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Can I Use An Affermation Of Correction For A Title That

What is the difference between inference and observation?

Observations refer to noting a fact or occurrence by using our five senses.We make observations by using our sight, smell, touch, taste,and our ability to hear. Qualitative and Quantitative ObservationsIn science observations can be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative observations describe the quality of an object,such as a objects color, shape, and size. Quantitative observations measures the amount of an object, such as weight or height.Inferences are explanations or interpretations of what you are observing. They are statements that explain what you are observing.Process of InferringObserve an object, event, or situation.Gather information through experimentation or observation. Think about what you already know and what you find.Look at your results and compare them to what you previously thought.Look at the picture of the rainbow above. What can we infer from looking at this picture?Possible inferences include:It just finished raining or still may be raining.The sun will come out and it has finished raining for the day.It was thunder storming earlier.

Anyone know how the Illinois secretary of state 'affirmation of correction' form works, for car titles?

LOL I think Bill might know the answer to this one (guy who answered my last question about this situation)...but anyway..

I bought a used car from someone who gave me the pink slip as well as a secretary of state affirmation of correction form - _publications/vsd393.pdf (no space though)


She gave me this form because she already put someone else's name on the 'buyer' line who thought they were going to buy the car but ended up not (the form mentions it can be used in this situation).

My question is, has anyone used one of these before? I guess I'll call the secretary tomorrow when they're open, but was curious if anyone might have had some experience. Thanks!

Expectations bring Resentments. I may have a Solution. Will you read my Poem?


Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for our freedom, and the freedom from habitual compulsive behavior, even sin, which can take on so many forms. Please join me by reading this poem. C.C. and Comments good or bad, constructive or not, are welcome. Thanks and God bless, Thomas

Expecations Solution

Expectations bring resentment
Wreaks havoc on ones contentment
Sure, mitigate for our kids
Mentally challenged too forbids

Point of diminishing returns
Get hurt trying to help it burns
Dare that you ever mistime “No”
Now a bete noire about to go

Am pissed at this pissy poem
One I must write, just to show-em
Now I feel bad, why’s that so?
Cause I had to tell someone “No”

This stuff is called Co-Dependence
Affirmation is my romance
"I love you" is really for me
You must tell me to set me free

This ordeal does not make sense
Legitimize for recompense
Rationalize my behavior
Pray Lord Jesus my Savior

Admit compulsive addiction
Sinful nature my conviction
Apple stapling does no good
The Holy Spirit understood?

Heart change by His power and grace
Strength through weakness I do embrace


1. mistime – verb: to time (an action, utterance, etc) wrongly
2. bete noire (bet nwa) – noun: a person that one particularly dislikes or dreads
3. phrase “set me free” = tantamount to getting my next fix


Tips on becoming a great writer?

I love to write, I am currently a college student trying to decide between being a journalist or a lawyer. I eventually want to be a full time fiction writer. Any advice?

Is there a difference between an affidavit sworn before a magistrate or an affidavit made via a notary approved by the government of India?

Your question : Is there a difference between an affidavit sworn before a magistrate or an affidavit made via a notary approved by the government of India?My opinion and view is that: As far as I can perceive an affidavit sworn before a magistrate or an affidavit sworn before a notary approved by the Government Of India or further before a notary approved and appointed by a State Government in India are all at par.Affidavits before both of the above authorities are sworn on oath as to the contents declared therein.Both , the Magistrate and a Notary are authorized to administer oath to the person swearing the said affidavit.The punishment in the case of false declarations being sworn before both of the above authorities is the same under The Indian Penal Code. Both the Magistrate and the notary are authorities who are empowered to administer oath to the deponent ie. the person swearing the statement in the affidavit.Affidavit attested by a magistrate and an affidavit attested by a notary are equally accepted by all courts in India. The authenticity of the attestation by a magistrate or a notary is at par in the eyes of law and equal weightage is given to both of the said documents when entertained in evidence. Both of the said affidavits are appraised equally in all spheres wherever they intend to take effect.The above view is as per my personal knowledge and not binding or conclusive view to any extent.

Strategy Vs Tactics: What is the difference between a strategist and a tactician?

When somebody asks to differentiate the two words, generally they are used synonymously most of the time by most of the people. Same is the case with these words.These words belong to the realm of warfare and management and needs to be differentiated using those paradigms. The common denominator of both strategy and a tactic is to reach towards a stated goal or objective.Strategy is a long term plan, needs a good deal of time and effort to successfully execute it and may undergo a change if the feedback received warns or warrants a course correction. A strategist is one who has or develops a long term vision and capable or expected to be capable of foreseeing things before they happen and steers his side towards the desired goal.On the contrary, a tactician does not or can not wait for such a long term and looks for small or big ,but immediate victories by spotting the opportunities. Tactics work in short run, before the opponents realize what is happening. Similar tactics may not work again and again. The real beauty of a tactic is that it was not thought before, suddenly appears and you may lose the opportunity if you do not utilize it.A good strategist will not loose sight of tactics as long as it is not diametrically opposite to his strategy and would like to implement it as a furthering step towards the goal he is aiming through his strategy.Expanding your business in ,say, Japan may be your goal for which you need a strategy which should carefully go into the pros and cons , and identification of right locations and strategic partnerships , how to go about etc., etc will be the the strategy part. Making yourself a member of visiting business delegation along with your country's ruling elite could be a tactic.In the game of chess, these two words are most frequently used. Winning, i.e. Mating the king is a goal for which the player needs a strategy like keeping his king safe, developing his forces without leaving any weaknesses, identify the weaknesses of the opponent , look for guard against weakening of his position by some accidental pitfalls etc. Suddenly a tactical combination appears on the board where you may sacrifice a piece for a pawn or give up exchange but can secure a mate or a deliver a big blow to the opponent.One needs to have a strategy, but look for tactical opportunities all the way till you reach the goal.

Smudge on the title of a car?

here is the thing I bought a ford explorer from this co worker of mine and he gave me the title for it so I go to the dmv to get my license plates and the title under my name and the lady at the desk didn't accept my title because of a smudge on one of the numbers in the date of sale. soo the lady gives me a seperate sheet(affirmation of correction) that the owner must sign and that's the problem I don't know who the owner is the dude I bought the car from had bought the car but never got a title of his own meaning he gave me the title that he got when he had bought the car and from what he told me is that this dude is in Mexico so there is no way I can get the signature I need. can somebody please give me some advice on what to do with this dilemma.?

What is the validity period of a notarized affidavit? Does it expire?

Validity depends on the entity requiring the affidavit. The SSS, for example, requires that certifications, Special Power of Attorney (SPA) documents and affidavits must have been issued with the past 6 months. If issued outside the Philippines, SPAs must have been issued within the past 12 months.Some companies might require certain affidavits to be made and submitted within days, depending on the status, event or situation being certified/confirmed to be true by the affiant.Affidavits given to the police by witnesses are another matter. I’m not a legal professional, but I think these documents are valid perpetually even if their contents could be negated or refuted by a succeeding affidavit by the same affiant.