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Can My Ex-friend Sue Me For Liable

Can I sue my ex girlfriend for slander?

I'm in family drug court for having a marijuana card and I'm trying to get custody of my son. I've had perfect contracts (clean ua's and no absences from groups) for 3 months and I'm currently allowed phone contact with my boy who's 5, three times a week. When I spoke to him last I told him about a recent acting gig I had n that I was gonna be on tv soon. My ex grabs the phone and says, "Hahahahaha! Yea right! Yea right! What are you smoking now dude?" Pretty much belittling me and making me seem like a drug addict in front of my son. Can I sue her for slander or defamation of character?

Can I Sue My Ex-Boyfriend For Not Paying Rent?

Yes, you can sue him, but you are limited to how much and how many times in one year for small claims court. Google your state and small claims court to learn the rules for where you are.

Your landlord can go after you for the full rent. But, you also have every right to go after the deadbeat boyfriend.

You have to start with a demand letter to the ex. Give him say 7 days to pay what he owes you. Tell him you will be suing him for his half of the rent until/when/if your landlord allows you to find another renter and until/when/if the landlord agrees to take the ex off the lease. In the meantime, he owes you half the rent.

You absolutely have the right to live there alone and expect him to pay half the rent. He signed, he's responsible. But, after you send off your letter to him, then talk to the landlord about what it would take to take him off the lease and get a new roommate.

Best situation would be if the landlord would let you be the only one on the lease, and allow you to sublet a room. Then you can control getting roommates and kicking them out, etc.

If he doesn't pay, then file a small claims court claim, and ask the court for what he owes you and your court costs. You can also try asking the court to tell him he has to continue paying rent until you get a new roommate. If not, tell him you will continue to sue him and continue to get judgments until he makes good.

Good luck!

I told my friend a joke, can I be sued for it?

Yes, but only under certain circumstances.  First, as a non-copyright matter, you could be sued for defamation or invasion of privacy if your joke defames someone or invades on their privacy (there are 4 invasion of privacy torts in most states).  But the likelihood of being found liable for either of these is really very small.  Not impossible, just very very highly unlikely.  I only even bring this up for the sake of completeness.Second, you could be liable copyright infringement if the joke is copyrighted.   Copyrighted works must be fixed in a tangible medium, that is, written down or recorded in some way.  So if you come up with a joke, don't write it down, and tell your friend, your friend can tell the joke and write it down and send it to others without infringing on your rights because you wouldn't own any copyright in the joke.  But as soon as you write it down, record it, or store it in some electronic medium then you get a copyright.  Davon Magwood would own the copyright in his lion joke.If you produce a copy of a copyrighted joke or engage in a public performance then you would infringe on the copyright.  Retweeting a joke isn't making a copy, but creating your own tweet is (Facebook post, text message, or email).  If you got up in front of a crowd and told a copyrighted joke then you would also be infringing on the copyright as part of the copyright holders public performance rights, even though you didn't create a copy of the joke.  But if you just told it to your friends and family then it's not a public performance and would not infringe.  So the Fat Jewish does appeared to have infringed on Davon Magwood's joke.  But you can't sue someone for infringement until you register your copyright.  Even then, how much is a joke worth?  Is it worth suing over?

Can I sue my roommate for her friends breaking my things?

She threw a party.
Her friends broke my stuff.
She still hasn't reimbursed me.

I don't know which friend broke it specifically.
None of them will say who
She had a party and my stuff got broken.

My Ex-Coworker/Friend is spreading lies about me with my Ex-BOSS / Employer.?

I had a ex-coworker who is spreading lies about me with my ex-boss. My ex-boss is a female and she was telling me that my ex-boss liked me coz she can feel it.then i started trusting her and told her that yeah theres some incident that my boss does to me.she put her hands inside my t-shirt in my back area and then she is touchy to my legs.and thigh.but i dint think that she wants something from me.after i told her she told me that our boss likes me.and now she turn her back against me and tell my exboss that i am the one who is spreading it about her(boss).so my exboss got upset and fired me from work.until now that i never worked there anymore she still spreading lies to the staff who works there that me and my exboss went to one of the rooms in the house and stayed there for a couple of hours and she thinks that we do something inside.i was working in a homecare like a house w/ disabled people.what im gonna do to let her stop spreading those lies.

Ex boyfriend refuses to return cables boxes in someone else's name?

My friends ex boyfriend has cable boxes in her name in his house and refuses to return them to the cable company, therefore she will have to pay for the total amount of the unreturned cable boxes. Is there any legal justification to sue him or legally obtain these cable boxes without cause for any court process, leaving it in the hands of a police officer?

My friend wants me rent a car for him on my credit card for about two weeks? Its a liability! what should i do

Please help. If I rent it under my name, its a big liability...he cannot do it coz he does not have a credit card to do it...he said he will pay me cash..which is k...but in case something happens to the car it is my responsibilty! Right! But he is a good friend...any suggestions! Please help..thanx in advance.