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Can I Speak To Customer Service For Accesswireless

Error QA913 National Access Verizon Wireless? Please help me?

thats the erros message i receive when I try to connect? what could be the problem? i have the USB Modem fro Verizon, damn I should of stayed and checked yesterday at the mall but i live far from there so anyway. please help me

I can't access my wireless router admin page. What could be the problem?

- You have the wrong IP address.  Not all routers use  - You may not be connected to your router. - Admin page could be disabled.Disconnect your Ethernet cable from your computer OR disconnect your computer from the Wifi connection.  Give it a couple seconds then reconnect.  After you connect, try again.  AFTER EDIT:This problem seems to be fairly common with this model router.  1. Try pinging the router to see if the problem is with your browser rather than the model. Open command prompt and type "ping".  Give it a few seconds and you should see something along the following "Pinging with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes 32..."  OR  "Request Time Out".  If you get a reply, you know the problem is likely your browser, as your company is successfully connected and speaking to the router.  So try a different browser, Internet Explorer (Edge) or Chrome for some reason often work best with routers.  I sometimes have problem with Firefox when accessing a router's admin panel. If you get "Request Time Out" then the problem is somewhere between the computer and router, as in your computer can't see the router OR someone has changed the Admin IP address to access to panel.  2. Attempt what a TP-Link tech posted on another page... a. You need to use the supplied network cable, connect it to any LAN port. We need to disable the WIFI for a moment.b. Turn off the wifi, there is a button at the back of the router, just push this and check the WIFI LED is off.c. You should be able to access the router setup page now.d. Go to Access Management, disable the UPNP. Save and activate.e. Push the wifi button at the back to enable back the wifi. If these 2 things don't work, you can always try factory resetting the router.

Why doesn't Amazon use live chat for customer service?

You can actually chat with a live customer service agent on Amazon. Just go to the very bottom of Amazon’s website and click “Help”. There are additional options and one of them is live chat.

Wireless internet signal enhancers?

Enhancers? Do you mean wireless repeaters? I suggest before that you try putting the wireless router in a more central location to your house.

Oh yeah, give this a look-see:

Why can't Kali Linux running on a virtual box detect the wireless adapter/card and instead uses an ethernet connection?

If your Kali is a Virtual Machine. Then, unless your card is USB, it will not be useable, VMWare/VirtualBox/QEMU will virtualize EVERY PCI device attached to the VM. You can try backports in live usb persistence of kali linuxBackports provide drivers released on newer kernel back-ported for usage of older kernels. The Project was originally known as compat-wireless, evolved to compat-drivers and was recently renamed simply to backports.Current version of backports support all machine kernels   starting with version 3.0 for kernels version older than 3.0 please use backports-3.14, which supports all kernel version back to 2.6.26.To install Backports-->sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -ysudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)cd /usr/src/sudo wget tar xvfJ backports-3.16.2-1.tar.xzcd backports-3.16.2-1sudo make defconfig-wifisudo makesudo make installsudo update-initramfs -urebootAlso in order to use wireless in VM's you need to connect an external usb wireless card such as Tplink Wn722n or any other