine Assault Craft Crewman
0313 LAV Crewman - SGT-PVT
0314 Rigid Raiding Craft (RRC) Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) Coxswain (FMOS)
0316 Combat Rubber Reconnaissance Craft Coxswain (NMOS)
0317 Scout Sniper - GYSGT-LCPL1 [formerly 8541]
0321 Reconnaissance Man - MGYSGT-PVT
0323 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8652]
0324 Reconnaissance Man, Combatant Diver Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8653]
0326 Reconnaissance Man, Parachute and Combatant Diver Qualified (NMOS) [formerly 8654]
0331 Machinegunner - SGT-PVT
0341 Mortarman - SGT-PVT
0351 Infantry Assaultman - SGT-PVT
0352 Anti-tank Missileman - SGT-PVT
0369 Infantry Unit Leader - MGYSGT-SSGT

0302 Infantry Officer: LtCol - 2ndLt
0303 Light-Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Officer[1]
0306 Infantry Weapons Officer[4]: CWO5 - CWO2

What gear do USMC Infantry Riflemen get issued?

When you check into your unit, you will go to the Consolidated Issue Facility (CIF) and they will give you your gear. It mostly consists of a helmet, flak jacket (with attachments such as grenade pouches, magazine pouches, drop pouches, etc.), a camel back, canteens with pouches, a load bearing vest, gas mask, an ILBE (individual load bearing equipment) pack, a day pack, 2 sleeping bags, waterproof pouches, cold weather jacket and trousers, gortex water-resistant jacket and trousers and an entrenching tool. You will receive all your uniforms in boot camp. A standard issue weapon can be an M16A4, M4 (either of which can equip an M203 grenade launcher), or an Infantry Automatic Rifle (which has replaced the Squad Automatic Weapon). All of that gear together weighs a ton and is not fun to carry on hikes. That's the standard load out for an 0311, Rifleman.

Do Marine infantry men normally carry pistols (M9)?

No, only E-6 and above carry M9s

-1 for what, all SNCOs and Officers carry M9s, Armorers and MPs carry M9s no matter what rank they are.

Edit: Corpsmen are not Marines

What do they mean when they say all marines are riflemen?

It means every Marine can pick up his her rifle and go to war with it. Every Marine must qualify each year with the rifle..

No matter what your job is you will always be able to defend your work area.

Do not confuse this with every Marine being an infantryman..The two are very different. Only infantry Marines
are infantry Marines.

If your job is welder then no matter where you go in the world your *** is gonna be welding..Why would you think you become an infantryman if you never went to school for this and there is no shortage of infantrymen?

What are your chances of joining the Marines with a GED?

While you can get into the Marines with a GED, it is not considered a high school diploma, and it is difficult to get in the Corps with one. The Commandants orders are that at least 90–95% of all Marines have, at least, a high school diploma (from what I remember being told by my recruiter). This may have changed, I graduated boot camp Sept 23, or Sept 24, of 2001; which means i can only vouch for this information for any date prior to that graduation date.

How many Marines are in a Marine Corps Infantry platoon?

A rifle platoon commanded by a platoon commander and assisted by the platoon Sgt, generally has about 43–50 Marines, 3 Squads of around 13 Marines. Each squad typically has 3 fireteams with 4 Marines each.Forward observers (0861’s), Corpsmen, assault men (0351’s) and Machine Gunners (0331’s) are also augmented into the rifle platoon although in some cases, riflemen will cross train (some will be radio operators, machine gunners or can even function as forward observers for mortars and artillery (not uncommon for a Marine to hold 2 or 3 different jobs other than his/her MOS.) Personnel shortages/additions may also occur as well.

What marine MOS's allow you to carry a rifle?

You can try for a Recon or a sniper job. Those are very difficult though.. rewarding but difficult. However all Marines are first and for most riflemen so you will get training as one. I just wouldn't expect to carry one around if you were sharpening pencils though. I would go with my choices above. You won't be infantry, and those jobs are small tight units.. those are by far the best. I've spent my Navy career with Spec Op's (EOD). I have worked with frogs, recon guys, Army SF... these are some of the most motivated inspiring men you could ever hope to serve with. The training would be hard.. but it's a chance of a life time. Good luck... and talk it over with your recruiter... contrary to popular belief they can be really good guys.

Is every Marine a rifle marksman?