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Can I Pray For A Non- Muslim

Muslim : Can We Pray For Non - Muslim To Convert Into Muslim?

Yes we can pray for

1. Guidance : that May ALLAH guide them on right path which is called Hidaya.

2. For their goodness that belongs to this Life only. I mean May ALLAH succeed them in their good missions and good works.


A. U can't pray for a Muslim or Non Muslim that may ALLAH succeed him in his mission what ever it is. I mean we are not allowed to demand success in the missions and actions not allowed by ALLAH. For example U can't pray for a muslim or non muslim that May ALLAH succeed him in Robbery, Rape, etc

B. As well as the Life after Death is concerned, Muslims are not allowed to ask for forgiveness of Mushrikeen (Non Muslims who rejected Islamic Invitation). It means Muslims are not allowed to pray for Heaven for Non Muslims.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “If a single person were to be guided to the right way through your efforts that would be better for you than owning the whole world as a treasure!”

And Allah knows best

Being Muslim, can I pray to Sai Baba or other non-Muslim saints?

Some people especially Muslims may get offended.Lets see it this way.I am a student. I am allowed go to any school as there are many schools available. All the schools have different types of rules. Some allow smartphones some dont. Now you choose a school where smartphone is not allowed and you are sitting in a class . The teacher is teaching you but you are playing with your smartphone. What according to you will the teacher do?Simply. Throw you out of the class or make you read because you were earlier told smartphone is not allowed. It was your choice either to enter the school or choose a different one where there are more flexible laws but you choose this one.Same is the case here . There is no pressure on anyone . But when you choose to be a Muslim then there are certain laws in every religion and you have to follow them. It is the choice of that particular person.“Seek provision from Allah and worship Him and be grateful to Him. To Him you will be returned." [Quran, The Spider,verse 17]Tawheed (believing in one God) is the main principle of islam. Befor entering islam everyone is made to say this sentence;Indeed there is no God except Allah and Mohammad (PBUH) is the prophet of AllahThis is like an oath . You have to believe in this sentence to remain a muslim. But if you start worshipping any other thing except Allah you are no longer a muslim. As a muslim you are not allowed to worship any other body be it Sai Baba ,Jesus( Peace Be Upon Him) ,Mohammad(Peace Be Upon Him) or any saint.Also you are not allowed to worship non living things like sun and fire, idols of anyone ,graves( which is widespread in muslims in indian subcontinent commonly called Mazaar and Aastan ).According to Indian Constitution, Constitution is the supreme law book ,all the work is done according to constitution. Now suppose a person starts following Pakistani constitution. He supports Pakistani cricket team ,raises pakistani falg in Delhi and abuses Indian army. What according to you will govt do? Simply tell him to go Pakistan and do this stuff or follow Indian constitution.Same is the case in islam. You either follow the whole of it or leave it.So , according to islam there is no dillema in it. It is a clear NO.

Is it haram to pray for a Non Muslim?

Praying for your fellow human being is never an evil deed- regardless of the religious beliefs involved. If I were in your grandfather's position, I would be grateful for any support anyone could give.

If i am a non muslim can i go to Pulau Besar there and pray infront of the tomb of the saint to ask help?

Yes, you can. By the principle each religion will not lock on you from respect.

As a non-Muslim, have you met a five-time praying Muslim? How do they behave? How did they treat you?

My LLM roommate was a devote Muslim. She prayed five-times a day, kept fast during Ramadaan, and went to Hajj twice. She was also a hardcore non-vegetarian.I, on the other hand, am a devote Hindu and a conscientious vegetarian. Our room was called the “Room of Blessings” cuz the two of us prayed more than the rest of the hostel put-together.She was out-going, I take time to warm up and pretty nerdy. She initially marked me off as cold and competitive. We were off to a rough start. The rest of the batch bad mouthing her to me and about me to her didnt help.But with time things got better, we went on to become good roomies and eventually good friends. We were mature and cared for each other. Most importantly, we agreed on fan speed !!Her prayer routine was just a part of our daily life. Her Fajr (first prayer of the day, before sunrise) alarm would wake me before it wakes her. I would, in my sleepy state call out, “Zeeee Fajr… wake uppp”, make sure she is up, flip and sleep. She would often lose track of time and almost miss her Isha (night prayers). I would remind her.She used to watch Mahabharata for the story value. I would ask her to narrate stories from the life of the Prophet, learnt the meaning of a few concepts like “Sidra” and jinns etc. We would also go on walks, gossip, yap, watch movies together etc. Just like any other pair.We were startlingly different characters but got along just fine. Our religions and prayer methods had very little to do with it.

Is it acceptable for a Muslim to pray for a non-Muslim friend's well-being?

Islamic Clemency even with non-Muslimsقُلْ لِلَّذِينَ آمَنُوا يَغْفِرُوا لِلَّذِينَ لَا يَرْجُونَ أَيَّامَ اللَّهِ لِيَجْزِيَ قَوْمًا بِمَا كَانُوا يَكْسِبُونَ"Say unto those who believe, that they forgive those who do not look for the days of God, that He may recompense people for that they have been earning." (45:14)According to the above verse, Islamic clemency and benevolence is not allocated and restricted just to the Muslims and believers. Rather, God instructs Muslims to be kind with non-Muslims too.Dua (invocation) of Muslims for all Human Beings!Dua and blessings recited in the blessed month of Ramadan after the obligatory daily prayers in all mosques and worship centers throughout the world are another indication of Islamic mercy and benevolence. Thereby, Muslims invoke God for solving problems of all human beings (not only Muslims). We study hereunder some of these invocations:اللهم ادخل علی اهل القبور السرور“O Allah! Let all the dead to be cheerful!”اللهم اغن کل فقیر“O Allah! Let all the needy to be rich!”اللهم اشبع کل جائع“O Allah! Let all the hungry to be fed!”اللهم اکس کل عریان“O Allah! Let all the naked to be clothed!”اللهم اقض دین کل مدین“O Allah! Let all the indebted to get their debts paid!”اللهم فرج عن کل مکروب“O Allah! Let the affairs of all the worried untangled!”اللهم رد کل غریب“O Allah! Let all the expatriates be repatriated!”اللهم فک کل اسیر“O Allah! Let all the captives to be liberated!”اللهم اشف کل مریض“O Allah! Let all the sick people to be healed!”One really enjoys the extensive Islamic mercy and extols Muslims’ charity, because most invocations by Muslims are general and universal and embrace all human beings from any race and mental attitude.Are these interesting and extensive invocations not the signs of Islamic mercy and benevolence?Religion of Mercy

My non-Muslim friend asked me to pray for her, Can a Muslim pray for a non-Muslim?

Hello, I am a new convert to Islam so I don't know all the rules in Islam.
My friend has cancer and I said to her if she were a Muslim Allah would have saved here because Allah is the most merciful. she then asked me to pray for her. I would like to know if it's alright to pray for a non-Muslim? Is it allowed?? Should I force her to convert to Islam because that's the only way she can be saved.

Can a non muslim touch my Sajad?

Assalamu alaikum Based on hadith we can eat halal foods and drinks served by the people of the book so it is not haram if a non muslim touch your sajadah or prayer mat Your house cleaner could clean and touch your prayer mat as long as her hand is clean too.(not dirty hand)

Can a non muslim pray with muslims before converting?

Of course s/he can experience it. But it seems that one of the pre-conditions of validity of religious acts and practices in Islam is Islam. So, when a non-Muslim does Muslim rites and rituals, there is no problem with it but validity.But this fact should be taken into consideration that after s/he converts to Islam, s/he should start from then and his previous acts specially misdeeds won't be counted for him/her according to some narrations and a principle derived from them called “principle of Jabb “ which States, 'Islam effaces previous (mis)seeds.' [1]Footnotes[1] بررسی قاعده جب