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Can Someone Help Me I Feel Like A Loser

Why do I feel like I'm a loser?

I will start it off with bringing to your notice that while self-confidence can be an inborn skill, it is something you can build up gradually as well. And “losing” is many a times basis for it. Yes, you heard it right, “losing”.There is a difference between being “felt” as loser and “termed” as one. If you feel like a loser, that it is something that is coming up within yourself. You need to stop thinking that.How do you stop thinking that? Start with small things which would help you gain self confidence and make you feel a winner, if you actually believe in the tag. As simple as playing a simple game on your phone in which you stand a chance to win eventually after a few tries. Let that “You won” text pop in front of you eventually and make you feel good.Then tell yourself, “I am better than atleast 30% people who don’t play this video game while i just won it”.This might sound unrelated and small but trust me it is not. Starting from this, you need to keep doing similar things which actually gives you a winner tag or self confidence or both.Few examples i can give you is: “Okay today i am feeling low and i challenge myself to sleep without puffing a ciggaratte in stress”. If you manage to do it (in case you are a smoker), you are a winner.I would love to continue answering this tomorrow as i am falling short of time. But even if this incomplete answer influences you, i would be motivated to write more.Cheers!!!UK

Can someone help me out?

To Kill a Mocking Bird, Studying Chapters 15-19?
1. When Scout and Dill talk to Mr. Dolphus Raymond outside the courthouse, what do they learn about him?

2.What is IRONIC about Jem's certainty that Tom Robinson will be acquited?

3. Why does Atticus remove his coat and unbutton his collar and vest during his final speech to the jury?

4. Why does Atticus's eyes fill with tears when he sees the food offerings from the African-American community?

5.Jem says that perhaps Boo Radley stays in the house "because maybe he wants to stay inside." What does Jem mean?

Thank you, God Bless You
Please don't leave ignorant comments, I can't afford the book, and I owe a fee on my library card. So please help.

OMGOSH I got rejected by a LOSER... PLEASE HELP ME.. I feel like killing myself?

I am guessing that what you're really dealing with here is a taste of reality and rejection because you are not used to it. So rather than realizing this, you are cutting him down to make yourself and pride feel better. After all, he wasn't a loser when you talked to him at first, was he?

Second, just because you felt a connection doesn't mean he did. It isn't personal to you. And the same goes for if he wasn't attracted to you; it isn't personal. So don't take it that way.

We don't always connect, relate or find ourselves attracted to some wonderful people on this earth. We can't do anything about it except accept it. After all, stop for a minute and consider him....

Meaning, have you ever met a really nice guy that you just didn't "click" in conversation or attraction? What if he ran around calling you a loser? There is no difference.

Lastly, to me, and I hate to be mean (I'm 37 year old female) but maybe he has a more mature mentality realizing and understanding this even at your age. That could be why he isn't attracted to you. Not that you're not a good person...but in ways, I'm sorry- you sound like you're more about who you are than who he is. At least he was honest with your best friend. To me, that shows a very good character in a person...definitely not a loser. Did you consider those things at least?

Can someone help me not suck at tennis?

hey I am 12 years old....but I am ranked in please listen closely. You probably need to start practicing more and get some private tennis lessons from somebody to help you focus more on your game....dont try to slam the ball just pretend like you are balencing a penny on your racquet and make sure your belly button is pointed sideways and bend your knees too. also do not leanback, lean into the ball and it will most likely go over the net if you bend your knees and swing through it. You can also try watching the tennis channel...they teach you all the techniques and how to get better and is one of my favorite channels!! ohh and here is just a how the boy turns sideways and bends his knees and swings through the ball. here is the video please watch it!!!!! Hope I helped :)

I have no friends and I feel like a loser?

I have never had a lot of friends in my life. I'm a socially awkward person and I rarely start conversations with people that I don't know. I'm pretty quiet. I have never had any girlfriends or really even any close male friends either. I have some friends but I don't really see them on a daily basis and I don't hang out with them much. I don't hang out with anybody and I stay in the house a lot. When I was in high school, I never was in any programs and I hated it there because everyone else seemed to have friends and talked to people but I didn't. I feel lonely and like I'm invisible sometimes. If I were to die right now, with the exception of my family, no one would care. I wish I had good social skills like most normal people. It sucks having no one to talk to or hang out with. I'm only 17 and at this age, most people are having fun with their friends or doing exciting things but I sit around and do nothing. I have no one I can call to hangout with or go places with. I wish I could just be normal like everyone else.

Why do I hate myself and feel like a loser?

Feelings of being a failure are hard to shake.  They seem to come up over and over again unless we take hold of those thoughts and tell them to sit down and shut up.  Seriously, we can direct our thoughts with our intentions.  Hopelessness is a good thing to identify, as you have, so that you can also work with turning that around.  These two feelings go together and their impact is to make you stop trying.  Since the feelings themselves are what is bothering you, they are the things you can now use as measuring sticks to see how you are doing.  You look at successful people.  You envy them.  Break down their success personas into behavioral parts and see which behaviors you are willing to do.  What is it you want to succeed at?  What is important to you?  You have something special to offer, because there is no other YOU.  You must take care of this special person, find him or her friends and focus on what is the behavioral bridge to take you from where you are to where you want to be. When you change, there are real things inside yourself you are building that facilitate that change.  Walking outside everyday may be a plank on that bridge to being a new person.  Or calling a member of your family every Sunday night to tell them you love them, or walking an older person's dog once a week for free.  Don't focus anymore on other people's success, except to see how you agree with them and how you are like them and how to learn more.  Also, please know you are not alone. If my comments have not helped you in a few weeks, ask again, but ask more specifically on what you can do to move forward, okay?

I feel like a loser in High school? Anyone else feel like this?

Okay, so ever since I started High school I was never nothing more than a nerd in my freshman and sophomore years. But, then I started hanging out with different people and I started changing my looks for the better and my face started looking cleaner with no acne etc... I saw that girls started looking at me. I got new friends and even made some girls as my friend. But, I felt like I'm still a loser.

I never really ever got to hang out with my supposed friends outside of school because my parents never really let me go and also my friends never really asked me to hang out with them. I feel like they used me for their own purpose. I guess tbh, I did meet a lot of them by helping them in a class. Perhaps, they used my intelligence for their gain.

A lot of times at school, when I see my friend they will sometimes act like they don't know me or acknowledge me when they hang out with another group of people. Like I'm too embarrassing to be around them. Many girls have gone by showing interest in me, but my lack of confidence let them slip away from me.

I just got facebook during my senior year and realized how pathetic my life really is when I saw everyone's status and photos. I feel like once I graduate in a few weeks, I won't have to see them again and I will make better college friends.