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Can My Parents Really Do This To Me

How do you know if your parents aren't really your real parents?

You can never know for sure that you are their child, but there is a chance that you can find out that you aren’t. You can look at your genetics. For example if your parents are both blond and you are brown haired you cannot be their kid unless your mom or dad dyed their hair because two blond people cannot have a brown haired child. There are many other traits like this that you can compare, if they all check out I would just assume you are their kid. Google or your biology teacher at school should be able to tell you all these traits to look for.Hope this helps,And if it did you could help me out by subscribingYouTube: Stout Gaming

How can I tell whether my Parents really love me?

People show love in many different shades. I was raised by a very stern and physical family. I never once kissed my dad and can barely recall kissing even my mom. Some would say that is a horrible, I say I am glad. My parents loved me ( they are both deceased) and showed it in many ways that would not mean as much to someone else. At the time I probably felt like the OP may feel. But as I grew into a man I found I was stringer and better prepared for the life choices I was making. When your talking about a girl or boy and love it is easier to describe how to tell but when it comes to parents you must take the entire picture in consideration before making a judgement call here. You know how your parents treat other people, would you say they treat you better or worse? Are they firm in their decisions and never give to anyone but somehow you can still talk them into trying your way? Does your dad never smile at anyone but when you and him talk he laughs softly? These can all be signs. Being a parent is the hardest thing adults will ever do and yet it takes no requirements or licence to to have a child. With the system set up like that your going to have plenty of adults who do not know how to love.But at the end of the day, even if they do love you,if you do not feel it than what does it matter. Just Remember should you come to the conclusion they do not, it only means they do not. It has no bearing on your personality and you should continue to be who you are .Just try to remember how it felt. This way hopefully you will not have a child until you are ready to give your love to it.

Would parents really 'kick me out' of the house as they say?

I kicked one of my daughters out of our house. When I say "kicked out" I literally threw her clothes on the driveway and locked her out and made it very clear she would not be allowed to come back in.To give you an idea of how difficult this was for me, a few years ago my wife and I went on vacation and we literally went to 4 different stores to find the little "bulbs" that you can get to keep houseplants alive for extended periods when you're away. Bottom line, is we're they type of people who go out of our way to care for our houseplants, so, what do you thing we'd do for our children? Damned near anything. Note the word "near".So, what drove us to the point that I'd kick my daughter out of the house? Drug and alcohol abuse. She had been in rehab for drugs and then quickly switched to alcohol as her "drug of choice". So after months of effort to get her into multiple rehabs, thousands of dollars of expense on the rehabs, her stealing thousands of dollars from us to cover her drug costs, she was now either drunk, getting drunk, or passed out. I threatened her for weeks and finally reached the point where I could take it no more and out the door she went.So, I don't know the answer to your question since I don't know your parents or situation, however, I can say that I would never have imagined that I could possibly do what I did, but, I did it.My advice? Take the threat seriously.For those interested, what I described above was a brief description of an issue that went on for years. Ultimately my daughter was in rehab over a half a dozen times over a period of years. She was homeless for many months. The last rehab she was in combined with some experiences in her last relapse period (that included the death by overdose by more than one friend and the murder of another)  finally convinced her to stay off of drugs. She's now clean, employed and living in group home for persons who had drug and/or alcohol problems and are now clean.

How Do I tell what my parents really want me to be?

Do you know what you really want to be?  It maybe that your parents want you to find your path on life and not force their opinions on you.  They may want you to have your own dreams rather than live theirs. If you ask your parent and they say something you don't like, what will you do? I agree that you should have communication with your parents and in doing so share with them what your own hopes and dreams for the future are.  If you can discuss openly whilst there maybe difference of an opinion,  it should help ensure mutual respect and support. I hope this helps.

My parents are making me get an abortion and I''m not really sure that is what I want to do?

It all started when my boyfriends mom called my grandmother and told her that I was pregnant. In which she had no reason to do because I was going to tell her myself after I was sure what I wanted to do. So know nobody in my family likes my boyfriend or wants to hear his side of the story. I don't know what to do because they are putting stuff in my head about how he meant to get me pregnant and he really doesn't care about me and neither does his family. I'm just really confused and either decision I make I will be hurting someone and I don't want to hurt anyone. My grandparents are upset, my parents, sister. I just don't know what to do and I am so confused. I really care about my boyfriend even though we haven't been together for that long. I hust have strong feelings for him and I don't want to hurt him.

My parents are really nosy, what can i do to stop them?

Start leaving sticky notes in areas where snoopy people look. Just little messages saying "Hey there, whacha doin in this drawer?", "Can I help you find something?" or even "Snoopy *** little bugger", and change the lock screen on your computer to the same thing. They'll get the point.

Do you think your parents actually know you?

Not at all. And now that I have my own daughter, who I know everything about.. it really blows my mind that my parents’ involvement was so little. Even with the very basic stuff, like I know my child’s fears and dreams. Her favorite books, food, movie, and what she loves to do. She’s growing and changing constantly, and for the most part, I can say I’ve kept up.I don’t eat cheese and haven't since I was a child, and haven't eaten meat in years. The last time I saw my dad, he brought me a cheeseburger. And that’s just totally at my surface. You don’t have to be my best friend to know those things about me.There are things about my childhood I often share with my daughter and I am always astounded at the fact that I didn't ever have what she has growing up and still don’t. But its okay, at the time I never knew what I was missing.I don’t hate my parents by the way. They dont know me. They probably never will, and I don’t waste my energy wishing they had. I was safe and I never went hungry. For that, I am grateful.

My parents are forcing me to do engineering but I am really not intrested in doing it! I want to start my career in some other branch. What can I do?

Do not do it! You are hearing it from a person who regrets the decision she took because of the same reason you told. Your career is something you have to choose. There will be a lot of people trying to influence your decision. You don't want to look back ten years from now and regret the decision you took. And trust me you will blame your parents then, and that will hurt them even more1) they might try emotional blackmail. Do not fall for it. Be mature in your talks and tell them that engineering is not what they want. But be prepared at answer the question 'then what do you want' note down points as to why you don't like engineering. What reasons you have? Try to convince them that you will not like it2) tell them.that if the force you, you will blame them years from now. And tell them that there can come chances of you hating them. Do emotional talk back3) tell them the stories of ppl who joined engineering because of their parents wishes and absolutely hated it. You can find such stories on quora. There were even cases of suicide. 4) tell them you understand them, that they want a good career for you. You can understand that they are worried for you. But tell them what they should be worried is their child's happiness. There are good career prospects for other courses too. Show them examples of high earning people from other career steams as well. Do not rebel, talk to them emotionallyPs:keep in mind that you have to have a clear answer as to why you don't like engineering and what do you want to do besides engineering

I really want a hamster but my parents will not let me have on!?

I went throught the EXACT same thing you did. Well, my parents made me a deal on if i could keep my room clean for 30 days, we would get one for me. I didnt keep it clean, but i ended up getting one, and my brothers too. See if you can make them a deal on how responsible you are. If your parents are like mine, they will want to see responsibility, Keep your room clean with out them askings, or do the dishes. Make sure they dont have to ask though. Good luck hope it helps!

My parents really want me to do engineering but I like finance what do I do?

Well for such case there can be an easy solution. First pursue btech as engineering sharpens your brain and makes you more productive. After that you can pursue MBA in business finance from any reputed management institutions. I am advising you to do btech because btech + mba is the most lethal combination in today's market. It will surely give you a lucrative job because you'll be having the technical as well as financial knowledge apart from possessing management skill. And of course it will keep your parents happy as well.