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Can Is Use This Earphone

Is it safe to use a mobile's earphones in a PC?

Yes, theres' not harm in it.

Can I use earphones with an ear infection?

I've had an ear infection for a couple days; I'm on antibiotics. I really want to take a walk while listening to music through my earphones. Is this safe to do? Could I re-catch the infection after I'm over it?


How do I connect my mobile earphone to my PC and use it as a microphone and speakers too?

Standard earphones and microphones have exactly the same structure, and work in the same way - one records sound in, one sends sound out. However, it’s not enough to just connect your earphone directly to a speaker - you need something to amplify the sound.Somewhere on your PC may be a mic input. For example, here:The headphone output is in green, the mic input is in red.By plugging your earphones into the red input, you should be able to pick up the signal. You then need to turn on the mic input in settings. Without knowing which OS you’re using I can’t give direct instructions, but on a pc, go to control panel -> sound -> recording.Be aware, if you leave the earphone too close to the speaker with both turned on, you’ll get horrible feedback.

Can I use headphones while charging?

It is completely safe to use headphones/ earphones, while the smartphone is on charging.It must be noted that, you’re not overusing the phone by listening songs and excessive gaming, while it is getting charged.This can cause over heating in the phone’s hardware, which in turn hampers the durability in a long run.One can only use headphones, when a separate audio jack has been provided or you can use a port splitter.Some of the flagship phones like Google Pixel 2, have removed the audio jack and have kept a single USB -C type port.In this situation, it is advised to leave the phone until it gets fully charged. It will not take much time, as the new phones have Qualcomm’s quick charge 3.0.Though one can use a bluetooth headphone anytime, without any trouble.Thank youSource : Google Images.

Is it safe to use a mobile's earphones in a laptop?

Yes, you canit wont damage your earphones or your laptop in any way a regular 3.5mm jack is used in mostly mobile phones and all the laptops have the same pin so you can safely use the same earphone for mobile as well as for laptopI hope it helped you

Is it safe to use earphones while the phone is charging?

Hello~Personally, I think it's better not to listen to music with headphones while the phone is charging.First, the charging speed of the mobile phone is affected. Music consumes a lot of power, so it is difficult to fully charge the music mobile phone. Longer charging time can damage the phone.Second, this is not good for the phone's board, easy to damage the phone board, resulting in a smaller plate capacity, thereby affecting standby time.Third, it is not safe. If the charging plug is damaged, it is easy to conduct electricity. Although the electric quantity is not large, it is recommended not to operate like this. Be safe.Fourth, try not to wear headphones when charging. The current power source will produce a certain amount of radiation, which will affect the brain more or less. The low voltage power supply of mobile phone with transformer is very high. The magnetic field can be measured above 300mG in the place where the connection is made. The transformer magnetic field of the mobile phone charger and portable single-player in the socket is also relatively high.Fifth, there are cases of an unprovoked explosion of mobile phones around us. The explosion is an unknown factor. Every mobile phone has the possibility of explosion.Based on these, it is not recommended to play with the phone while charging.There is an article about answer the question: Is It Safe To Use Earphones While The Phone Is Charging?

Is it bad to use Samsung earphones with my iPhone?

Certainly no. You can use any brand 3.5 mm jack earphone or headphones. Please don't worry your phone will not be damaged. Please see in under picThe 10 Best Cheap Studio Headphones | Buying Guide

Can I use headphones with a tragus piercing?

By "headphones" I take it you mean earbuds.
You should DEFINITELY wait a while. You don't want anything at all touching your fresh piercing (that also means pillows, phones, your hands, ANYTHING). My piercer recommended I waited at least around two weeks, but from experience, I'd recommend waiting at least a month. (it takes 6-12 months to heal, but after a month you're not at such a high risk for infection anymore).

After that period, wearing earbuds may be a bit uncomfortable but can definitely be done. I don't know what it's like with a hoop, but with a flat back labret stud (which is what I have in mine) you just push the bar a bit to fit the earbud.
Also, I recommend earbuds with a silicone end, like this:
as opposed to regular ones, like this:
The silicone ones have a better fit and are easier to squeeze into the space left after having a tragus piercing.

I don't really have a problem with that, though, since I wear actual headphones - more comfortable, and better sound quality and loudness anyway ;) if you do decide on wearing headphones, you should be able to do so after only a couple of days. I waited a week to be sure.

Can you wear earphones with ruptured eardrum?

i perforated my eardrum about 6 weeks ago. it is healing OK and should be back to normal in 4 more weeks. if usually run alot this time of summer and forgot to ask my doc when i saw him if it was ok to listen to music with earphones while running. idk if this will have some kind of unwanted effect on my eardrum. anyone know?