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Can Juicing Raw Cannabis Leaves Make Me Fail A Drug Test

Can juicing raw cannabis leaves make me fail a drug test?

I juice raw cannabis leaves along with some other fruits and vegetables for its health benefits. It doesn't get my high because raw leaf contains mainly THC Acid (not THC) which is non-psychoactive. My current job doesn't test for drugs but I'm getting another one in a few weeks that will require me to operate heavy machinery and they probably test for drugs.

Please be polite in your answers, I'm not some pothead or anything. Thanks in advance.

What's the best way to hide the smell of cannabis from a drug dog?

This is FAR from scientific, but I want to relate some experiences of friends.A buddy had one old joint, unsmoked, in a bag, in a bad, in a jar, in a box, in some dirty laundry, in a duffel bag, under a house full of stuff, in a full sized van. This is as sealed as it gets… And the drug dog “smelled” the drugs, though of course it took a team of men an hour to find anything. This guy was a wreck, in a wreck of a van, and got searched.A friend who sold pot regularly went right past a row of drugs dogs, right in front of me, on several occasions. Coming in/out of Mexico. I’ve seen similar at airports. Sometimes he had pot on him, sometimes he’d BEEN carrying so much pot, I could smell it. We were both dressed “normally” and acting normally.I’ve been searched because of a drug dog “signalling”, long before I’d ever touched the stuff, nor let it near any of my possessions.In short, yanking on a drug dog’s collar will make him signal. ANYTHING the cop chooses to call a “signal” is a “signal”. Drug dogs are a way for cops to ignore constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure - if they weren’t, why can’t they do some DOUBLE BLIND tests and show the world it works?This isn’t meant to disparage law enforcement personnel, but the tools and framework they work within does encourage certain behavior.In short - I’d seal it up right proper, but mainly, learn how to interact with police. Don’t have broken tail lights, a fuck-the-police hoodie, and be respectful.

Does vape and cannabis stay in your system longer than smoking flower?

Depends. Everything is to be taken into consideration. What is the test for? I'm guessing THC and not CBD as I do not believe they have one yet, your weight, body fat, metabolism, and how much is consumed of each. As for smoking 1 gram of marijuana to 1 gram of oil or dab. oil usually has a higher content of THC so it would then take more time to release the drug from your system. THC sticks to FAT cells. DO NOT EVER go on a diet before a drug test; I have witnessed a failed test due to diet.

If you make a tincture of cannabis using isopropyl alcohol then dry it, what do you end up with?

Rubbing alcohol is typically 70% alcohol by volume- and is unsafe for human consumption (just in case) [1]. Herbal tinctures typically involve a much smaller proportion of alcohol, too [2]- alcohol can and will react with several of the compounds, of which you may have little control over:Types of Organic Reactions - Functional Groups There's a reason alcohol is in the middle of that diagram- they undergo several types of reactions, even with the same compounds. More so under different reaction conditions (heat, possibly catalysts, acids and bases)- but even one reaction can produce multiple products- L vs D products, chirality, inversion, etc. The compounds of cannabis have been isolated and identified, however: Page on, Page on would definitely not recommend preparing Tincture of cannabis by your lonesome- nor would I presume upon to predict the reactions that will occur without any stated parameters. As noted in the article above, it also depends on the part of the plant you are using (typically flowers), and what process you subject them to before treatment (e.g. baking to extract more THC). Even if prepared correctly, adverse side effects may occur [3]. Please exercise caution regarding this matter.Thank you for the A2A, James. [1] The lethal dose of isopropyl alcohol by mouth in adult humans is about 8 ounces (250 ml).Rubbing alcohol[2] In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are made with various ethanol concentrations, 25% being the most common.Tincture[3] A Case of Dysmenorrhoea in Which the Tincture of Cannabis Indica Was Employed, with Some Observations upon That Drug.

How can I clean my system out with weed in 15 days?

ok so first of all let me say I've passed a few REALLY high stakes screens with my method.Moat people in here are right it's not going to take more than a month. That guy that said 60 days is fuckin drunk or really fat.Baisicly if you stop smoking immediately. It only takes about two days clean for the drinks or pills from the head shops. Omni has never failed me.Really though if your skinny to alittle husky you should be fine with 15 days. If you want to feels extra safe though…NEVER give your first urine of the day.drink a Poland spring sized bottle before bed. This should make your first urine of the day push out whatever toxins have leeched from your fat into your urineAn hour and a Half before the test drink 1 and a half bottles of water. Pee three times before you leave and your golden.This should dilute your urine enough to pass you without being too diluted since you won't have that much in your system at the time. Hope this helps.

If you're completely clean and smoke a blunt how quick will it leave the system?

Speaking from personal experience, I'm around 80 kilograms (175ish pounds) and was a regular every day five times a day smoker. I peed clean in a little less than a month. No tonics or tinctures. Now one blunt, yeah around a couple weeks you should be confident, regardless of weight. HOWEVER, I had different dip cards to the employers ones, theirs was showing clean when mine was showing negative still. Tests aren't all the same. If it's zero tolerance hopefully they won't hair test. Good luck stoner!

Can you get high by licking weed?

Short answer is No. The THC in cannabis is in the form THC-A, or THC acid. It is not until you heat it beyond about 150 degrees that it converts to delta9-THC and becomes “active”. Licking or eating cannabis will not do much more than leave an interesting taste in your mouth and cause you to fail a drug test. An exercise best left to Curious George.