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Can Someone Help Me How To Make My Computer Say Awake When It

What do I do when my brother keeps me awake when he is playing games until three in the morning?

I have 3 step brothers and one brother. I can’t sleep at all with them. I have problems with noise and my brothers really late run around and won’t shut up and in the morning they wake up at around 6 and I end up getting no sleep. I’ve told my mother tons of times to tell my step dad for them to be quiet but they won’t. This morning I only got a few hours of sleep and I put notes everywhere around the house for them to be quiet (keep in mind I have 2 white noises and a loud fan going off) and they still ran up and down the stairs to wake me up. I couldn’t take it anymore. So, I texted my mom about 3 pages long of me messaging her to help me and how tired and mad I am, because this is in the past week. It’s not just tonight that I couldn’t sleep. I even told them that they’re so dead for waking me up. It probably didn’t do anything, but I can try. I still hear them running up and down right now. I hate my life.

How do you stay awake at work if you are front of a computer all day? Not just one day, but every work day.?

Not really much of a suggestion, as much as a lot of sympathy. I do AutoCAD for a living and staring at little white lines on a black background all day is horrible. Here's what I do and it helps some.

Keep putting liquids in. Even if it's just water. Caffine has a tendency to sort of 'sap' the water out of your system somehow, so avoiding it is good. Hydration is important, it helps me a lot. It doesn't everyone but a brisk walk to the bathroom will help wake anyone back up.

If you have control over the lighting in your office trade the bulbs out for something that mimics natural light (GE Reveal bulbs do pretty good) Even if it's just your desk lamp, it should help.

If you're the only one who uses your computer rip some music onto it. If not consider a mp3 player or filling a USB key with music that energizes you. (I listen to a lot of metal while I'm on the clock). If you're working in a cubicle get a pair of headphones and only wear one side on your ear so you can still hear the phone.

If you respond to armoatherpy, get an airfreshener. Citris, ginger, and lemongrass are supposed to have energizing effects.

Adjust your monitor so that it is easier on your eyes.

Take short little breaks from looking at the same screen all day. Surf websites with different colored backgrounds or work on a puzzlebook.

Some yoga poses have rejuvinating effects, that might also be worth looking into.

Remember that there is a natural, although very slight, drop in body temperature around 2 pm. This makes you tired. Keep a jacket in your office and try to keep the temperature even Contrling body temperature can do a lot toward keeping you awake.

Do not skip lunch or breakfast. Try to eat healthy. If snacking keeps you awake get some veggie sticks or cereal. (I live off of Kix when I'm at work)

How to stay awake.. any tired students how there to help?

For now, get yourself some Rockstar, or if you can't take that much caffeine, just take regular (non-diet) soda.

For the future, like one of the people above said, try to get yourself some adderall from a doctor. It seems like everyone's taking it now, it's just that nobody admits it. It's basically legalized amphetamine. Just look up the symptoms of ADHD and tell your doctor that you have them. Hey, it's a brave new world out there, so take your soma!

What are some good ways to stay awake without tea or coffee?

I have a few things I do:get up from whatever I'm doing, and do a couple minutes of intense activity to get my heart rate up.  splash alternating warm and cool water on my face (follows Rob's suggestion of brushing teeth)eat something that's not too heavy, such as grapes, cut up fruit, light popcorn, or 100 calorie snack every hour (again nothing too heavy that might make you sleepy, like steak and potatoes..)eat candy like Skittles or Smarties or M&Ms that can be consumed VERY slowly (only on the final push, when the end is near...)if I have 30 minutes to spare, I find playing an intense computer/video game wakes me up pretty quickhave a stimulating conversation with someonedrink water frequently

If you have to be awake for 48-72 hours straight to complete a critical mission or task, what are some tips to stay energized and alert?

Make sure you really need to do this, because it will cost you dearly. Your life will probably be shortened by much more than 72 hours and your health could be badly compromised for the rest of your life. Plan to never have to do it again.If you are absolutely certain that you need to stay away for 48–72 hours and you are willing to take the sacrifices in health that it requires, there are things you can do to be more efficient while you are awake for so long.Don’t skip eating. Eat small amounts often. Take “cat naps” if you can. Take short stretching and quick exercise breaks and do some eye exercises very often. Are you spending too much time looking at digital devices? Learn how it can affect your eyes.Remember that caffeine will lose effect if you overdo it, so go easy on it. Skip the high caffeine drinks meant to help you stay alert. They have been associated with heart attacks and other health problems.Make sure you stay well hydrated. The average person is dehydrated under normal circumstances. You need to calculate what your normal hydration level should be and up it a lot for your wake-a-thon. Figure your body weight in pounds. Here is a link to convert from kg. Google Then divide that by half and drink that amount of ounces a day. Here is a link to convert liters to ounces. Google Remember you need to drink a lot more than that when you stay awake for so long.I know you will hate spending a lot of time using the toilet to get rid of that water, but you body is filling up with poisons from abusing it by staying awake for so long. You badly need to get those poisons out of your body as fast as possible, so drink the water anyway. You can get a, “squatty potty” and it will help you go faster. They are good for your health all the time anyway.Plan on an extra long sleep after you are through with your project. Then plan something to celebrate and rejuvenate yourself when you wake up.

What is a really good way to stay awake???cause ive completly screwed my sleeping pattern.?

Do some aerobic exercise (anaerobic like weightlifting won't help), especially take a walk outside in the fresh air. If you feel yourself get drowsy, do some jumping jacks or something. If you want to stay inside, watch a scary horror movie, it will get your heart rate up! And yeah, drink up that caffeine. Actually, keep drinking alot, you will have to get up and go to the bathroom :)

How do I put my laptop to sleep but stay awake mode?

You are going to find out on Windows 10 that the PC stays awake in sleep mode. I know that because I have opened my lid and found all my applications closed and the PC had been rebooted. I suspect it is Microsoft messing around with it. I did not say doing updates because they notify you when updates are done. With no notification who knows what they have done.

How do I make my Mac laptop stay awake all the time (it should never go to sleep mode after not doing anything for X minutes) and no automatic screen lock?

Finder>Go>Applications>Utility>Terminal caffeinate -t 3600 Using that will prevent your Mac from sleeping for one hour, as there are 3600  seconds in an hour. If you want to adjust the time, just change the number of seconds for however long you want to keep your Mac awake. This will cause the Terminal to run a small operation until that time has passed so your machine appears to be in use and can't fall asleep.