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Can Someone Give Tips How To Write A Research Paper About The Negative Effects Of Eating Fast-food

Creative title for an essay on the effects of fast food?

The news is contstantly talking about the epidemic of obesity. It makes big headlines - you muxt be able to play on that?

How about Fast Food is killing the USA? or maybe 'Race, fast food and death' (it is not a new observation that fast food, especially fried chicken establishments, cater to certain US ethnic groups). Mainstream TV regularly mocks the infatuation with specific ethnic groups and fried chicken and the TV commercials for Popeyes chicken are absurd but true!

Can too much fast food in one day cause chest pain?

Yesterday I had Hardee's for lunch and McDonald's for dinner... I was in the car for 8 hours, give me a break. I know fast food is bad for me. Today I've been having chest pains all day. It hurts on the left side of my chest. I get chest pains like this every once in a while for no apparent reason, but it never lasts this long.

By the way, I'm 19, small for my age (109 lbs), have normal cholesterol and blood pressure, and no family history of heart problems.

What are the side effects of eating junk food (like Lays, Kurkure, etc.) regularly?

Junk Food consumption is increasingly becoming very common especially in teenagers and children and it is leading to an epidemic which is now labelled as JUNK FOOD SYNDROME.It is very dreadful disease which leads to ealy onset diabetes.,hypertension,behavioural problems,addiction etcPreservatives and monosturated fatty acids in these foods lead to many metabolic disorders.Excessive intake has shown to have chemical changes in brain similar to what is seen in drug abusers!!Overall junk food are habitforming and lead to obesity and malnourisment.These food items also cause constipation,urinary problems,renal stones and inflammation of intestine.One should avoid junk food intake at any cost....atleast dont make it a habit.There should be warning on packaging regarding the side effects and we should try to convince people about untoward effects of junk food.

Does drinking a lot of water after eating unhealthy food make it not as bad for you?

I was just wondering, I had 2 bread sticks from Dominos and within a half hour after that I had 2 bottles of water, would the water break down the bad food enough and make it pass through my body faster and cause my body to not absorb as much of the fat? I was drinking water a little before eating it also. So for now on if I drank a bottle of water, ate, then another bottle of water will that in turn keep my body in good shape? (excluding from when I workout and eat healthy food)

Are fast food restaurants to blame for obesity in America?

Wow, doesn't look like you're getting much help for your debate assignment. And I'm sorry to say I'm not gonna be much help either.

NO. I'm overweight, I actually just fit into the medical definition of "Obese". And I can honestly say that McDonald's, Burger King, Del Taco, Wienerschitzel, and the rest are not to blame. Not once has the manager of any fast food joint held a gun to my head and forced me to gorge myself on their menu. I'm the one to blame. Me. Not them, me. I mean, I am the guy that looks at the family meal deal as a single serving, I'm the guy that sees a sign reading "All you can eat" and thinks "wanna bet". It's all my fault, so there.

Now as far as your assignment goes, you might get some help from the flick "Super-Size Me" or you could read the articles I have linked below. Good Luck (even though you have to argue the "wrong" side :) )

I need a title for why fast food is bad ?

Im doing a speech and the reason ive listed was because of the diseases it gives and obesity. I need a catchy title because the speech is supposed to be persuassive-please help i need it for 2morrow