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Can I See The Gadgets That Is Using My Wifi On My Bii

I'm using my neighbors wifi. Can they see I'm watching porn?

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How to assign an IP address to a Biometric fingerprint reader?


1. If you have got a software CD/DVD with the Bio-metric Fingerprint Reader(BFR) then install that software into your computer, which will detect the device and then you can assign the IP.
2. Check the configuration manually in the BFR device, you should have the configuration menu for IP.
3. Or you can also assign using the DHCP mode if you are in the organization.


How do I know if someone is using my wifi?

I have a few questions about the wifi because my cousin has my wifi password and I don't know if she can use it without my permission. How do I know if someone is using my wifi, does the internet bill change? If someone else is using it how can i block it?

My parents changed the wifi password how can I get access to wifi without going near the router?

Open your browser and type in the network i.p. such as the default administrative password and look for the SSID and Password under Settings Wireless.A lot of people password protect their Wifi networks but neglect to change the default admin password on their router.There are apps you can download to facilitate this once you know the make or model# of the router.Some default admin/passwords are…Username: adminPassword: passwordBut if they have changed the admin password as sneaky parents often do, your out of luck.

How can I see what someone has searched using my hotspot connection?

For wifi routers - You can use a software like netcut and see if any extra ip addresses are connected to your hotspot. It also shows the names and the brands of the devices, you can also literally “cut” internet off of selected devices. There is much more you can do with it. Best of all - it's COMPLETELY free, There is an android version but you will need to be rooted to use the app. There isn't a ios app, but I do think that there is a cydia repository that offers a app kinda like it.For hotspot connections initiated from your phone - it is on the main screen of tethering and mobile hotspot on android, and ios will make a blue ongoing notification with how many ppl are connected to the hotspot.

How can we disconnect other users from my WiFi without telling them?

I think your question is "How to disconnect the users from WiFi without their permission/approval" because when you will disconnect someone from WiFi they will obviously notice. Why?They won't be able to access the internetTheir device will indicate no connectivity on UI.So, let's focus on the part to forcibly remove users from your WiFi and prevent them from connecting again.If it is your WiFi and you have access to Access Point control panel then by following ways you can achieve this:If it is an open network, enable MAC filtering and only allow your devices MAC. However they can circumvent this by spoofing their MACs to permitted one.If your network is an encrypted one, just change the password and reboot the device. They will disconnect and won't be able to connect due to unknown password.The other way is when you don't want to rely on encryption to prevent them. In this case you can DoS their device, so it can't connect to WiFi. This is done by most of the WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems) to keep out unauthorized devices.Note: This is illegal if you DoS devices on other networks (on which you don't have permission)It requies an wireless adaptor with packet injection capabilities, airmon-ng and aircrack-ngFollwoing links explains how to do this remember, this is illegal if you target other's infrastructure and you can always be traced.Hope it hepls. :)Upvote if you like the answer and follow me for more answers related to WiFi security, Cryptography, IoT security and Cyber Forensics.

If I use my neighbor's Wi-Fi, will they know?

Sure, there are many ways your neighbor can find out if you’re connecting to their Wi-Fi•IP address-If they are so inclined, they could log into their router and see if their DHCP server assigned an IP to a device they they didn’t connect and what IP their DHCP assigned it•Network host name-If you have ever set up Windows after installing or first boot of a new PC, you may see a spot where it says “host name” or “computer name”, many times we just insert our name like “Mike-PC” or “Susie’s-PC” or something like that, some routers (like AT&T’s U-verse RG) will show the host name of any device connected to it, along with assigned IP and MAC address, on the firmware’s homepage, not only that, but it will even show if the device is currently offline or onlineUnencrypted traffic-There is a very popular packet sniffer by the name of WireShark, this will basically scan or “sniff” the network looking for any data passing through the network, if you look in the right spot, if the messages (say an instant message for example) are unencrypted, WireShark will show that IM text plain as day, word for word, just as you sent it, of they didn’t send it, but saw it in a packet sniffer, they would know that you connected to their networkChances are though, unless your neighbor is a known hacker, nerd, IT professional or some other sort of techie, they probably don’t even know what an IP is let alone log into their router looking for “Wi-Fi snarfers” (real term) or wardrivers on their network, and have probably never heard of WireShark let alone have it installed and know how to use it

Does wifi records history?

That depends. WiFi by itself is just a radio, but it connects you to a network which has a router. Usually the same device as the radio. Now, different routers have different capabilities. Some can log all connections by device, and the traffic they send and receive.Even then you can other devices on the network that do that. A nice little diagnostic tool you can play with for free is called WireShark. It can tell you more or less anything you want to know about traffic on a network.You can probably get around some of this by setting up a VPN to a proxy outside the network, but anyone looking would likely determine that is what you had done.