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Can Someone Explain To Me About This Computer Website

Would someone explain me how does this site works?

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How would you explain Thrift to someone who is new to web programming?

Thrift is one form of Inter-Process Communication. Processes are running programs that provide services to each other.Thrift is important because in larger websites, since the features and services facing the users are built by connecting different services together. It isn't as simple as one single web app doing everything.

Can someone explain to me what the following lines of code do?

As far as SEO goes:

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How do sites remember my computer?

=====UPDATED===== Confirmed ! They use flash cookies.

Ok, since none of those worked for ya, the only possibility left is the LSO, or "flash cookies" (officially called "Local Shared Objects"). They are similar to cookies in that they are tied to a website and have an upper size limit, but they are maintained by the flash player, so they are invisible to any browser tools.

That is being used by many banks nowadays, INCLUDING the bank of america (just checked).

To remove those cookies, you need to follow the instructions on this link:

That would explain why the website keeps remembering you. And it will still remember you even if you switch browsers. So it's basically a cookie that's controlled by flash, not the browser.

*tired* I hope I get those 10 pts ! -_-'

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Sometimes, browser cookies are involved. Sometimes it's IP. Let me explain that for you:

In regular websiters, you can clear all cookies. The browser won't "log you off" until you actually restart it, since it's actually holding this kind of information until you exit the application. Be sure to clear the cache when doing this experiment as well. Usually (at least on firefox), the browser stores all that information until you close the browser.

But at bank websites, for security reasons, they detect your IP address. Since it's dynamic sometimes (in some networks you can change it), if you delete all cookies, close the browser and change your IP the bank will not recognize you, even though you are at the same location/computer.

The last possibility is LSO, but try the ones above first. Will come here later to see how you're going.

Can someone answer this Computer Networking problem?

Suppose that your department has a local DNS server fro all computers in the department. You are an ordinary user (i.e. not a network/system administrator). Can you determine if an external Web site was likely accessed from a computer in your department a couple of seconds ago? Explain.

I want to say yes, unless the server is bound to administrator access only. Am I right?

Can someone explain to me what Workgroup, domain and standalone mode mean? (computer terms)?

Workgroup is a Windows-based option: Basically, it's a connection of all the computers on a network (like an internet connection) all banded together into one big group; or a Workgroup. It's efficient for its file-sharing capabilities between the computers and those sorts of things.
Domain is pretty much like an address for a website, or a computer. It's not quite an IP Address, but it's similar. or <-- those are domains.
Standalone mode is when you don't put your computer into a workgroup or a domain and you're not sharing any files across the network. Sort of like hogging all the popcorn for yourself at a movie when you're with 5 other people. Hope this helps.

Can someone explain how Rapidshare works in layman's terms and how I can use it to download games??

Don't find the locations for the files on RapidShare, find them on a site like first, and that will give you the location of the files on RapidShare. Just do a search for the game your want, and it will show you user reviews and the file locations. Then enter this RapidShare addresses directly into your browser bar and the rest is obvious (there might be a delay for the free account).