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Can Some One Help Me With The Name Of The Song And Artist

Can some one help me find the name of a song & its artist so i can download it.?

If the words are spoken rather than sung

"I've seen you around, I think you're really attractive" (or something like that) , then "would you go to bed with me"

then it's definitely "Would You?" by Touch and Go

Can any one help me with the song name or artist of these lines?

hi there,

1. "I'm a tiger" by Lulu
2."I saw Linda Yesterday" by Dickey Lee
3. the closest I get to an oldie is "Jimmy don't go away" by Jay Leonhart
(I must be overlooking something)

Mike Dennis.

HELP!! can someone tell me the name and artist of this song please?

Sounds like Muse to me. not sure of title though.
Its too heavy for the darkness.

Reddit, tip of my tongue. Great for stuff like this:

Can someone assist me with an artist's name/song name?

I saw the video on YouTube and now I want to see it again because I remember it as different and sort of haunting.

I wasn't really paying attention to the song/video at the time so now all I remember is at the end the singer, a female, is sitting and you see the shadow behind her "get up" and walk off while she remains seated. If anyone can help me out with this one, I would be super grateful.

I know it's not a lot to go on...sorry. I feel like I remember things about it (like I think the singer's blonde and plays a guitar, if that helps), but I'm not sure. It also seems like the background of the video is shot in a warehouse/abandoned building.

Once again, thanks for your help! :)

Can someone name the artist/title of this song?

I heard the song in CVS. It's a male artist. The chorus is something like, "Your love crashes over me like an ocean of rain on my skin." At the end of the chorus, he sings, "...I realize you're everything to me and more." I searched lyrics, but all I get is Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten". In the middle of the song, there is a rap and at the end, there are female backup singers. Please help! Thanks in advance. :)

xo; Jess

Can someone please tell me what the name of the song & artist are on the ultra violet trailers?

It's Scary Spice singing "Hotcha Momma Wanna Swingee!"

Can someone tell me the name and artist of this song?

The Business-Yung Berg feat. Cassie

love that songgg<3 so hott

Can someone please help me figure out the name or artist of this song?!?

there is this song that ive been dying to know for the last week and i cant seem to find it anywheres. i am not completely sure of the lyrics but i believe that this is how it goes:

something like:
"this is real (the voice gets higher at "real".
this is pure"

or something like that.
its not the feelers or gwen stacy or robbie williams. i already checked them all. it is a male singer. please help me!!
it is also in a recent movie trailer. help!
but no, sorry i dont know the trailer.
it also says "most of all" repeatedly. there is also piano in it.

Ok so this is quite a difficult question for anyone to answer because they’ll always have these ridiculous biases that get in the way of their answers. The most common answers to this question are commercial acts such as The Beatles, Queen, Eminem , LED Zeppelin, Radiohead and many more artists that have a big fan base (all of the examples I have just given are direct from a post on reddit I saw the other day). Of course these answers are all incorrect, in my opinion anyway. The Beatles have got several songs on the White album that are awful, Wild Honey Pie is shocking, don’t get me wrong the Beatles are one of the finest bands in pop rock history but to say they have no bad songs is just ignorant. Anyway sorry for rambling so much I just wanted to clear the air of some incorrect answers.I can think of a few artists who have no bad songs and all for the same reason.The Jimi Hendrix ExperienceNick DrakeSimon and GarfunkelThese are a few off the top of my head. I’m not saying that these are the best artists of all time, although a few of them are up there, and I’m also not saying that every single one of their songs is 10/10 but because they only released a few albums in the space of a very short time they managed to stay on this creative roll that allowed for them to maintain a very high quality that didn’t seem to drop within the time that they were making records.What’s important to note though is that these acts did not go on for very long, or they didn���t release many albums. The Jimi Hendrix Experience has three as did Nick Drake and Simon and Garfunkel had five (not including the Graduate soundtrack). Of course there are plenty of artists who maintained a high standard for a couple of years but they kept going and soon dropped off, just look at the Beach Boys (my favourite band of all time).So those are just three I can think of but it’s important to note that just because The Beatles or Led Zeppelin or Radiohead don’t have a clean slate doesn’t mean that they didn’t make great music, or anyone else who may be excellent but doesn’t fit into the no-bad-songs category… except Eminem, Eminem’s shit.(Sidenote, I do have a lot of respect for all the acts I listed in the first paragraph they all have some really solid albums and are popular for a reason… except for Eminem, Eminem’s shit.)