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Can I Put Two Rams In My Pc

I have 4GB RAM in my computer. Can I add another RAM of 8GB in the second slot? Will it perform smoothly?

Yes it will perform very smoothly.You’ll see difference in every bit of thingsComputer boot timeprogram start upplaying gamesetc,.But, you have to be careful.You have to buy a ram which has similarmemory typememory speedmodule widthmodule voltageInstalling two different memory sizes really dosent matter! Dont listen to others who say that you should install 4gb in one slot and another 4gb slot 2 (or) you have to install it as a single 8gb module.SIZE DIFFERENCES DOSE’NT MATTERBefore installing an additional 2gb ram by computer boot time was 30–40 sec but now

Can I swap RAM between my two computers?

If all the RAM is DDR3, and the same speed, then you can swap to your heart's content!

Can I mix these two RAM speeds?

Having built several computers, non-matching RAM can be problematic and at best you are probably running with the lowest common denominator and not in dual channel mode. RAM itself has built-in info referred to as SPD (Serial Presence Detect) that tells the motherboard what settings it needs at various speeds to run properly. Motherboards will read the SPD and try to setup for the ram to run properly, usually at the slowest speeds. Programs like CPU-Z will read the SPD and show you what the key values are.

The only way to tell if it works is to plug both RAM in the correct slots and see what happens. I suggests that before you try both, try each individually and make sure your system works properly. Get a program that benchmarks so you can measure your RAM speed like . I woudln't be surprise if your RAM runs slower when both are in the system.

My suggestion is to just buy a matched dual-channel kit of DRAM and bag the old RAM. Go to Newegg and look for other RAM people are happy with:

I have 2GB RAM in my computer. Can I add another RAM of 8GB in the second slot? Will it perform smoothly?

Modern motherboards are usually configured to take advantage of two identical RAM modules on their motherboards, and run in dual channel configuration. So, ideally, you should probably get another 2GB RAM module with the same frequency as your current RAM.However, in real world applications, there is no evidence of any substantial increase in performance. Most results have showed ~1–2% of performance difference, which is hardly anything.Most importantly, check your motherboard’s compatibility first! What modules does it take? A motherboard with DDR2 slots will not fit any other types of RAM sticks. Also, the maximum RAM frequency supported by your system also matters. Also, motherboards have a cap on the amount of RAM they can take. So make sure to check that, or your purchase is going to be in vain and your computer isn’t going to start.If your motherboard’s memory capacity caps at 4 Gigabytes, go for another identical RAM stick.If your motherboard’s memory capacity caps at 8 Gigabytes, buy an 8GB memory stick or two 4GB memory sticks, whichever is cheaper. Usually, it’s the single stick. And ditch/sell off your old 2GB stick.If your motherboard’s memory capacity caps at anything above 8 Gigabytes, feel free to add an 8GB memory stick to your system. You can eventually replace the 2GB stick if your computer is still usable then.Note that 8GB is quite sufficient for general PC users, and you can happily open several tabs in Chrome or Firefox without a hitch. Even for most games today, 8GB of RAM is sufficient.

Can I use two different brands of RAM in a PC?

Yes you can use two different brands of RAM in a PC but you should make sure that they both are compatible for your PC. For example you should make sure which RAM will your mobo supports for example if your motherboard support ddr3 then you should insert both of your RAM must be ddr3. If you don't know how to check which RAM your motherboard supports then there are two ways:First you can check your motherboard specs and which RAM it supports you can know it by downloading software from internet. There are mainly two software first is CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID and second is Find your computer specs, free! .Secondly you can know it by simply opening your CPU and know what slot your motherboard has!!!Conclusion: It does not matter which brand of RAM do you use it only matters if it will be supported by your motherboard and if your motherboard supports it then you can use it.Hope that helps…Good luck!!!

Is this Ram stick compatable with my pc?

Okay, I have a Dimension 8400 computer which i bought second hand
It unfortunatly only has 1GB of ram in (two sticks or ram)
theres four slots in for ram in my pc alltogether apparently, and i found an extra half a GB of ram lying around my room
Anyway the only thing i know about the ram stick is the small print on it which says
Hynix korea 08
512mb 1rx8 pc-2-4200u-44-12
hymp56u64cp8-c4 ab-c 0710

Thats the only thng i know about it, anyway is it possible to find out if its compatable with my pc?

Can my friend add a 4 gb ram on his pc which already has 2 gb ram? Note that his pc s max memory size is only 4gb?

Ok My friend lives in a third world country and he has the shittiest pc in the whole world. He is pretty poor as well. He does nt know **** about pc s and i m too much of a chad to play videogames.So this is a pretty noobie question. But i rly want to help my friend.He has been playing videogames on his 2gb ram pc. Latey he has saved some money and now he wants to upgrade his pc a lil bit. he checked on the internet what kind of ram his motherboard can handle which was 4gb ddr3 max.His motherboard model is DG41WV. He already has 2gb ram. If he buys a 4 giga ram and adds that on his pc will that make his pc 6 gigs? Will having 6 giga cause some problems? Or will it be a waste of money? Should he just go for a 2 gb ram?

Can I add more RAM to my PC even if it is a different brand or has different specs?

In short, yes. You’ve already confirmed that you have open RAM slots, and most motherboards support way more than 8GB of RAM, so yes, you can add additional sticks of RAM. Exactly how much can you add? Well you’ll have to check the specs on your motherboard. But 16 or even 32 total Gigabytes of RAM shouldn’t be a problem .In regards to mixing brands, where possible you don’t want to. In some situations it can potentially cause problems, though typically it won’t. Though I will say you want to get similar specs to the RAM you currently have. In other words if you have 1866MHz RAM sticks, you want to stay at that frequency. Feel free to exceed it, but I wouldn’t go below that amount. Getting, for example, 1600MHz RAM will only result in your existing RAM slowing down to match the speed of the slowest stick. So do yourself a favor and stay on the same level or move up a notch, but never down. Also, try to stay within the same brand where possible. Though RAM is cheap, so if your friend’s RAM causes problems, just remove it and continue on with your day.Aside from that, you should be OK.