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Can My Boyfriend Sue Me For The Money He Paid Me In Rent

Can I sue my ex-boyfriend for unpaid rent?

I rented an apt with an ex boyfriend and after finding out he was cheating on me I wanted to break up. He refused to move out and wouldn't let me move out either. He said if I moved out he would not pay the rent and let it go to collections to screw up my credit. After much talking we decided that I would pay $300 a month for the remainder of the lease (our rent was $1480 and had 7 months left) if I moved out and he would take over the remainder of the lease. We even wrote up a written contract between the two of us saying I would pay this money and was no longer responsible for the rest of the lease. Well being the upstanding citizen that he is, he decided to move out of the apt 2 months early and not pay any rent or utilities or even clean before he left. I know have to pay $2100 (and this is after they took off our $650 deposit) otherwise they will send it to collections. I have amazing credit and do not want to screw that up so obviously i am going to have to pay it. I am wondering now if I can take him to small claims to get that money back? If so can I legally ask for the entire amount or just half?

Can I Sue My Ex-Boyfriend For Not Paying Rent?

Yes, you can sue him, but you are limited to how much and how many times in one year for small claims court. Google your state and small claims court to learn the rules for where you are.

Your landlord can go after you for the full rent. But, you also have every right to go after the deadbeat boyfriend.

You have to start with a demand letter to the ex. Give him say 7 days to pay what he owes you. Tell him you will be suing him for his half of the rent until/when/if your landlord allows you to find another renter and until/when/if the landlord agrees to take the ex off the lease. In the meantime, he owes you half the rent.

You absolutely have the right to live there alone and expect him to pay half the rent. He signed, he's responsible. But, after you send off your letter to him, then talk to the landlord about what it would take to take him off the lease and get a new roommate.

Best situation would be if the landlord would let you be the only one on the lease, and allow you to sublet a room. Then you can control getting roommates and kicking them out, etc.

If he doesn't pay, then file a small claims court claim, and ask the court for what he owes you and your court costs. You can also try asking the court to tell him he has to continue paying rent until you get a new roommate. If not, tell him you will continue to sue him and continue to get judgments until he makes good.

Good luck!

Can my ex boyfriend sue me for rent he paid (while he wasn't living with me)?

In a nut shell: Last October (2009) my boyfriend and myself decided to live together. We moved into an apartment with his name being the only name as 'lease owner" due to his credit rating being much better than mine. Long story short, he decided to move out four months later. Being a lease is a contract (a year's), he believed he still needed to pay the monthly rent for the remainder of the year's lease so to protect his credit rating. He has paid the rent, especially since I've been off work via medical issues per doctor's orders. I have, however, paid for all utilities, such as electric, phone, cable, internet and for our rented garage that is extra every month. This was FAIR, of course. My ex only pays the rent each month being his name is solely on the lease. Now, after months of not hearing from him, he's texting me that he's going to sue to me for X amount of rent! Can he succeed? After all, although I was living here with my children, he signed the lease for a year and HE alone decided to vacate (abandon the property, if-you-will). Therefore, whether he chose to live here or move out when he did, he was still responsible for paying for the rent, correct? Thank you.

My ex boyfriend never paid rent for the whole duration of our lease. Can I sue for his half of the bills?

He wasn't employed through our Lease and never paid a single utility bill, cable bill, or rent. We are now broken up and I want my money back. Can I take him to small claims and get it back? All of it? His name is on 2 of the bills and the lease agreement but I paid for EVERYTHING. My signature was on every money order ever sent. Please let me know what to do. Thank you

Is it okay to ask your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend to pay back the money they owe you when she/he was in the relationship?

I was dating a woman who was having a rough time, and I was doing well. So I helped, to the tune if about 800usd.She said she'd pay me back and I didn't worry since I trusted her.Fast forward about a year, I broke up with her for several reasons, asked her about it, finally she blamed me for wrecking her car (1.5 yrs later) and when I called her out on FB, she blocked me…So yes, if your ex says they will pay you, keep asking. Use guilt, question their honesty whatever it takes.I never saw any money, and I know she married the guy she was seeing behind my back.

Can I sue my ex boyfriend for missing personal property and rent?

My ex and I have been split up for over 5 years now. He still has some of my personal belongings (jewelry ) and owes me his half of the rent and bills that I paid while he was unemployed. I have reached out to him via email and thru his family over the years and I get no response. We have both moved to other states since the break up. How do I go about small claims court and do I file in the state I currently live in or the one he currently lives in or the state where we lived together? I just want to put my past behind me already someone please help.

My Ex-boyfriend owes me money, and he won't pay me back.?

The limit on the amount you can sue for in Small Claims court varies by Arizona its only 2500.
Only an attorney can tell you if you have a good case or not. Since most of us, myself included, cannot afford to hire an attorney we have to find other ways to get legal advice from an attorney. Check with your local Bar Association and see if they have a lawyer referral service. These are attorneys who are will to give you a short consultation for a reduced rate.
You should also know that if you do go to court and win the case, there is no guarantee that you will ever collect the judgment amount.
Courts do not collect the judgment for you. Having a judgment merely gives you the right to go after the money.

My boyfriend is living with me and stopped paying me the rent without any rental or lease agreement. How do I get him out?

I know an Alabama they have to have 30 days notice of eviction. I don't know if you two still have a viable relationship or not, but obviously this is a big problem. Let him know you can't afford to take care of him and that he has to help provide.“If you are a tenant at will (no lease) Your landlord can evict you without giving a reason. But, they must give you 7 or 30 days notice in writing. There are some exceptions to this, “I found this on Wikipedia. I suggest you do a search based on your home state Google.