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Can I Return Or Exchange These To Kohls

Can I return or exchange these to kohls?

Do you have tags? If not, there is NO way to return them as most bras no longer have a tag inside (the tag inside the bra sometimes will have a UPC code-without that code, there is no way for the store to recoup the cost and it'll take a loss. There is also no way without the UPC code for the store to know you bought them there instead of at Walmart or somewhere else besides Kohl's...stores that have a "store" brand bra, like Target, would probably return them without tags). The bras are not in perfect condition if they've been washed. They are used bras that cannot be resold.

As a side note: You can always call/go in and ask (I wouldn't tell them they'd been washed-they will not return or exchange washed items) but do be aware they may still tell you no.

Return bras to Kohls?

As long as you haven't washed it or worn it for longer than you tried it on, they should take them back, with a receipt and within the appropriate time for returning it/exchanging it.

I had a similar thing happen with A|X Armani Exchange. I bought a t-shirt there on sale in the month of January. I tried it on, it seemed fine. I removed the sale tag because I thought it was fine. Then in June, I put it on when I was going to wear it and then I was getting ready to leave and my friend noticed that my back was visible. There was a 5 inch cut on the back of the shirt! Luckily I had the receipt. I called up the store and explained the situation. They told me to come down and I could get store credit. Their return/exchange policy was only 30 days at that time. They were really great about it.

Hopefully there won't be a problem when you go there.

Kohls return policy - even exchange?

The coats that Kohl's carried a few months ago have now gone clearance, so it's not likely that a store will still have the same coat in another size. However, you do have a few options.

Go to the Kohl's store of your choice, and bring the coat along. Go to Customer Service and explain the situation to them. They can have someone check to see if the store has that particular coat in a smaller size, and if they don't, they can sometimes have one transferred in from another store. This takes several weeks, but then they would call you when it came in. Or they could hold one for you at another store until you could drive there to do the even exchange if you needed it sooner. Either way, any Kohl's store can find out if another Kohl's has the item you need.

Kohl's does even exchanges based upon the regular price of an item. If you happened to find another coat there that is in your aunt's size AND has the same regular price as the one you bought, you can do an even exchange.

Lastly, if you decide to return the item without doing an exchange, they can often look up the transaction using the credit card that you made the initial purchase with. If you didn't use a credit card, they will do an un-receipted refund, which means the lowest price of the item within the last 90 days will go onto a gift card for you. And since the coats have gone on clearance, you will probably end up getting back what the coat would be on an 80% to 90% markdown, unless you can recall exactly how much you spent.

Good luck and I hope you can get the coat you need!

So they have their return policy where you can return the product within 15 days and they refund your amount either in the wallet or to the original mode of payment. Even I had placed an order and had to return it as I didn’t like the product and also they do not have exchange policy but with the help of customer care it was easy to do it. They responded to my query and I got my refund back.

Kohl's return policy?

You can return it through the store or ship it back, whatever is more convenient for you.

"Our Hassle-Free Return & Exchange Policy means a convenient way to return or exchange any Kohl's purchase. Just bring the item you'd like to return or exchange to the Customer Service Desk of any Kohl's store near you, and we'll take care of the rest. "

If I buy something from Kohl's online, can I return it at a store if it doesn't fit?

Well it depends. I'm going to buy my homecoming dress but I checked the returning policy and all so I can return it. Some people don't like it because its risky but if you know that the website is trust worthy and you can return it for whatever reason you may have, then go for it by the way the dress is really cute. :]

If washed, can I return it to kohls?

this is from their corp. website

Without a receipt you may be given*: • An even exchange.
• A Kohl's Merchandise Credit, good for the return value of the item. Offered at any Kohl's.
• A credit to your Kohl's Charge Card, if your items were purchased on your Kohl's Charge.
• A corporate-issued refund.

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With a receipt you may be given*: • A cash or credit refund, based on the original method of payment.
• An even exchange.
• A Kohl's Merchandise Credit, good at any Kohl's.
• A corporate-issued refund.

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With a Kohl's Gift Receipt, you may be given*:• A Kohl's Merchandise Credit.
• An even exchange.
• A corporate-issued refund.

just tell them it didnt fit and more then likely they will let u exchange with no problem, if ur trying to get ur money back u should be able to as long as u kept the tags and have the receipt.

Can I return perfume to Kohls?

Kohl's has a no hassle return policy. If you have your receipt you will be refunded the amount you paid. But without a receipt you will get the lowest price the perfume sold for.

Can you return something to Kohls without the receipt?

You can return them, but you will get store credit or store gift cards that can only be used at Kohls. Did you keep the tags on them?

Since this is probably summer merchandise, and you cannot prove what you paid for the shirts, they will probably be giving you the clearance price that they sold them for.

You can do that by these steps but I'm not sure about the return policy for oneplus 3 (ie after how many days of buying a product you can return it, so you will have to call the amazon customer care and ask them).If you want your money through Gift Card which will be refunded in your amazon account then:-You can call amazon customer care (if possible try to call using your registered number).And tell them that you want to return your oneplus 3.They won't say anything and tell you that your money would be refunded through Gift Card which you can use in your amazon account only.ORIf you want your money back directly in your bank account then:-Go to your orders page after signing in into your amazon account.Then search for oneplus 3 inside it.There would be return or replace items option go in.As you are going to buy oneplus 3t so choose ‘no longer needed' option (you could others too no one will ask you why you are replacing the product).Then choose refund option as oneplus 3t is not yet available so you can't choose replace option.And last enter your bank account details.Note:- I'm not sure if debit cards can be used to get this refund through the second option because my maestro card didn't work in refund directly to bank option.They will come within 1–3 days and your money would be refunded in your bank account around 4–6 days after they have taken the product back.