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Can I Return A Shirt I Bought With A Gift Card And Get Cash Back

How to get cash from a Visa gift card? Is this possible?

You can’t get cash from a Visa Gift Card through normal methods, but there is a way to do it by returning items. You use the gift card as a debit card to purchase something or about equal price to the gift card balance, and then return the item for cash back. There’s a full guide on this here:

Can I get cash back on a return at Walgreens?

I bought something earlier this morning at Walgreens for about $80.00. I paid with my debit card. Then I found it cheaper somewhere else so I bought it. I want to return the item to Walgreens but I would like cash back instead of putting it back on my card because I cant afford to wait a few days for it to go back on my card. I still have my receipt. Will they give me cash instead?

I bought a shirt at Sears and they never gave me a receipt, and now i want to take it back for a CASH refund?

Sears does have a system that will look up receipts as old as 2 years old. The only problem is they can only look up these receipts by your phone number or last name. The problem being unless you purchased something with a warranty or that had to be picked up along with your shirt, they had no reason to record your phone number, so if they do find a receipt there is no way to prove it is yours.

So they wouldn't be able to give you a cash refund since there isn't any proof it was paid with cash. In that case they would give you a gift card.

There is a solution however if you still want cash back, Sears systems are able to check transactions by day, stock number, payment type, and register . So if they are able to look up a transaction that was paid with cash, on the shirt you are returning, on the day you say you bought it and at the register you say you bought it at then that should be enough evidence for them to go ahead and give you cash back. Good Luck!

Can I return a shirt to Aeropostale without a tag?

nope, but post a picture of it. If it's a Xsmall, I might buy it from you!

Does tj maxx credit the amount of purchase back onto your card?

I bought a jacket but i found a hole on the sleeve so i decided to return it. This was the first time I returned an item that was bought with a visa debit card so I had no idea how I would get my money back. The young lady didn't deny me so I gave her the receipt and my visa card and my i.d. She scanned them then made me sign a new receipt. After that she returned my card and i.d. and the receipt then I left. Was I supposed to get a refund(cash) or is money would be returned in my bank account??

Can anyone help me?? Please and thank you so much.

Can you buy food with food stamps and return it to the store for cash?

I would like to know if stores will allow a person to return products purchased with a EMT food card in exchange for US currency, or cash money? If so what products & stores work best? My best guess is baby formula from Walmart.

P.s, This is for a report due at school, My teacher Ms. Gansfeild ordered me to research the topic and think of solutions to the problem. I am not old enough to apply for an EBT card, and I don't think I'll ever need to.

Can I return clothes I bought from macys months ago?

I bought some clothes from macys back in august of 2008 with my credit card. I was just going thru my closet and realized I haven't worn some of the clothes in the closet and I don't plan on wearing them. I don't have the recurpt, but I have the little sticker thing on the tag so can I return them to macys even if I don't get all the money back??

How late can you return an item to Walmart?

After having worked in multiple Walmart’s in different markets and states I can honestly say that every store is different, because not every store or for that matter manager on duty or store manager follows policy the same way. In some stores you will not receive cash for a no receipt return even though policy states you can, you will only receive a gift card. I work at a store like that even if you return a item under a dollar we’ll give you a gift card. In some stores especially ones who are open 24 hours a day, you may return items if the service desk is closed for the night at other registers but not at all stores. At some stores certain customer service managers might be willing to go to a regular register turn a key to make it possible to do returns on them and then do the return but some customer service managers wont in the exact same store. For myself once I start the close down and am escorting or in possession of cash from the registers I have closed, I will not digress from that duty to do a return. In general if the store is not open 24 hours a day it is easier to do a return before the service desk opens than after it closes because there is more time for the customer service manager to do it. The closing customer service manager has a finite amount of time left to get her job done versus the one who’s day and duties are just beginningAs for the length of time to do a return in general most everything we carry is a 90 day return however there are items that are 1 year, 30 days,15 days, and 14 days as well. Some of those items if they carry a serial number and your cashier properly scanned it at the point of sale we can pull up if it is returnable without a receipt. Some items will not be allowed by law to be returned no matter what.If you are getting the idea that there are a lot of rules for returns you would be correct, if you are getting the idea that it really is luck of the draw in some areas you would again be correct.

Can you return something to Walmart without a receipt?

Yes. These are called no-receipt refunds. To process these you must present a valid ID. You can only process three no-receipts in six months. Many people attempt to go to a different Walmart to get around this but the systems are connected in that regard. There are many instances where customers will even bring in family members to skate around this process. It works temporarily until that family member has to do a legitimate return of their own.The best way to prevent this is to download the Walmart app. This app is amazing. It allows you to skip the line, send money, pick up prescriptions. pay for your selections and it records all of your receipts. You don’t have to worry about losing your receipt again. I still have some from 2015.Avoid the headache. Download the app. Thanks.