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Can I Move In With My Friend

How do I move out of my friends house?

I am 19 years old and live with my friend. I go to college full time and work an 8.50 dollar an hour job full time. I moved here to get away from my sheltered life with my parents and i am now finding that my friend's family life isn't very stable.
The Bad: There is constant verbal fighting between everyone (excluding myself) and i'm getting sick of listening to it all the time.
The Good: They only charge me 100 dollars a month to live here.
The situation: The head of the household (the mother) acts bipolar all the time. she can be the nicest person in the world and randomly do things like just give me 100 dollars for no reason. but then go on a 2 hour "little baby" screaming fit when she is mad. which is turning out to be extremely annoying to listen to all the time. I have never (yet) been a victim to her crazy tantrums and i don't know what to do.
My Proposed solution: I want to get an apartment or trailer with a different friend but don't know how bring up this subject with the family that i live with right now. I'm afraid that if i tell them i want to leave they will think that i just used them and get mad at me. And worst case scenario they can do something crazy like throw away all my stuff or just not let me back in the house to get my stuff. i really don't know how to approach this problem. Besides, it IS financially wiser to stay here with the ridiculously cheap rent. i don't know what to do.
Another problem is the fact that they unofficially adopted me as their son. they treat me like a family member and i don't want to create hard feelings.
In Summary: I want to move out of my friends house because i hate listening to all the loud 3 hour screaming fits. but i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings for moving out. what do i do?

I'm 15, can i live with my friends?

Well let's see. I'm 15 turning 16 november.
My mum tells me she loves me but she also says she hates me and wishes i was never born. she is an alcoholic and my step dad is a druggie. My real dad can support me and i cant handle moving again since this is the 8th time i moved this year and it just turned 2010. =/ is there any way i could get the court to let me live with my friend and her parents until I'm old enough to support myself? And how would i be able to do that without hurting my mothers feeling.. making her feel like i don't love her is the last thing on my mind.. but i cant handle so much pressure and this moving thing is ruining my education since each state is working on different things i may not have learned yet. And if I'm not able to live with a friend then is there a way to get them to let me move in with my grandma? Legally?

How do I move on from my friends' deaths?

You have to  decide to make peace with it.  For instance, I had a friend who I would consider like a sister. We did almost everything together, had similar interests,music,foods,etc.Well, while we were away in college. I started dating a guy she could care less for, but she tolerated for my sake. Anyways, as time past on my relationship was becoming abusive and unbearable. My friend did her best to be there for me. But, gradually started coming around less. At first, I just blamed the distance of where she lived to be the reason. But, then the phone calls became less, I would call and not get no call back which was odd. She eventually stop accepting any of my calls and left me with no explanation, nothing. Of course my mind began to come up with all kinds of conclusions. It was a painful moment, because I really valued our friendship.So after some time, I decided to make peace with the fact she would no longer be part of my life and that was OK. And that when your going through your storms in life, some people are meant to be around for a season or a lifetime until their purpose is fulfilled. Here are a few suggestions that I actually have applied to my own situation:1.I suggest that you take the time to focus on yourself, get back into the hobbies and interests you once enjoyed. 2.Spend time with your family and remaining friends. 3. Keep a journal, this helps with putting your emotions  somewhere . Whatever that arises out of you, let it flow naturally and let it go.4. Write a letter to your friend, you don't have to send it or you could its all up to you.

I lost my only friend. How can I move on?

I imagine the crush probably had something to do with the losing of the friend. We often make the mistake that how we feel is a secret until we say something. This is almost never true.  We essentially walk around with a great big flashing neon sign above our heads broadcasting everything we think and feel about others.  It's called body language and facial expression.The problem you have is probably related to the fact that you have so few friends, because of this you placed affection which should be reserved for a partner on your closest friend, which in turn made that person very uncomfortable.You will probably get past this situation eventually but going forward I suggest thinking of something you are very enthusiastic, passionate about or interested in.  Find a club, forum, activity group or something that focuses on this thing of interest.  You will then have common ground with everyone in the group from the start.  The topic of conversation is already sorted so it's a lot easier to engage with people.Try to practice engaging with others in this context.  If at any point you feel like you've mucked up too many times, find another group and keep trying.  You will no doubt find other people like yourself, who share this interest and then make more friends!

How do you move on from a break up with my best friend?

My best friend just broke up with me 4 months ago. So this is my advice to you.You have to decide that you’re going to move on EVERY DAY. When you wake up in the morning think to yourself that you’re going to survive, and this moment will pass. You have to accept the fact that it’s over. If you don’t, it will be very hard to move on because your emotion and feeling will drag you back and forth. There’re times when you miss your friend terribly. If that happens, just stop what you’re doing and think to yourself that you do miss your friend and it’s OK to feel like that. By admitting and recognizing your feeling will somehow stop you from overthinking which makes you feel worse. If you walk pass your friend, gently smile or say hi and then go on. Don’t bother your friend. It’s your friend decision to let go of you, and you have to respect that. Don’t make yourself look terrible or sad hoping your friend will see what you’re going through and come back, it will decrease your self-worth and you will be confused and angry if your friend still ignores you. Don’t analyze the situation because it’s a waste of time. Overthinking can kill you.Talk to someone you trust. You don’t have to fight this battle alone.Try to spend time alone, you will found something within you, maybe some answer for the question you’ve been asking to yourself. Do what you always want to do. Go where you want to go. And open up your heart for new people. Remind yourself at all time that you, only you, are responsible for your own happiness. This is a chance for you to learn one of the hardest life’s lesson; to let go of what you love.I hope you can make it through.

Can you move on from someone, but still be friends with them?

This is coming from first hand experience -It’s not easy. You really want to want it.Sort out your stuff in your head. BE HONEST, that YOU REALLY JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS. - I went to my friend’s (ex) wedding. I was genuinely happy for her and her husband. If you even have a hint of “maybe you will get back together”, it WILL NOT WORK.Find out boundary. - Though unspoken, myself and my ex never talk about our prior relationship. We talk about our current one’s and about our life openly, but we have an unwritten rule about our past. By doing this, we are building our friendship, not dwelling on our past.Give it/yourself time. If you just broke up, you need time for above to be settled in your head. Give yourself a chance to have some space and distance to be able to see you, and your ex.And if not, it won’t work, it just won’t.

How do I help my friend to move on her crush?

Short answer is if you want to keep being her friend you shouldn't do anything.Crushes are a natural part of life- everyone has ‘em. And the last thing you should do is something bad that could ruin your relationship just to get over a crush.Just tell her that you're not interested. And she should respect that.As bad as you feel, you need to remember that unrequited feels for another person is that way is also a part of life.

I am 15, Wish to move out and live with a friend, can I?

Happiness is an attitude to life that you must always keep in mind. It is much more than an emotion or feeling. To be truly happy, it is very easy; just follow these steps
Remember that nothing they can say should hurt you. You decide if you want to be hurt.
You are the owner of your life. You should not depend on anyone emotionally.
Remember that life is simple, but we humans make it complicated.
It is not about having the best home, or the latest phone model, it's about being happy with yourself.
Do what you please, but without hurting others.
Start by enjoying the most trivial pleasures, like a delicious snack or a good movie
Let us fight for a better life without feeling self-defeated.▓

How do i move my friend space up on myspace?

this is the code
paste it on your about me
change the left and the top