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Can My Old Android Phone Be Used For Yahoo Voice Services If Not Activated

Which service will replace the Yahoo public chat room after it gets discontinued by Yahoo?

Nowadays you have MANY new sites that try to replicate and give us the same experience that Yahoo has given us, but just about all of them fail to do it.There are exceptions, mind you, that try to do something a bit different. Gather Online comes to mind.But again, I doubt we’ll have the chance to experience Yahoo and MSN the way we used to in our teens. It’s just impossible, at least for me. While Gather Online does come close, there were just too many memories made in those times and I suppose it isn’t even fair to compare them either.

Why can't I receive a verification code from yahoo to reset my password?

If you entered an alternate email address or mobile number earlier, Yahoo will send you verification code to reset your password. If you didn't add any of these and forgot your password, you can't reset the password and will lose access to your account.If you entered your mobile number during the signup process and not getting the verification code through SMS, it must be due to an issue with mobile operator. You can reach out to your mobile operator for help.

How can you tell if someone changed their phone number?

Okay so I have this friend whom i saw today. She told me she changed her number,but everytime i call or text her, the phone sounds like its still in service. The voicemail doesnt say "This number is no longer in service" or none of that. Is she ignoring me?? Or did she really changed her number. I even tryied calling her from a different number,but she never picked up. I was still able to leave voicemails myself. Im very confused,please help???

Is there any chat room like Yahoo messenger now?

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Can I track a cellphone even if the location is turned off?

If a phone is "switched off" it is actually in a sleep or standby mode (that's how the button wakes it up) so it is not actually offBetter would be airplane mode with radio turned off. The the obvious answer is "no radio = no trace"But it is conceivably there are "trap doors" or "spyware" that could still record voices and transmit location if required.This wouldn't be a normal thing; it wouldn't be obvious - but only a fool would say NSA & GCHQ can't do it.People who scared of being monitored will take the battery out of their phone (tricky with iPHONE... make sure it is very, very flat) and then put it in the fridge.And then go somewhere else, leaving it there.

How do I find someone's Gmail account associated by their phone number?

No you can’t find anyone’s Gmail id by their phone number.If this is possible then then it would be vary easy for spammers to spam anyone’s mailbox.If you want to find the id for the person in your Google contacts, then go to Google Contacts and search for that person. You will get his id if he has one. Hope this helps you.

Why did Yahoo shutdown its Chat messenger?

Dear Reader (s)Yahoo shut down Messenger as its 500 + million accounts were compromised. It was done to protect privacy of clients.What solution offered so far is change passwords? Plus launched a new messenger.Get started in the new Yahoo MessengerYahoo hit in worst hack ever, 500 million accounts swiped

If your change your phone number, how long does it take for someone else to get your old number?

No one knows. Once you change your phone number, your old phone number goes back to a pool of available phone numbers for someone else to choose from when they activate their cell phone service. It could be months or perhaps years that someone has your old phone number.