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Can Some E Help Me Possibly Get My Bff Back

How can I get my ex girlfriend back when she has no feelings for me, but wants to remain just friends?

You don't get her back being the way you are right now! The way you are clearly behaving is turning your ex girlfriend OFF you! You are desperate! This desperation makes the chances of a reconciliation very small indeed. This is the best way forward for you if you are prepared to go the distance and hopefully secure your ex girlfriends heart again: You tell your ex girlfriend that being friends with her is too difficult for you. You END your friendship immediately! That's correct! You are reading these words effectively. You do not contact your ex girlfriend in any way following the ending of your friendship. Your ex girlfriend has to start missing you. How can she do this if you remain friends? Who in their right mind chooses to stay friends with a former romantic partner? I tell you who: Someone so desperately insecure. Someone so desperately needy! Someone who's behaviour borders on stalkerish/obsessional. You end this sham of a friendship now! You then destroy all tangible memories of your ex. Be that gifts, photos, love letters, anything that reminds you of your ex! You then START AGAIN WITHOUT your ex. You build up your physical and (crucially), emotional strength again. You get your act together. Your relationship is DEAD! That relationship is consigned to the annals of history. You do not seek out your ex on social media or anywhere for that matter. You will have days, weeks, and probably months of incredible pain WITHOUT your ex in your life. But here's the pay off: Your ex WILL start to MISS you. She'll be curious as to how your life is going. She'll be so confused by the fact that you HAVEN'T contacted her. Her attraction to you will grow! This is what you need. You need your ex to be drawn once again to you. Now do as I say and you will be fine. Carry on being the begging, pleading, desperate ex stuck in the friend zone, and you will be there for ALWAYS! You will be there while other men have a relationship with her. You MUST end your pathetic ‘friendship’ right now. Otherwise, let me know in 6 months how this friendship is getting on! See my point? Read this advice carefully please. You will not receive better advice anywhere. My final word: To win something back, you have to lose it first! Lose it completely that is! Now go and be a proper man and do as I advise please. Take care.

My friend says she wants to take a break in our friendship... Help please!?

Well I noticed that ever since I told my best friend how I feel she's been acting so weird with me. I just told her that I feel that she's pushing me aside now and that we don't hang out as much anymore. She told me age wants to be with new people too and not just with me. I understood that and I told her i was over reacting. Then later that day I post a message on facebook saying "why is it when you care about a person a lot they don't care as much as you do?" then her friend sees that message and starts messgaing me saying "that's life hun" and all this crap. I never meant any harm from any of this I just miss my best friend. Then i see that my best friend deleted me from facebook... Like why would she do that?! I call and she doesn't answer she hasn't spoken to me for 2 days and I'm kind of sad.... I did so much for her and I've given her so many things... She's using one of my phones right now!!! I donno wat to do... Should I go talk to her or just wait it out? Please help me please!!!!

Why are men so fickle?

Are you nuts? I believe that the common notion is that women are fickle. Haven't you heard that famous opera song La Donna e Mobile? Translation: Women are fickle. And it wouldn't be so famous if it weren't spot on.

My best friend kissed me (he is gay)?

He hasn't officially 'come out' yet, but had told me a few month ago that he was gay. (we are both 14 btw)
I really don't care that he is, and things never changed between us, we were still thick as thieves and there was no awkwardness or anything. :)
But a few month ago he started acting a little strange around me, like, getting nervous and avoiding eye contact with me. I tried to ignore it.
And two nights ago we were alone in his room and sitting beside each other on his bed watching TV.
(also, we are really close, and have known each other our whole lives. Grew up in the same foster home and our foster parents live in the same apartment building lol) I had to go home because it was pretty late, and i turned to him and said goodbye and was about to get up when he said "wait"
and held my arm. So i sat there. I thought something was wrong cuz he was looking at my kind of strange, and then he gave me a peck on the lips.

Yeah, i was pretty shocked, and i could see him like, realizing what he had done, and he just started apologizing/babbling, and seemed to get really embarrassed.

Anyway, i left and its been really weird between us ever since.

I actually tried talking to him, but he quickly avoids me, and looks guilty...or maybe just sad idk, and goes somewhere else.

This is a really difficult situation. My biggest fear is that our friendship will end, or change drastically and i dont want it to. I'm sure he feels horribly embarrassed, and i guess he has like a crush on me or something...
He knows i am straight too.

Can anyone give any advice on how to approach him and resolve the situation? I just want to tell him its ok and i just want to be his friend, and whatever process he is going through (if their is a process XD I really dont know but i know it cant be easy discovering your gay and being afraid of ridiculed, which i would NEVE do to him): he alway has me to lean on.

I really dont know what to do...i feel if i do nothing the problem will just get bigger, and we will have this awkwardness hanging over us.


ty to whoever read all this and helped :D
No negative comments please! (as if asking them not to ever stopped them ¬_¬)

(PS: also, i am a boy lol, didnt mention the whole way through, I'll do it now just not to confuse anyone.)

She's the best friend i could ever ask for...and i really like her?

i really like this girl...she is awesome...just a fantastic overall, nice, patient, self-respectful) she is my best friend and i am hers (it has been said numerous times) i asked her out to homecoming she said yes...somebody said i said we were going out(i didn't) and she got mad at me i told her my side of it and she was fine we went right back to friends(o btw i accidently elbowed her cousin in the face...gave her black eye) then she was having troubles in her tech ed class with guys being A$$e$ to her...i basicaly told her i'd kick there A$$e$ and she told me to not do anything....recently i asked her cousin(the one eye elbowed) if she liked me or not...she said idk but i'll find out....she responds later..."she only likes you as a friend...she considers you her best friend and loves talking to you and being with you.....and I know that nothing will ever change that(cousins words not the girls) i was happy that i didn't ruin an amazing friendship...and now it hasn't been awkward at all...we are still amazing friends...but whenever i talk to her i feel this gut-wreching feeling...i've told her numerous times that i'll always be here if she needs more or anything and she's said she'll gladly come......she's my best friend and i'm in love....i honestly love her....but she doesn't feel the same can i possibly move on...?

I saw my best friend kissing my boyfriend what should i do?

I would fatten her lips so she won't be doing any kissing anytime soon. I would wait until he fell asleep and get a stuffed animal and glue it to his lips. One that would have big lips and resemble your two faced best friend. you may get into a little trouble but hey that would be funny.

What should I do if I have a major crush on a close friend and I don't want to ruin our friendship?

I know it will be hard for you to believe but I've been through the exact same thing. First thing first, tell him how you feel for him. Now don't mistake this opinion as some love guru funda. It's not. The only thing I want to tell you is that you DON'T WANT TO REGRET YOUR SILENCE few years from now. I liked this girl who also happened to be a very good friend. At first, I kept dodging the feelings, however I soon realized that it was getting tough for me. She was nice to me and I did not want to mistake those gestures with something else. The only thing that kept me from telling her was that we used to hang out in group and I never wanted to be the one who spoiled the atmosphere and making things awkward. So I never shared my feelings with her until we were posted to different locations. I realized I might never be able to see her again and a few days before we were supposed to leave I told her about my feelings for her (I don't want to take the credit for the entire thing, she was the one who was the acting catalyst during the conversation).Now here's the thing!!! She too had feelings for me all the while and in her words " had been dropping hint bombs" at me. It's is the best feeling, believe me, and you'll get to live it only if you tell him. Even if things don't work out(now don't be pessimistic), he will understand and that way you'll never regret not telling him. All the best !!! PS: I'm glad I told her. She is the best thing that's happened to me.