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Can Someone Answer Me This

Can someone answer this for me?

Tell her now before she visits you about how you feel, just be honest with her and tell her you are looking forward to seeing her again but you want her to know that you have feeling for her and is it possible to be more than friends - what is the worst she says, No and doesn't come and visit you but it is better to tell her and give her time to think about it than make a fool of yourself while she is visiting you, if she is not interested in you and doesn't have feelings for you it is better that she tells you and doesn't come and visit you than waste your time with her visit if she only wants a friend, You are 42 and she is 26 and in her future she will want to get married and have children, is this something you want in your future? Good Luck

Can someone answer this for me?

Kisses can be with eyes open or close as far as I have experienced, but mostly closed. If it is a very romantic kiss definetely closed, a more casual one open is fine. But there is no right or wrong, that is couple´s thing. Whatever makes you guys feel comfortable. If your bf says you are a good kisser then you are to him, as long as you actually feel that he likes to kiss you. But remember that people like different way of kissing. So while a guy might a good kisser to one girl, it might not be that great for other, but is a preference thing. The good thing is that we can all modify and compromise in the way we kiss.

Can someone answer me this...?

I understand you completely.

our first dog was a huge occurrence. it was better than christmas. we had just moved here.
I cant tell you how many late library books (yes-libraries have info on dogs too...didn't have internet. it was in 2000-so not that long ago. we just couldn't afford internet and didn't have any desire)
my dad wanted to hunt. so me as a 5th grader did a ton of research on hunting. even tho I hate the thought of it.

I read til my eyes hurt-no joke. like I said. it was bigger than christmas for us.

and I do need a refresher sometimes. why my puppy bites...if its not for an obvious reason I would ask about aggression or something

but I do understand you

and my dogs are a part of me. I've never had a baby. but when people think of Cassie. they think of my dogs.
no joke. my teacher used me as an example today
something like 'anything and everything that you do well you need to have a passion for. whenver I think of passion I think of cassie and her dogs. it would be a shame if Cassie decided against a career involving animals. the Rochelle hoarding case at TAILS brought out the best in her.
she wouldnt be right without her pets'
and he is right
without my pets I would die. I would have no will to live.

and that is being completley honest. I'm taking a whole different road with college than my original plan, b/c in my original plan- I couldnt have a dog. and I have stated a lot that I will NEVER live without a dog in my home

he also started talking about finding the 'right person' later in study hall.
he asked 'what would you do if the 'right person' didnt like animals cassie?'
I said
'screw him then. I'll kick him out right away'
then he said
'thought so'

so. thats all just me saying how important animals are in my life.

Can someone answer this for me?

You, or someone is using the wrong terminology. Bearing ??? Heading is the term to indicate the direction the ship is sailing. ... Bearing is the direction in which you can look to see something, a ship, an island, or anything else.
a) So if the heading is S 34 W
... W = 180 for a trig angle ... S 34 W = 180 + 34 = 214 for a trig angle
noon to 6pm = 6hrs ... 6 X 25 = 150 nautical miles travel and is the hypotenuse of a triangle ... y is the equivalent of north / south travel
sin 214 = y / 150 ... y = 150 sin 214 <<< use a calculator *if positive this is a North distance, if negative this is a South distance.
cos 214 = x / 150 ... x = 150 cos 214 <<< use a calc. *if positive this is a distance East, if neg. this is a distance West.

b) ... from 6 to 7 the ship travels 25 nautical miles West ...
Add this to the answer from (a) to get total distance west the ship has traveled ... this becomes x for below.
tan (theta) = y/x
use the y answer from (a) and x ...
theta (a trig angle) = inverse tan (y/x) ... follow rules that your book/teacher gives you for converting to a bearing ...

Can someone answer me this?

It's called altruism, it's when someone or something does something for another individual that benefits the individual at it's own expense. Only few animals have it, humans are one of them, so are dolphins and dogs. I would think many animals have it, but we just don't see it as much as we see it in dogs and dolphins.

Can someone answer me this..?

Well, I guess Im a moron... can u believe the nerve of that guy?? with a name like that he has the nerve to call us morons? hahaha l find it fun because its a quick way to see how people differ or how they relate in meaningless matters... like wats ur fav movie? or do u prefer oreos or nutterbutters??

Can someone answer this for me please?

08 40

add 45 mins to 7.55
5 mins takes you to 8.00
so the time must be 40 mins after.

Can someone please answer me this:?

Oh don't get me started on this one!
Paganism predates Christianity as do several other religions still practiced around the world. Yet you don't see any Pagans out there trying to convert other religions (ever hear of those Christian Missionaries?).
I have nothing against Christians or any other religion. Believe how you want so long as you believe in something.

Here is how the REAL calender goes (before stolen by the Christians)

Winter Solstice/Yule: Christmas
Ostra (Spring Equinox): Easter
Samhain: Halloween
Imbolc: Valentine's
Beltane: May Day

Sun Day: Sunday
Moon Day: Monday
Tiw's (Tyr's) Day: Tuesday
Woden's (Odin's) Day: Wednesday
Thor's Day: Thursday
Freya's Day: Friday
Saturn's Day: Saturday

Silly Christians! Your calendar is Pagan!

And besides that ... it's been well documented (check it out folks!) that Christ was born in the spring time and not in December.

Can someone answer me this questiong....?

Um.. you're able to seach approximately "nadis" it quite is approximately finally enlightening your soul. you notice, i do no longer think of you could grow to be 'hollow', as you place it. yet detachment is quite accessible. there is this thery that as quickly as all your nadis are open then you definately can touch the bigger power in the international. The power in you merges with the flexibility of this entire gadget and you lose any activity in real life. Alos, after which you're able to do telepathy too. I even have met a guy or woman who's like that. So, i in my opinion have faith in that. yet, it is going to take various stressful paintings. yet differently to try this is thru yoga. attempt doing yoga.. it is going to uplift you from different people in case you do it with complete concentration in any different case it is going to be basically constrained to physique. the component of nadis can cut back to rubble(it quite is the reason, i visit do it basically whilst i'm previous) and if it messes up then you definately will geta 'demonic' soul reason each and all the unfavorable power on your physique will launch as a replace of the helpful one, which could. i desire this helped. attempt it, guy! it works.

[math]x = 69[/math]