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Can I Substitute Water For Milk

Can I substitute milk for water?

As far as fluid intake is concerned, you would be OK because milk has about 90% water but you would be consuming a good number of calories in the form of carbs, protein and fat. Unless you adjust your other food intake, you would be overfeeding yourself. Also, many adults are lactose intolerant and unless you know that you are not having that condition, why would you want to take risk?

Can milk substitute water?

Milk is 99% water. Most humans can get most of their water needs from solid foods (especially fruit and vegetables), and most liquids you drink are mostly water. The only exception is alcohol (and even then, most alcoholic drinks are mostly water).However, if water is making you *sick* you might want to speak to someone about this, especially if you have other symptoms. It is possible the water you are drinking is impure or you have some underlying condition that is making the water upset your stomach.

Can I substitute water for milk?

Wired question.For what purpose(s)?Surely not as a drink for the purposes milk is consumed. That will not help to get the proteins of in milk.Surely not to increase the volume of milk ( it is a normal practice by the individuals in milk business in many countries in Indian sub-continent). That will be illegal and unethical.To make some specialty foods? May not give desired texture and taste.For any ohter reason(s)/

Can water be used to substitute milk?

Milk is 85–90% water depending upon the total solid content.So in a way one can substitute milk with water but yeah not in case of infants as mother’s milk contains various factors that protects new born from diseases during the early stages of life.Also the milk provides a number of nutrients as compared to water.Milk is considered as an almost complete food.

In this pancake recipe, can I substitute water for milk?

* 1 cup all-purpose flour
* 1 tablespoon sugar
* 2 teaspoons baking powder
* 1/2 teaspoon salt
* 1 egg
* 3/4 cup milk
* 1/4 cup shortening, melted

I want to make this pancake recipe this morning, but I do not have any milk and am not bothered to go to the store just for milk... can I use water instead?

Can i substitute milk with water in pancakes?

Nope, milk contains Caseinogen, proteins, and more importantly, fats(which gives it the milky taste) and creaminess, water lacks all these, and ur pancake would turn out somewhat too bland and diluted
besides that, its still edible, so if ur stavingg ignore me

Can I substitute milk for water in a brownie mix?

It's one of the mixes that comes in a box, add vegetable oil, eggs, the mix, and water. Can I substitute milk instead, just to make it a little more rich? I'm afraid that while cooking the milk will go bad or make the brownies not taste right.

Thanks in advance!

Can you substitute water for milk in jello pudding?

Milk is far better, but you will get an acceptable result with water I believe.

Can you substitute water for milk in a biscuit recipe?

Yes, though you won't get the flavour of biscuit that you would get with milk. Plus, you'd need less water, about two thirds the amount.

Substitute water for milk in jiffy cornbread milk?

Water will be fine. It's pretty much the same as using skim/nonfat milk in taste texture. It will be a little drier in texture, so you might want to add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to mimic the fat in milk. Soy milk will be fine too. If they really want a "dairy flavour", substitute part water and part liquid non-dairy creamer, such as Mocha Mix, or Cremora Liquid, which is meant to mimic half and half, but too rich to be used, "straight", in a recipe calling for milk.

The site below offers up other substitutions, such as nut milk. Note that there are two sections regarding milk. The first is substituting Whole Milk. The second section is what you will actually want, which is Milk substitutes (It comes further down the page, after Wine substitutes).