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Can Prunes That Are Out Of Date By 4 Years Cause A Food Born Illness.

What causes dark green stool and stomach cramps? I have dark green stool, stomach cramps, constant gurgling, bloating, and my stomach is tender to touch.

It is always difficult to make a diagnosis without examining the patient. However, from the information given, this may well be a case of gastroenteritis - indicating that the 'bowel transit time' is faster than usual.Other causes of green discolouration in the stool include:-Laxative useAntibiotic useMedication side effectsFood poisoningCeliac diseaseUlcerative colitisCrohn's diseaseMalabsorptionIrritable bowel syndromeGenerally speaking, gastroenteritis is a self-limiting condition. However, face to face medical advice should be sought in the following circumstances:-When should I seek medical advice?Seek medical advice in any of the following situations, or if any other symptoms occur that you are concerned about:If you suspect that you are becoming dehydrated.If you are vomiting a lot and unable to keep fluids down.If you have blood in your diarrhoea or vomit.If you have severe abdominal pain.If you have severe symptoms, or if you feel that your condition is getting worse.If you have a persisting high fever.If your symptoms are not settling - for example, vomiting for more than 1-2 days, or diarrhoea that does not start to settle after 3-4 days.Infections caught abroad.If you are elderly or have an underlying health problem such as diabetes, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease.If you have a weakened immune system because of, for example, chemotherapy treatment, long-term steroid treatment, HIV infection.If you are pregnant.( in all cases, advice given over the Internet is just that, face to face advice should be sought if symptoms persist.

How does orange juice cause diarrhea?

I'm not aware of fresh 100% real orange juice causing diarrhea BUT excess vitamin C can indeed cause diarrhea. In general vitamin C is pretty safe, even in high doses, but once your body has absorbed its limit (this will vary depending on the person and any deficiency) it will cause diarrhea. Holistic practitioners often use the onset of diarrhea to determine an individual's upper vitamin C limit. However this symptom will be relieved shortly after cutting back the excess vitamin C. However if drinking your juice is followed by severe cramping, bloody stools, and or vomiting you may be dealing with food borne illness. In which case medical attention should be considered.

I cooked and ate some expired ground beef and it tasted terrible. All of the pathogens should have been destroyed and I only had two bites but I still feel sick, what else could cause that?

Years ago, I was a taxi driver in the Inglewood Calif. area. I was driving graveyard shift. I stopped at a popular restaurant and ordered one of my favorites, calves liver and onions. I mention this fact because this wasn’t some higher class place, it was just a coffee shop. Everything on my plate looked nice. It all tasted good, except the liver had a slightly strange taste. It tasted “tinny”! I just decided that I had forgotten the taste of liver, since I hadn’t had it for some time. But, I didn’t fully finish it!About 1/2 hour later, as I was driving, my stomach became queezy. But I tried to ignore it. Another 1/2 hour, and since my cab was empty, I radio’d the dispatch and told her I was coming in. By the time I had parked and was climbing the short stairway to the office, I was flushed, dizzy, and couldn’t ignore my sick stomach any longer.I sat down at the small work table sitting by the door which drivers used to fill out their paperwork. My head was spinning, I was running a fever! I had zero strength not even to stand. With my head on my arms on the table, and with me sweating, I passed out.The dispatcher checked on me occasionally, but otherwise let me alone. Several hours went by, and I suddenly woke up, stomach bile was backing up in my throat. I rushed out the door just as vomit came out my mouth in a projectile fashion, to land on the sidewalk, curb, and dirty the back fender of a car parked at the curb. Afterward I staggered back into the office and passed out again.The next time I woke up, the sun had risen. Again I was sick and hurried outside, but it wasn’t as bad this time. I went back inside and again went to sleep, until about 10 AM. Then for the first time in about ten hours, I was feeling stronger. I said how sorry I was, said goodbye and left for home to shower and climb into my bed.Now, there is a difference between getting the flu (24 hour bug) and true influenza! I know because I’ve had both before! And with influenza, you lose extraordinary amounts of fluids out of all three exit ports! But, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to equal how sick I was back that one night.This episode was to tell you that your experience with your DATED ground beef was fine. Regardless of how it tasted, if you didn’t vomit uncontrollably within a short time after consumption, then your ill feelings were just in your mind.