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Can Minors Buy Vape Pens

Can minors buy vape pens?

No such thing as a "NON nicotine vape pen." The nicotine is in the oil or juice. So you will need no nicotine vapor juice, which alot of places have. Go to a vape store and try to be discrete about it.

How old do you have to be to buy a vape pen?

Any legitimate place will not sell any vape product, nicotine or not to people under 18. I say legitimate because vape products are still at the forefront of legislation for regulation however most states consider any vape product the same as cigarettes and cigars. If you go to a regular grocery store, 7 eleven or chain store, it's going to be 18. If you go to a seedy independent mom and pop place or a head smoke shop, who knows

Can minors vape?

laws on vaping are the same as cigarettes, they are considered a tobacco product

How old do you have to be to buy a vape pen?

Im only 15 and I use them but I have never bought one from a store but Im pretty sure you have to be at least 18+ So if your underage I wouldnt reccommend going to a store and asking but you can get one off eBay or Amazon etc.... I just bought one off eBay for $5

Vape pen I can buy from convenient store?

Where can I buy a vape pen that doesn't contain nicotine that will last me a month (1-3 times a week) at a convenient store that comes with juice, charger, pen and under $20ish?

*all friends do it and I have tried it and I'm fine with it, I just want my own one*

I turn 14 In 2 months, I look 15 though, and will the cashier ask me questions- can I even buy one underage? I don't want my mom to buy me one OR FINE OUT and I don't want to buy one online so help please.
*i live 2 blocks away from 7/11* if that helps

what type of vaporizer should I get and flavor?

[please don't judge]

No, absolutely not. Being under age, you can’t but Vape pens on amazon. In fact on any other online stores also you will not be able to buy. I suggest you to go for buying when you are eligible with your age.

No, a minor age is illegal to buy a vape pen battery. In fact, a minor is not eligible to buy anything related to vape in his/her minor age.

Can i buy a vape pen on Ebay under 18 with my own debit?

I've been wanting to buy a vape pen on ebay because they have the ego starter kit i wanted and also when i purchase the vape pen it will show up as ebay on the bank statement since my account is linked to my parents. The problem isn't if my parents will find out but rather am i allowed to buy on ebay under 18 with my debit card? Also is it safe to buy on ebay with my debit? Lastly if i'm underage and unable to purchase the product on ebay can someone suggest a website where i can buy an inexpensive vape pen and the flavored liquid. (Please don't suggest a website that has an obvious website name that will cause suspicion among my parents) thank you.

How to get a vape pen underage?

I'm 13 and i look pretty young and i don't know of any places that sell to minors.. I'm thinking of buying online but the only risk is that my parents may open the package. I heard amazon lockers is a good way to pick up your deliveries but i dont know much about it or if you have to be 18 to pick up. Are there any places which sell to minors or are there any good ways to buy online without getting caught?

From the black market, or they steal them off their friends and family. There’ll be kids at school who know who the dealer is selling black market Juuls.Anywhere except the poor vape shops who are mostly doing a great job at making sure minors are not buying their product, but are baring the brunt of the criticism. On the retail side, convenience stores would be the main offenders selling to children - they are the main ones being caught.