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Can I Take The B Multivitamins Along With My Protein Shakes

Is it safe to take multivitamin with protein shake?

A protein shake and a multivitamin do not replace real food. And extra protein is only calories. The body converts it into sugar and piss, nothing more, nothing less.

The multivitamin is harmless though. No pill contains 1/10th the amount to give you real trouble. Fillers and glues might upset your stomach, but not the vitamins in them. The problem is that it is incomplete compared to real food.

So most of all eat real food in the morning to get your metabolism going. A multivitamin doesn't hurt, but it doesn't make up for real food. Too much protein does hurt from all that piss, but sufficient protein won't hurt. It also doesn't make up for real food. If you want a healthy metabolism then studies and biology support whole grain foods, almonds or sunflower seeds and fish because of the nutrients contained in them. Your multi-vite and protein shake are missing half of these nutrients. The latest protein laden yet nutrient poor diet fad is a great way to kill your metabolism by depriving it of the nutrients it requires, and then you bounce back to regain more weight than you lost.

Can I take Multivitamins, Protein shakes and L-Glutamine together?

If you eat a healthy varied diet, then there is no need for you to take any form of vitamin supplement, you should get all the nutrients that your body need from your food.

While you are very unlikely to overdose on vitamins (although that is actually possible) if you come to rely on them to provide all you need, and have a poor diet, you could easily miss out on important nutrients.

There is no way any artificially produced product can possibly contain the correct balance of minerals, vitamins and other required nutrients that are found in natural food, and these products are marketed purely to line the pockets of their manufacturers.

Can I take supplements like Vitamin C pills and protein shakes together? Are there any effects of mixing my supplement intake?

Many people consume both vitamin C and whey protein adjacent to exercise but should reconsider.Before and during a workout, expensive protein is likely to be converted into cheap glucose. It helps after a workout to blunt damage to bone and connective tissue but does not help muscles at all. Italian research showed that cheap glucose or maltodextrin is at least as effective as expensive whey after a workout.Protein is oversold, given that it is seldom the limiting factor in muscle growth. Working backward from the actual rate that people build muscle 20 grams above the RDA of 35–55 grams is sufficient. Most Americans consume twice that without protein shakes.Italian research also showed that whey serving size of 15 grams is sufficient to saturate the absorptive capacity of the small intestine suggesting that larger servings are wasted. Protein shakes usually contain 2–3 times that and at least should be consumed over a period of hours to avoid waste.Vitamins or anti-inflammatory drugs are debatable. Inflammation appears to be necessary for tissue growth. Reducing or eliminating inflammation reduces pain but also reduces (and can actually prevent) muscle growth.The fatty acid ARA stored in muscles is consumed by inflammation and can actually be the limiting factor for muscle growth in younger individuals. ARA supplements may be more effective than steroids for them. The old start out with a higher natural baseline of inflammation. They get more pain and build muscle more slowly but at least are not harmed as much by vitamins and pain killers.

How often should i take multi vitamins during the week?

I work out on a regular basis. I drink protein shakes after my workouts. I used natural supplements and I have pretty good lifts. I know that if you use multi vitamins everyday after a while your body just stores what's needed and the rest gets thrown out! How often then should I use a multi vitamin for the best overall effect?

Why do protein shakes make me sleepy?

I'm a personal trainer, but new to the supplement world. What I eat:
Meal 1: 1 scoop Gold Standard Whey protein and water
Meal 2: 3 eggs with veggies, some sort of fruit
Meal 3: 1 scoop Gold Standard Whey protein and water
Meal 4: sweet potato, homemade smoked salmon, green veggies (broccoli, cabbage, peppers, etc.)
Meal 5: cottage cheese OR an apple with pb.

I notice that whether or not I have worked out, I get sleeeeeepy after my protein shakes. There are only 3G of carbs per scoop, though. So I doubt its any sort of insulin crash, etc. any ideas?

I take the following: daily multivitamin, glucosamine chondrotin (for joints), whey protein and fish oil. Are any of these ineffective/waste of money/detrimental? Is there any other supplement that is a must-have? I am an active 31 year old.

This question and the range of answers given illustrate the issues with nutritional science and it's application to individuals. Some say you should (and that there is evidence to) supplement the diet, others assert that it is unnecessary or even detrimental.To an extent, the way supplements make it to market is - 1) Isolate a substance that may have a desired effect 2) Ensure it's safe enough that the company producing it doesn't get sued for killing people.Sometimes a nutrient may have a 'proven' effect in lab conditions or in animal studies (does this extrapolate to the general population? At what dose and to what extent?) In other instances it may be an observed association - people who eat more oily fish have less heart disease (correlation or causation? what other lifestyle factors could have influenced this?)It is worth noting the disclaimer (on the box of vitamins!) that:'Vitamin supplements may benefit those with a nutritionally inadequate diet'You can look individually at the quality of your diet and your theoretical requirements of macro and micronutrients. You can also look at biochemical markers of micronutrient status and changes in lean body mass in response to your diet and level and nature of physical activity.The likelihood is that with a balanced, varied diet and normal absorptive capacity you probably don't need to supplement.At population level there are groups at risk of certain deficiencies - vitamin D in the housebound/those not exposed to adequate sunlight, iron in the young/ menstruating women. Some people may benefit from supplementation where the diet is nutritionally inadequate or there a pathological or physiological reason for insufficiency.This is all to an extent a generalisation/simplification and people will argue vehemently and at length about perceived benefits/risks. Really, we don't know for certain and there are caveats with all perceived 'must-have' supplements.An adequate, varied, balanced diet is a good starting point for the general, otherwise healthy population.

Can taking a multivitamin before bed affect one's quality of sleep?

Multivitamins, should be taken in the morning with meals not at night. Multivitamins can have a variety of vitamins and minerals, vitamins including B Vitamins.B-Vitamins can give an energizing effect especially B12, and hence not being to able to sleep or waking up. It also depends on an individual’s body how they react to things as in your case a multivitamin which might be preventing you from falling asleep.Listen to your body and see how it reacts and then make your judgement. Most vitamins are water soluble, the body will absorb what it needs and the excess will be secreted in urine. Vitamins like B, C are water soluble, vitamin D and E are fat soluble.A multi also should be taken with food as fat in your stomach will help digest and break down the multi more effectively.Here are some blog links to Multi vitamins:multivitamins | Search Results | Peach Vitamins Blog

Can I use protein shakes as meal replacements?

yes its fine to use them as meal replacements.. but if you do this don't go for the cheap protein some have lots of fillers and will give you belly fat.. and i'm sure that's not what your looking for..
sometimes it is true you get what you pay for .. so spend a little more and get the better stuff..