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Can Somebody Help Me Answer The Following

Can someone help me answer the following question? If you could please explain how you got the answer.?

domain is defined as the values that will work for 'x'. Since the denominator of a rational function can NOT be zero, the domain is restricted by the values where (x-3)=0 and (8-x)=0.

therefore, the domain of (f+h)(x) is all Real numbers except 3 and 8.

Can somebody help me translate the following from English to Chinese?

Hello, I have been searching all over the internet for a full translation of American "Miranda Rights/Warnings" into Chinese/Cantonese. Can somebody help me with translating the following into Chinese? I hope Yahoo! is allowing Chinese characters here.

"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand your rights?"

Thank you.

Can somebody help me in following situation? Please see the description.

See everyone has their own set of expectations. As you mentioned the family is way too rich so they must have framed a tutor in their mind according to their expectations and its not necessary that you or some else is going to meet that. Who knows how many tutors they have rejected before you. 2nd thing you mentioned you were not felling comfortable in their ambiance then why are you feeling bad? It has nothing to do with professionalism as far as i believe. When people go for an audition, not everyone gets selected. out of 1000+ people they take only one or two because the casting team has their expectations and not everyone is meeting that. Even though almost all the indicates are equally talented. And in most of the cases people with great talent get rejected. Everything happens for a reason. So do not feel bad. There must be something great waiting for you :)

Can somebody help explain the following questions about the movie Mr. Nobody (2009)?

Starting with your first question,actually he did not live to talk about them,it is all about the choices he thought while Nemo is running behind the train. But yes the 119(don't know the exact age)  year Mr.Nobody says about the stories in which he had died also. It means that Mr.Nobody might be thinking of what happens if he had taken that choice or that path. But Mr.Nobody himself doesn't exist . The kid thinks that he might be saying his story to someone about his past at that age and says about every path and choice.Coming to the Second  and Third ones, even i asked these questions few seconds before. I am also very confused about the mysterious place.

Hello, please can somebody help me with my math question as I have been stuck on it for a while?

R     V     D
 4      5     7

Total parts
4 + 5 + 7
16 parts

Number of carrots in each part
Dancer gets 18 more carrots than Rudolf
7x - 4x = 18
3x = 18
x = 6 carrots/part

How many carrots did they share in total?
16 parts * 6 carrots/part
96 carrots <–––––

Can someone help me answer the following questions?

Who sets the presidents salary?

What does the constitution state that the president must do as chief executive?

What must be true about executive orders?

What is the role of the president when he is leader of the armed

What is the presidents job as chief diplomat?

who leads in making foreign policy?

what is foreign policy?

Can someone help me answer the following questions?

Six Basic Principles Supporting the Implementation of IDEA

IDEA is based on six basic principles which provide a framework within which states may develop effective special education programs. The current status of the implementation of these principles is described below.

* IDEA's zero-reject principle has opened schoolhouse doors to all students with disabilities; yet schools still try to expel or suspend students who present behavioral or other special challenges.

* IDEA's nondiscriminatory evaluation principle has ensured that in most cases students' disabilities are identified and fairly and accurately assessed; yet schools still too frequently misclassify students, especially minority students.

* IDEA's appropriate education principle has helped most students benefit from special education; yet it is abundantly clear that the outcomes of special education are less than acceptable for far too many students.

* IDEA's least restrictive environment principle has allowed some students to be educated with their nondisabled peers. There has been some progress in physical, academic, and social integration; yet far too often the schools still fall far short in providing the supplementary aids and services that would enable many more students to benefit from education with their nondisabled peers.

* IDEA's due process principle has held schools and families accountable to each other; yet schools and families still find fault with federal and state monitoring and still face the financially and emotionally draining prospects of administrative and judicial hearings.

* IDEA's principle of shared decision making by parents, students, and schools has created effective education and a wholesome system of checks and balances for many of these stakeholders; yet professional dominance still is too often the norm.

In short, however effectively this law and its six principles have been implemented in some areas, there still remain far too many instances where schools have failed to implement IDEA properly.

Can someone help me answer the following statistics problem?

i'm going to permit B represent a individual buys coverage. P(B) = .25, so P(?B) = .seventy 5, (The possibility a shopper won't purchase.) For ease with the binomial theorem. A = P(?B), B =P(B) for greater efficient improve of: (A + B)^40 Which has 40-one words, we want 11 words for situation a million on my own. C(40,10)B^10A^30 + C(40,9)B^9A^31+C(40,8)B^8A^32+...C(40,a million)... Sorry i will't evaluate this, i'm confident you are able to finished the concern, yet i'm going to make an effort. 2&3) The possibility that one will die interior of two widely used deviations is .9772, The prb. interior of three is: .9998. this is an rather state-of-the-paintings situation, to declare that he will actually sell a million in 4 purchasers or 10 purchasers isn't precisely ultimate suited as replaced into addressed in situation a million. My physique of techniques would be to evaluate each and all of the 40-one words to confirm the possibility of each. Multiply each and each possibility via the possibility that those particular human beings die. case in point if he has offered precisely 10 purchasers the possibility that he would sell precisely 10 purchasers, then the ten would die interior of three widely used deviations would be: C(40,10)B^10A^30*(.9998)^10 the concern whether this term is the main possibly there are 40 greater words to evaluate. This feels like a situation to be solved via unfold sheet on Excel. probably matrex maultiplcation would help. sturdy success!

Can somebody help me?

1% to 0.25% is a 1 in 4 dilution, so it's 1 part of 1% stock plus 3 parts of water.
Those 4 parts must equal 1000 mL, so 1 part = 250 mL.
Therefore, you need 250 mL of 1% stock + 750 mL of water.

Can someone help me with the following problem I have with my friendship?

Don't behave like a ruddy girl. Excite him, bring him on. You are 20, it is 18+ and your friend, why did you both are putting your bangles on?Giving you some real bad words to initiate "The Rumble in the Bronx".(Clap real hard to bring out everyone's attention)Hohoho...It is the most ugly PJ, I have been tolerating from last few days. Indeed was a good try from a shit head, fuck face, who can not come up with any new idea.You are taking things granted because I didn't express my thoughts about you. People like you have a fabulous ability to fart and speak at the same time. More often I do not bother, either you have farted or spoken few words. Since your words are making a lot of bad odour, I can easily guess. What did you have in your breakfast?I insist to change your early morning food habits. You can kill him and pack him in your school bag, whatever is more suitable to you.What are some funny answers to "Where can I hide a dead body"?A simple solution is that you can complaint about it to authorities.If you go for this then author is not responsible for the damage that you took to yourself and to your friends. Complete your studies, you will get such pot-heads at every U turn of life. Not only in schools or colleges.