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Can My New Job Really Fire Me

Can I get fired from my new job for joining Army reserves?

I just started a new retail job and stated I had open availability. Then I decided to join the reserves shortly after starting and I ship to basic training in October.

I have not yet told work I joined the reserves incase they fire me now. I would like to keep the job when I get back from basic and ait but I understand if they let me go as I was hired with "open availability" and stated I was not going anywhere between November and January. Busy season for retail.

My question is, can they fire me as I was hired with "open availability"? Should I tell them now and hope for the best or tell them shortly before I go to basic training so at least I get a few more weeks of work incase they do fire me?

My boss fired me. Can I get my job back?

I've been at this construction business for 17 years and I recently got a new boss. My old boss and I got along great and work went really well. This boss is really uptight and strict, so I wanted to make him laugh and break the ice so work went better, so we would develop aa good working relationship.

Me and ten other guys were getting ready to clock in and then leave for our assignments, then our boss walked in. Everyone sort of went quiet, so I decided to try an break the ice. I said, "good morning, sir", but he ignored me. So I thought I would try and make him laugh. So I started humping the water cooler and grunting (like I was having sex) and as I was humping, I go, "Hey, Sir, your wife showed me this move last night". The guys burst into laughter. Then I lifted my leg and I farted really loud (and it smelled awful)....I said, "Your wife is a mean cook!". The guys laughed really hard.

Unfortunately, my boss didn't find it funny. He fired me. I tried to explain to him I was joking, but he didn't listen to me. I've been a loyal employee for 17 years. I never called in sick or was late, and boom, I'm fired. Can I get my job back?

Broke my toe can I get fired from my new job before my first day? ?

Recently Pepsi hired me, and my first day is April 10th, 2012. On the 17th of March I dropped a dog statue on my big toe and shattered the bone. Doctor gave me antibiotics and Vicodin, said no work and to keep it elevated. On the 28th of march the doctor said 6 more weeks to heal. Is it possible for pepsi to fire me before my first day if I told them? I haven't started yet, but I really want the job. They seem to really like me, but I can't walk on it yet. What should I do?

I'm miserable at my job.... how can I get fired??

It's better to leave on good terms, than to get fired. What kind of job do you have? Sometimes making things work is a good thing. If I were you I'd take a mini vacation if you can afford one. I've read that people who take a vacation are more happy at work, and get less stressed. While you have free time be looking for another job, and do other interviews and then give your notice and let the new place know when you can work.

Do I have to give my boss 2 months notice if I find a new job?

Boss probably got worried that I am considering leaving because we had a few (good) employees resign last summer (one in July, one in Aug, and one in Sept). I know at-will means they can fire me and I can leave at anytime, but I always managed to give 2 weeks for past jobs, with no complaints from any old bosses. One day out of the blue he requested that I give him 2 months of notice if I accept another job. In my field, new employers typically want you to start as soon as possible so I doubt any new job would wait 2 months for me.

My boss probably thought that he could lock me in my current job if I actually complied and gave him 2 months, but can he do anything if I do not? I did not sign any agreement about giving such a long period of notice, and even my HR department thinks 2 months is ridiculous.