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Can Parents Of The Paralyzed Children Sue 0bama

Can paralyzed people have children?

It depends where she is paralyzed. If her upper body is not paralyzed, she can sing along with a Karaoke microphone (the plug-in to the TV kind you can find one for $50-$70 (Leadsinger brand) at Target or another store, read books & magazines, listen to music or write stories, poems, thoughts in a journal and surf and chat online. If her arms are paralyzed, she can still surf and chat on the internet with friends, but will have to use special equipment such as a pointer held by the mouth to press keys. If she is paralyzed from the neck down, she can still listen to music and books on audio CD and watch movies, especially ones that will make her think and/or laugh. The main thing will be for her to use her imagination; it takes some imagination to make most of what you got! I don't know if this will help.

Can a child sue a parent if they had promised to pay for college education and later renegs on that promise?

I am not an attorney and I do not play one on TV....BUT I would doubt your Girlfriend has any case at all. The law is pretty clear that a parents obligations end at the age of 18. The only things she is entitled to from her parents if she is in college are health care covereage to age 24 (they can drop that to) and the privledge of reporting her parents income on her financial aid forms and thereby not be able to receive certain forms of aid.

Unfortunately I would doubt any sane lawyer would take on this case. She can appeal to the University's Financial Aid department if she needs funds and they can re-evaluate her situation. The good thing here is Universities have flexibility in your financial aid. This is not a process that is solely reliant on computers to decide. The information from the FAFSA creates a profile and a bunch of numbers that the financial aid department put into a computer and it decides on the aid your QUALIFY for. It tells them if you can get the free money (grants) or if you have to go into huge amounts of debt that you can never pay back through loans. Beyond that, the financial aid office is able to use judgement and can evaluate a student on an individual basis. No financial aid department will DENY this opporutnity but they will not come looking for you either.

Can an adult child sue a parent for lack of child support?

No because child support payments go to the mother, not to the child, so he doesn't owe YOU anything, so how could you sue him? I have just as much legal right to sue him for child support as you do. Your father is already being ordered to pay child support by a court and STILL owes back child support, so why would you think that suing him would do anything, even if you could? He just wouldn't pay the lawsuit judgement either. And you and your mother's law idea is stupid. If he isn'tmaking child support payments, and get cut off from government assistance, then you're reducing your chance of ever getting it. You only get child support when the father has money in the first place, so how is cutting off his income going to help anything? Perhaps you and your brother should get jobs to help your mother instead of crying about it and making up laws that won't work. If you're too young to get a real job, then mow lawns, collect cans, etc. Are you? @Sweat I love how you call this a Romney economy when he's not even in office. This is an Obama economy and has been for years. Are you guys EVER going to take your medicine and accept that perhaps the party in the white house and who controlled the Senate for years MIGHT be partially to blame?

What do U think More than 100 kids sue over parents' deportations?

They won't win. I think that the energy is all directed in the wrong place. It is sad that these families must be separated but the parents knew this would happen if they were caught. They left because they felt they had to, and I can understand it--I might do the same thing if I could not provide for my family and there were no opportunities in my country. But I would have to accept the consequences. It is a risk. I really think that the illegal immigrants are going to back themselves into a corner. They do not have the same rights as citizens, just as we USA citizens would not have the same rights in their countries. They get a lot more here than we would in any other country. However, you can only go so far before you step over the line. And to sue that the government should keep illegal people in the country is going too far. The energy of these students and lawyers would be better placed in getting the parents reunited with the children in their native country and getting decent jobs for the parents in their country or getting better jobs for the legal guardians of the children in the USA. The children hopefully will not be preoccupied with this lawsuit. How are they going to do well in school and live their lives here if they are worried about their parents in another country AND a lawsuit?

Can the parents of the victims of Texas' most recent mass murder,sue the parents of the shooter for negligence?

I don’t know Texas state law but I hope so. Parents need to start being held criminally responsible for allowing a child access to firearms. Not just because of mass shootings either. Thousands of children die every year because Daddy or Mommy left a gun where they could find it. It’s the THIRD leading cause of death for children in our country.

“Guns are responsible for the death or injury of over 7,000 children in America each year. And child gun injuries and deaths may be even more prevalent in the United States than we realized.”

Is it possible to sue your parents for not being a good parent at the age of 14?

i'm asking this question because my mom not only treats me bad by calling me fat (yes I'm chubby but I'm working on it) but calling me a failure when I'm barely starting high school, and calls me a women because i wash dishes and like to cook food( F.Y.I. I'm male). Not only that but calls me a dumb-*** because i want obama to win because she doesn't like him solely because he's black. and for some reason she doesn't want me going out with my friends and keeps me cooped up in the house only to buy grocery and stuff....
What can i do? me and my family have tried to talk to her but she goes off and starts throwing objects around, yelling, and hitting us physically. did i mention she is strong? some one please help me and family not to separate from her but to get some professional help.
The only reason we don't is that she got a blot lock for the car and we can't drive anywhere, and we can't walk any where because we live in the middle of nowhere. she keeps the keys in her pockets so we don't take them from her......
maybe we don't do the dishes Sometimes but she doesn't have to Explode like she does. <=[
please some one respond quickly because if we don't do what she says when she says it she takes the internet away. which one of two ways we reach the outside world.