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Can Registered Nurses Help Deliver Babies

What is the nurse that helps deliver the baby called?

well, in the uk, at the actual birth there are no nurses, just midwives. I wonder if you mean auxillary nurses, or health care assistants? They are valuable members of the maternity team that help out with all sorts of things, from bathing babies to helping mums with breast feeding.
hope this helps a bit.

Is veginaly delivered babies are most intelligent that Cesarean section delivered?

There's no way to know definitively and any study would violate ethical standards across the board.Women that birth by cesarean tend to do so based on an emergency situation, like when baby is in distress or mom isn't progressing. Vaginal birth is the way nature intended birth to happen but life-saving surgical birth is exactly that…life-saving.Surgically born babies don't get squeezed like vaginally born babies so they tend to be a little watery in the lungs. Their APGAR scores are usually the same and milestone development is also on par.To answer your question? In my opinion, the method of birth doesn't impact a baby's long or short term IQ

What is the name of a nurse that helps delivery babys?

L&D Nurse = Labor & Delivery Nurse

It bothers me that my firefighter/paramedic husband delivers babies on the job. Anyone else feel the same?

Jenny, this IS his job that means absolutely NOTHING personal to him. He delivers babies, helps start their little helpless lives & that's ALL he has to do. Be glad you're not married to an OBGYN!!! You couldn't take a husband who had a position in that vocation! Just get into your mind it's NOTHING "personal" whatsoever. Even Police help deliver babies, cab drivers have helped deliver babies! Hopefully therapy WILL help you better understand all this. My adult Daughter has been an RN for 30 yrs., has about seen everything, doesn't think a thing about it being "personal", just part of her job. Honey, try to look at it as he's assisting whatever needs be being a part of his job, nothing else. I doubt he even looks at the mother & wouldn't know her again if he fell over her!!! Just answering another call for help!!!...I wish you the best...:)

Can nurse practitioners deliver babies? If so, why?

Tara Lang-Jackson Ha… “only a pregnant woman can deliver/birth a baby. Anyone else standing around who may or may not assist with catching the baby should not get credit…”Wow. You are disregarding all of the knowledge that labor and delivery nurses, midwives and obstetricians have. Yes, the power of the female body is great, but the majority of women need and want trained professionals to help during labor and yes…deliver the baby. Deliver=bring and hand over.“Catch the baby”? First of all, most births do not have a baby flying out like in the movies. Even “spontaneous deliveries” take time, knowledge and hands. Labor can take hours upon hours and during that time skilled people are making sure both mother and baby are okay before, during and after delivery. Complications arise and they are trained in what to do. In layman’s terms, babies can get “stuck,” contractions can slow down, things can happen. And when they do, midwives, labor and delivery nurses and OBs are there to use tools to deliver the baby (whether it be a physical tool or a positional tool). After that, the placenta is delivered. I’ve seen that slip out pretty quickly. But the medical professionals who are trained know that they need to check the placenta to make sure it is all there, or the woman can hemorrhage.There is more to this than you make out with your response.To answer the question at hand, Nurse Midwives can deliver babies. A women’s health Nurse Practitioner can do all gynecological work.If it were as easy as “catching a baby” then anyone off the street could do it and every woman would have her baby at home.

What all do Labor and Delivery Nurses do?

For school I have to do a report on a career. I was wondering what all the Labor and Delivery nurses do. Sonograms? Work in the nursery area after birth? What is the average hourly fee? Lots of information would be greatly appreciated.

What do you call a person who delivers babies???

midwife or obstitrician (sp)

What kind of nurses take care of newborn babies?

There are generally three types of nurses that care for newborns in the hospital setting: Labor and Delivery Nurses typically assist with deliveries and care for the baby immediatly following birth (taking vital signs, cutting the cord, and assessing the APGAR score).Maternity Nurses care for babies on the postpartum floor of hospitals (mother/baby unit)NICU Nurses care for babies that are sick or prematureThese nurses often will utilize their skills outside the hospital in a private setting. Through personal care, RN's (along with Newborn Care Specialists and Postpartum Doulas) provide additional support to mothers and newborns to ease the transition home.