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Can My Fiance Move Out Of State With Her Child When We Get Married

Can I leave the state with the children?

My husband of 9 years and the father of my 3 children recently left me. He has a new girlfriend and moved in with her. So my kids and I rented a small place in the same town (we live in florida) We agreed when we split that he would pay me a certain amount of child support each week untill the divorce was in the works and we could get a court ordered child support arrangement. Well he recently quit his job and now can not pay anything for the child support. which leaves me with not nearly enough money to keep this place to live and make it down here. My only other option is to move back home where my parents live. They have a big house and each of my kids would have their own room , i would free childcare while i worked and could get back on my feet. But Im scared if I try to go out of state with the kids that my husband will try to get me for kidnapping or sole custody in the divorce. can anybody help????

If i am pregnant and want to move out of state can the father stop me from moving and get custody of the baby?

First off you CAN move anywhere you want! That is something he will just have to come to terms with. You may be carrying his child but until that is PROVEN he has no say in anything. Since you are not married and there is no custody order stating you must remain in the state you can do anything you please. Anyone who tells you any different knows nothing...

As far as him getting custody...he would first have to prove you are a poor parent. Most states do not take a child from its mother UNLESS you have anything in your past that would strongly determine you to be a bad parent and him a better one.

FYI...if you have ANY reason to file a restraining order on the baby's father it would immediate disable him from attempting to fight for custody. ;) I only say this because you stated you are afraid of him.

Seek out a womans shelter and call their 800 number and explain your situation. They have legal advocates who can advise you better (and FREE) as it pertains to your state laws and your rights. This may help put your mind at ease. He can get any lawyer he wants, but if he has a recorded history (ie been to jail for etc) of being violent, unstable etc no judge will award him custody.

I want to add to keep your intentions private...move out of state and make sure YOU file the paperwork on him. Do not allow him to know your address etc. You must reside somewhere for 6mos to be termed a resident, in which you would be bound by that states law. When that baby is born file for sole legal custody IMMEDIATELY. Also file for child support. He may deny the child is his, in which a bloodtest will have to be done to determine parentage. Now saying all this...he may be granted visitation. So prepare yourself. But DO NOT let him take that baby until a custody order is established, do not place yourself in any situation in which he takes the baby from you against your will either nor allow him to manipulate you differently. Possession is 9/10ths of the law prior to custody being established. With people like him, once you are out of state and all the paperwork done...many times they are too lazy and hung up in their own personal dilemmas to even attempt to see the child.

If I'm marrying a single mother with children do I have a legal obligation to financially support her kids?

As far as I'm concerned, if you are even considering this issue you are unsuited to marry her.  The reason I state this is because you are already treating these innocent children as a burden to your relationship and as a separate entity to the woman you profess love to, but she is probably unaware of this and was desirous of a husband who would love them as if they were his own children.  If you truly love her, you should be willing to accept her, her children and other responsibilities wholeheartedly into your life without worrying about the financial responsibilities that it will incur.Please give serious and thorough consideration of whether you are ready to open your heart to them as if they are truly your children instead of worrying about how much the responsibility will force you to open your wallet or bank account.  If you can't handle the added responsibilities (financial and otherwise) as well as the fact that you would be marrying into a "ready-made family," please end this relationship before you marry her, feel resentment and cause these children to bear the brunt of your negative feelings about them.I have several friends who married into this type of situation that have so much love for the children in question that you literally forget that they aren't the biological parents.  If you cannot place loving these children and providing them a stable and loving environment as a higher priority than your finances, please do this family (they are a unit) a favor and gently back away.

I broke off the engagement to my fiancé and have since moved to Hawaii, far away from my family, because I don't want kids or marriage.  Did I make the right choice?

I am going through the same phase right now, my parents are also looking for suitable alliances but i am not ready for marriage right now,i am delaying it as its a big deal for me and I don't want to have kids either. So, as a dweller of same phase, I can say YES, you did the right thing. When you are not ready, you are not ready! As simple as that.What I understand from my situation is that i am afraid of what it might bring, its fear of unknown :P I am not very easy going person, more of an introvert and i have a huge expectations plus i don't think there are more my kind of people that I can fall for or want to spend my time with or feel worthy of me. I haven't come across many. So, whats good for me is to wait and keep looking for my better half, & then go for love marriage. Same is the case with you, Meet new people, be open, do random things and see if you can find that special someone with whom we can automatically feel free to walk the aisle and get the urge from inside to grow kids with. :) Good luck to you & Pray for me as well ;)

My husband married me because i got pregnant?

You should continue being a good wife and mother....and that means UNDERSTANDING that your husband isn't perfect.

Has he supported you and the child? Has he shown fidelity, strength, dignity, and courage on behalf of your family?

Then....he's a GOOD man! You're lucky to have him!

Remember, that he asked you to come with him. He WANTED you, even before you were pregnant.

He was just a little reluctant to make everything formal...a common trait in men.

Do you really think you make him unhappy? Is it so wrong that the intense pressure of life has made him think fondly of easier days when he had fewer responsibilities?

Have you never thought back to your more carefree days?

Go find your man and give him a big hug and a kiss! Go remind him that you love him and that he's a GOOD man and he's YOUR man....and your are HIS woman.

Make him feel good about taking on the responsibilities of a wife and child. Make him feel like a STRONG, CAPABLE, GOOD MAN.

And stop snooping....look at all the trouble that's brought you today.

Good Luck!

Can my girlfriend come with me if I get stationed out of state for the air force?

I'm goin into the Air Force and if I choose active duty, I would like to get stationed near home, but I know I may not. My girlfriend supports me, but I don't want to leave her if I'm out of state. We are not married, but we plan to get married soon. If I get stationed out of state and we haven't been married yet, can she come with me? Or do we have to be married?

Do I have to pay child support if my daughter moves in with her boyfriend when she turns 18?

My daughter currently lives with her mother. I have never missed a child support payment, but do not support her decision to move in with her boyfriend. Do I need to continue to pay her mother support for her if she is not living with her mother?