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Can I Possibly Be Hiv Positive

Please help, could i possible be HIV positive? please please help?

My ex cheated on me. I did not have sex with him. However, there was touching involved when there was no condom. Could I possibly have contracted HIV? I don't know much about it.


Possibly HIV positive and want to kill myself?

So there's a chance that I might have HIV because I was so stupid and immature and I know I can't take back what happened. I've gotten away with alot last year and I guess it was unfair. Maybe I deserve this. Maybe god is keeping me around to face this. If I am positive, It'll be 6 or 5 months since the exposure. I've only experienced a few 'symptoms' but nothing extreme. My current boyfriend recently tested negative this new year but I'm pretty sure I'm positive and I feel awful cause him and I had unprotected sex twice since late august. I love him so much. I'm buying a home HIV test tomorrow and if I am positive, I will kill myself. I don't want to die but I know that I can't live with the thought of having HIV. I won't be able to get married, have children or live an awesome no worry free life and I'm only 19. I know this is not a question but I guess I'm venting and I don't really care if this is the wrong place to put this here. To those who aren't laughing at me and who are actually reading this, please pray for me and wish me luck. Thank you x

Is it possible for a mosquito to spread HIV/AIDS?

To begin with, a case such as this has never been documented. There are several documented reasons as to why Mosquitoes cannot transmit HIV/AIDS: The blood that mosquitoes ingest does not remain in mosquitoes' mouth is digested. The blood that might remain in its mouth is far too less to contain enough HIV viruses to pose a threat to someone. Mosquito isĀ  not a fit enough host in which a virus persist. Any HIV virus in the blood sucked by the mosquito will wither and die. Mosquitoes need time to digest the blood they have sucked. The HIV dies 4 to 5 hours without a host, during which the mosquitoes might not bite someone. The gradient( titer concentration) of HIV virus ingested by the mosquito is too less for the virus to be potent given that the highly unlikely event of mosquito transmitting the virus happens.So the possibility of HIV/AIDS being spread through a mosquito is nil to none. Moreover, the above points have been verified by hundreds of independent researches. [1] [1] Can we get AIDS from mosquito bites?Update # 1: More sources to support the answer. From Rutgers University, Why Mosquitoes Cannot Transmit AIDSNY Times : MOSQUITOES CAN CARRY AIDS VIRUS BUT NOT PASS IT ON, STUDY SAYSUpdate # 2: Turns out, there are many similar questions on Quora like this. Rich Pollack's answer to Why doesn't HIV spread via mosquitoes or other biting arthropods?Lee Waters's answer to Is it possible for a mosquito to spread HIV/AIDS?

How many years can hiv hide in your body? Is that possible? Can you be a carrier of hiv and test negative?

HIV can be in the body for upto 10 years without showing any symptoms, this occurs when the person is extremely healthy and have a very strong immune system..!!

But it cannot hide so much from the lab tests.. Lab test like elisa and western blot take 6weeks to become positive... This period in which the person has hiv virus and is not positive is called "window period". But the latest tests like RT PCR, P24 assay have reduced the window period to 10 days...!! So any person who has caught hiv can only test negative till 6 weeks if elisa is done and only 10 days if the latest tests are done...

There is nothing like carrier state for hiv.. if it comes, it kills...!!

If a man is HIV positive can he donate sperm and have a healthy baby without endangering the mother?

I cannot imagine that a sperm donation center would allow an HIV positive man to donate sperm. They will most likely ask a series of questions to which you should be honest. Then I am sure they will test you the same way they do for blood donation. and if you lie you would NEVER be able to donate again and could possibly face criminal charges.
Now with that being said if an HIV positive man wants to have a baby with his HIV negative partner they can "wash" the sperm which significantly decreases the likelihood of infecting either mom or baby. Additionally, there are documented cases of an HIV positive woman having an HIV negative baby, but that comes about with very very precise medical care during pregnancy, the birth AND the first year.